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  • Appointments Reminder Software and App for Fitness and personal trainers, gym, and yoga services
Appointments Reminder Software and App for Fitness and personal trainers, gym, and yoga services

Appointments Reminder Software and App for Fitness and personal trainers, gym, and yoga services

Appointment reminder for fitness and personal trainers, gym, and yoga services is an effective solution to automate appointment booking and reduce no-shows.

Set the time slots your business is available to serve customers and let them book at their convenience around the clock. Customize and send automated emails, voice, and text messages (SMS) to confirm appointments with clients and remind them about their upcoming appointments.

Let the appointment reminder app take care of your appointments as you save on time and money. Focus on serving your clients and other areas of your business that need your presence.

Let’s walk together in this article as we go through the fundamentals of appointment reminder and scheduling software and how it's assisting businesses earn more revenues and keep growing.

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Start today with a 14-day day free trial to try out our service and experience how it can boost smooth appointments with your clients. You’re free to cancel anytime. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)for any further inquiries and we’ll assist you.

Who can use appointment reminders for fitness and personal trainers, gym, and yoga?

The appointment reminder solution is for any business offering services in fitness and personal training, gym, and yoga.

That’s not all!

Businesses offering services in aquatic fitness, martial arts, Pilates studio, barre, dance studio, health clubs, sports facilities, Zumba classes, spinning classes, and CrossFit training, appointment reminder can help you increase the effectiveness of your services.

Let’s break it down a little further for a better understanding.

Appointment reminder for fitness trainers

Fitness trainers are instructors who lead and motivate their clients – individuals or groups of people through exercise activities. They use appointment reminders to schedule sessions for their clients signing in for cardiovascular exercises, stretching, strength training, among other fitness exercises.

Appointment reminder for personal trainers

Personal trainers assist people to pursue and sustain healthy lifestyles through healthy living and physical exercises. They use the appointment reminder app to accept and confirm appointments from their clients and send them reminders to minimize no-shows.

There is more to personal training than just promoting healthy living.

Even if you may not be captured in this section, so long as you offer some kind of personal training to your clients you are a personal trainer and an appointment reminder app is also for you.

Appointment reminder for gyms

Make it easier for your gym business and your clients to manage appointments. Automate the entire process by setting the availability times of your gym and allow clients to book around the clock at their convenience. Efficiently manage the inflow of clients to reduce congestion.

Appointment reminder for yoga instructors

Yoga instructors are fitness and wellness experts who guide and train individuals and groups of people to attain collective wellbeing. They use appointment reminders to schedule appointments for the clients seeking to promote their mindfulness, practice meditation, and stretch poses.

Appointment reminder for aquatic fitness trainers

Do you help your clients achieve mental and physical fitness through activities performed in the water? You are an aquatic fitness trainer. Minimize disruptions by utilizing appointment reminders to accept bookings from your clients as you focus on giving them quality service.

Appointment reminder for Zumba classes

Zumba classes are nothing more than aerobic fitness. They are, however, inspired by various styles from Latin American dance music.

If you are an aerobics instructor, then you know how much those training moments require concentration. Appointment reminders ensure you focus on taking your clients through the classes without worrying about the need to manage appointments by responding to client calls and email replies. Set-up appointments in a few steps and get on with your business.

Understanding the customer’s journey in fitness and personal training, gym, and yoga businesses

Understand the customer’s journey as they seek your services and see where appointment reminder comes in to assist your business.

Typically, customers visit search engines, search for a fitness center, scrutinize through available options, book, and commit to attending their appointment.

Step 1: Customers search for fitness services: The customer journey for prospective customers starts with their search on search engines and social media business profiles. They can discover your business on Instagram, Facebook, Google, or on local business directories.

Step 2: Customers book an appointment. Customers book their service by scheduling an appointment in any of the free times you've specified. Businesses with automated booking options that work 24/7 perform best. They give clients the flexibility to book any time of the day.

Step 3: Customers receives appointment reminder. Depending on the reminders you’ve customized, customers receive a confirmation message for their appointment. They also receive reminders as email, voice, or text (SMS) message when their appointment is nearing.

Step 4: Customer shows up at your business. Since you’ve sent reminders to your customers to show up, they'll indeed show up unless they reschedule or cancel their appointments.

Step 5: Customers check out. After receiving their service at your business premise, customers will sign out i.e. leave your premise.

Step 6: Customer becomes your ambassador. Since the goal of your business is to provide a high-quality service, a customer will become your brand ambassador. Although not all customers will be satisfied, commit to addressing their concerns.

Features of appointment reminder for fitness and personal trainers, gym, and yoga instructors

To assist you to automate appointment booking, appointment reminder is built with rich features pivotal for a successful customer journey until that appointment becomes a conversion.

Connect and sync your calendar: Connect your favorite calendar with the appointment reminder app. The same events in the appointment reminder will display on your calendar. This includes replies to the automated reminders that you send out to your clients. Some of the calendars you can sync include Apple iCloud, Outlook Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, and Google Calendar.

Must I sync my calendar with the appointment reminder app to schedule appointments and send reminders?

No! The appointment reminder app has an inbuilt calendar you can use. We only desire to give you more flexibility by having the connection and sync feature integrated into the appointment reminder app.

Set your availability: Before clients start booking appointments, you should specify the time blocks of your availability. Determine when you or your team is available to offer services then fit that time into the appointment reminder app. A client making an online appointment can only book within the specified time blocks.

Note: Remember to allow a time buffer from one time-block to the next to allow room to prepare to meet the next client.

Personalize reminders: Personalized reminders are a key player in managing appointments and reducing no-shows. They help you confirm appointments from your clients, reschedule, or take care of canceled appointments. You can send a text (SMS), email, and voice message reminder to your clients. Edit the variety of templates within the appointment reminder dashboard to personalize reminders or create yours from scratch.

Create sequences: Appointment reminder allows you the flexibility to create simple or complex reminders. Different businesses have different needs. We’re built for diversity. If you need simple reminders the ball is in your court. If you're in for complex sequences of reminders depending on the client response and nature of the appointment, we still got you back.

Exclude events: Each event needs unique attention. Some may need exclusion from reminders, especially where you only need to pass a message without necessarily requiring a response from a client. The appointment reminder app allows you to exclude events from receiving reminders as you deem it necessary.

Build your reviews: Reviews are at the heart of almost every online business today. Clients may check reviews before deciding to consider you for a service. Make follow-ups with the appointment reminder app's two-way messaging to request feedback from your clients. You can also share a direct link to your Google business profile or Facebook page so they can leave a review for you.

Try Appointment Reminder today

Start today with a 14-day day free trial to try out our service and experience how it can boost smooth appointments with your clients. You’re free to cancel anytime. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)for any further inquiries and we’ll assist you.

How to use appointment reminder to increase appointments for fitness and personal trainers, gym, and yoga

Once you sign up for the appointment reminder service, it is now time to maximize the number of appointments. You achieve that by strategically placing your appointment link where prospective clients can find it with ease.

Use social media: Among the billions of users using social media are also potential clients actively searching for your services. Interestingly, social media platforms like Facebook can also recommend your business page to users if their browsing activities suggest some interest in your business.

Whereas platforms like Twitter allow you to share your appointment link on your bio, others like Facebook and Instagram are more versatile and can allow you to share a booking link directly with a 'Book Now' button.

Isn’t that impressive?

Creating business profiles on social media can also bring you traffic from search engines. Search engines automatically pick information from social media channels and pop it up to users as they send their queries.

Share the link on your website: Don't over-rely on social media. That saying of old 'Don't cast all your eggs in one basket' is still valid today as it was when it was first written. It's also ideal for you to share your booking link on your website. Websites give businesses their identity. If you are yet to own one, then it is time you did.

Share your appointment link on every page and blog on your website. The easiest to do this is to place a conspicuous button with a link to your appointment booking page on the menu of your website. You can also distribute it evenly throughout your content to avoid sounding overselling.

Take care of users visiting your website by ensuring no appointment slips off your hand.

Show-up on search engines: Use the free and cool features provided by search engines to increase your visibility. Google, for instance, allows you to create a business profile. You can share a booking link within the profile and accept appointments. It is all free unless you want to run ads. Go ahead and do it.

List on your local directories: Most states have local directories for listing local businesses. Some may be free and others premium depending on their quality of listing and offers. If you're on a budget, you can start with free directory listings and test how it goes. If it works for you, you may consider premium listings at a later date to increase your ranking.

Use email newsletters: Use your mailing list (if you have) to inform your audience that you’re accepting online appointments for your services. If you had a mailing list before going for the appointment reminder, go ahead and do an email informing your subscribers that they can now book automated appointments and get reminders. Let them know that they even have the flexibility to reschedule or cancel their appointments if they like.

How fitness and personal trainers, gym, and yoga services are growing their businesses with appointment reminder

Thus far, you have a glimpse of what an appointment reminder is and how you can use it to increase appointments. In the same spirit, let’s now examine the benefits appointment reminder can bring to your business.

a) Reduce no-shows

No-shows happen when clients book appointments but fail to turn up or cancel their appointments. You remain in the dark and end up with wasted time, misappropriated resources, and low work morale for your staff.

The appointment reminder app allows you to confirm upcoming appointments with your clients. It also allows you to send automated reminders as the appointment nears.

Clients can reschedule their appointments if they are not able to make it as scheduled. Even if they cancel, you'll have adequate time to allot the time-blocks for rescheduled and canceled appointments to other clients.

b) Accept more appointments

Sharing your appointment scheduling link across social media, on your website, search engine profiles, and local directories can increase the chances of earning more appointments.

As soon as clients click on your appointment booking link, they will be right on the scheduling page. They don't need to download any applications which may discourage the majority of them.

You're open to all client traffic sources and they don't need to necessarily visit your website to book an appointment. Whenever they meet with your business profile, they can schedule an appointment with you right there.

c) 24/7 real-time bookings

Become accessible anywhere, anytime.

If you’ve booked an appointment online, you’ll appreciate the convenience that comes with online appointment booking flexibility. The appointment reminder app is designed to enable your clients to book your services around the clock.

It’s simple.

Set your time-blocks and watch the appointments flow in. Let your clients enjoy the flexibility of booking at their convenience any time of the day without interfering with their schedules.

d) Transparent and flexible pricing plans

No hidden costs. No upsells. Subscribe anytime, cancel anytime.

The pricing you see on our pricing page is what you pay. You select a package that best suits your immediate needs. If your needs grow, you go for a higher package and if usage reduces, you downgrade to a lower package.

If all of our four current plans don’t suit your needs, let’s talk and we’ll assist you.

e) No technical knowledge is required, no installations

Yes! You read it right.

You and your clients access the appointment reminder app via a simple web link. No apps to download.

No special features for phones, tablets, or pc are required to use our appointment reminder solution. There are no apps to install. Click the appointment link and hit the ground running.

Even with no technicalities, our support team is still available and supportive to guide you through setting up the appointment reminder.

Too good? So simple?

That’s the appointment reminder we know. Designed with simplicity yet with ultimate performance.

f) Enhanced client satisfaction

The entire customer journey sums up to client satisfaction. It starts at the discovery of your business to the day they visit and leave your business station.

Make it simple and flexible for them to book via appointment reminder and you’ll impress them.

Avoid prospective surprises by preparing in advance to give them a great experience.

If you work with a team, let them know they expect clients in need of such and such a service on this day.

Prepared teams offer better services to clients. Excellent services make happy clients. Happy clients are invaluable business assets and advocates.

g) Manage reschedules and cancellations

Reschedules and cancellations don't always happen out of a bad will. Sometimes it's beyond the ability of your clients. Let them not surprise you.

The two-way messaging option by appointment reminder allows customers to respond to your reminder prompts in case they need to reschedule or cancel their appointment.

You can commit your time to serve other clients who may be available.

h) Growth in revenues

You’re in business for profit.

As you use appointment reminder services, you also increase the efficiency of your business operations,

Your business is more organized, your staff motivated, no-shows minimized, time and resources well utilized.

Clients are happy with your services and they’re sharing about your services by word of mouth.

Overall, all facets of your business are performing optimally.

What next?

We talk of business revenues. They are not a one-section effort but rather a collaborative effort from all elements that make up your business.

Appointment reminder app supports these pillars of your business and in the end, you realize growth in revenues.

Wrapping it up

Reduce no-shows with the appointment reminder app for fitness and personal trainers, gym, yoga, and other related businesses.

Set your schedule and accept appointments 24/7 as your clients enjoy booking flexibility.

Use the appointment reminder app to connect and sync your calendar, set your availability, and send clients confirmation notifications and personalized reminders.

Reach a wide audience and accept bookings from social media, your business website, search engine profiles, and local directories.

Grow your business with revenues as you reduce no-shows, accept more appointments from clients as they book around the clock without any technical requirements and apps to download.

Choose a package that best works for you from our transparent and flexible pricing. Upgrade or downgrade anytime. Sign up anytime, cancel anytime.

Get started with a free trial

Start today with a 14-day day free trial to try out our service. You’re free to cancel anytime. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702%20333-3702)for any further inquiries

Are you ready to save time and money?

Appointment Reminder is designed with one goal in mind – to allow you to
make more money off of your clients, while wasting less time contacting them.