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Our service is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing calendar, streamlining your process of managing appointments. With just a few clicks, you can connect your calendar and unlock the power of automated appointment reminders. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually sending reminders and embrace a solution that not only saves time but also enhances accuracy. Whether you're managing a busy office, running a clinic, or overseeing a salon, our system adapts to your needs, ensuring that you and your clients stay informed and on schedule. Let’s make every appointment a smooth experience!

Google Calendar
Seamless integration with Google Calendar that syncs in real time. Allows you to send appointment reminders on auto-pilot.

Office 365
Sync real time appointments with Office 365. No matter if connected to your Outlook desktop or using it on the road.

Redtail CRM
Full integration with Redtail. Choose which calendars, activity types to sync. Send reminders automatically.

Outlook Calendar Desktop

Desktop Client for Windows
Plugin for Outlook that installs on your local pc and allows you send automated reminders.

Apple iCloud
Sync your Mac, iPad, iPhone calendars directly with appointment reminder.

Link all your Teamup calendars to appointment reminder.


Zoho Calendar
Link all your Zoho appointments to Appointment Reminder.


Any calendar that can produce an iCal feed with automatically sync to Appointment Reminder and send reminders automatically.

CSV integration

Import from file
If your existing calendar can produce a CSV file then you can import it daily to Appointment Reminder and have reminders send automatically.


Works with Zoom Meetings
Automatically generate Zoom Meeting links when bookings are made through our online appointment scheduling tool. Automatically emailed to your clients.

Google Meet

Works with Google Meet
Create Google Meet links automatically when taking online bookings when connected to your Google Calendar. Automatically adds meeting link to Google Calendar for you and your clients.

Don't have a calendar? Use the Appointment Reminder Calendar

Prefer not to integrate with an external calendar? No problem! Our platform also features an awesome built-in Appointment Reminder calendar. It's intuitive, easy to use, and fully equipped to handle your scheduling needs. You can manage your appointments directly within our system, enjoying all the benefits of automated reminders without needing to connect an external calendar.

Built-In Appointment Reminder Calendar

Our customers are our priority

We love Appointment Reminder. It has been a wonderful asset to help remind clients of upcoming appointments and court dates. It is easy to use, which makes it that much better!
Paula McClain


Appointment Reminder integrates well with Google Calendar and can handle a variety of appointment scenarios. Matthew is very responsive with setup & support. Highly recommend.
Stephen Blake


We absolutely love Appointment Reminder. It has the professional look that we need and our clients absolutely love its convenience. Can't beat the price either. Just try it and you won't be disappointed.
Beth Cathey

The Occasional Wife

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