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  • Appointment Reminder and App for Human Resources (HR) Recruiting and Staffing
Appointment Reminder and App for Human Resources (HR) Recruiting and Staffing

Appointment Reminder and App for Human Resources (HR) Recruiting and Staffing

HR teams and individuals use the appointment reminder app for recruiting and staffing. It saves them time and increases their productivity by reducing no-shows enabling them to focus on activities that require most of their attention.

Candidates and clients can self-book appointments and this betters their overall experience. Moreover, the appointment reminder app sends automated messages to confirm appointments and remind them to attend.

In addition to automatic appointment reminders, the scheduling app supports two-way replies, has customizable templates, supports email, voice, and SMS reminders plus popular integrations and bulky uploading.

Achieve a great recruiting and staffing experience with scheduling automation for increased efficiency and appointment attendance with a no-show reduction by 90%.

Try Appointment Reminder for recruiting and staffing – 14 days free

Get a 14-day free trial to test how the appointment reminder app can make your recruitment and staffing activities more successful. You can cancel any time before your trial ends. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)for help and inquiries.

Who is the appointment scheduling and reminder app for HR recruiting and staffing for?

Both teams and individuals can use the appointment scheduling app for staffing and recruitment. They can schedule interviews by allowing candidates and clients to self-book slots in the calendar.

Recruiters can manage the scheduling of both online and in-person appointments.

When can HR departments, headhunters, and recruiters use an online scheduling app?

Organizational and business' private recruiters, headhunters, and HR departments can use an online appointment reminder for any activity that requires a group or individual appointment. This could be performance and job interviews, phone calls, coaching and staff training sessions, video conferencing, KPI reviews, or CV checks.

How candidates, clients, and staff can access and use an appointment scheduling app for self-booking

As you run internal meetings or interviews with candidates or clients, you need to understand the self-booking process to make the experience more versatile.

Accessing the online scheduling and reminder app. Clients and candidates can access the online scheduling link from your website, social media, online directories, or via a link, you send to them via email or text messages (SMS).

Self-booking process. The appointment reminder app booking runs 24/7. Your clients can book at their most convenient time without interrupting their schedules. The self-booking process is pretty straightforward via a simple web link accessible even by simple internet devices.

Appointment confirmation and reminders. Immediately they book, clients can receive an automated message to confirm their appointment. Afterward, they receive SMS reminders as their meeting nears.

Reschedules and cancellations. When inevitable, clients and candidates can request appointment rescheduling via the two-reply communication feature on appointment reminder. If they cancel the appointment altogether, then recruiters and HR teams can allocate that time and resources attached elsewhere.

Features of online scheduling and reminder app for recruitment and staffing activities

The appointment reminder app for online scheduling has outstanding features that make your appointment booking automation processes easier.

Calendar sync: Easily syncing the appointment scheduling app with your calendar enables access to your email address and management of your appointments through updates and replies. You can connect with Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Apple iCloud, and any other calendar from our diverse list of calendar integrations.

Set scheduling hours: Update the hours and days you or your recruiting HR team is accepting online scheduling from candidates and clients. It’s always a good practice to include buffer times from one session to another.

Customize and automate reminders: The appointment scheduling app provides you with standard reminder templates to customize. You can also create yours from scratch. You can then automate whatever choice of reminders to send out to your recipient. The Appointment Reminder app supports text (SMS), email, and voice reminders. Text reminders work best because they are delivered right into a recipient's message inbox.

Create sequences: Using appointment reminders for recruiters enables you to create sequences depending on the reminders you are sending to your diverse selection of candidates for interviewing. You can run reminders with a chain of queries to filter applicants so you can remain only with top talent for final interviews.

Exclude events: Update your settings so that reminders will not send for certain kinds of events in your calendar.

Try Appointment Reminder today

Get a 14-day free trial to test how the appointment reminder app can make your recruitment and staffing activities more successful. You can cancel any time before your trial ends. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)for assistance.

How to maximumly utilize appointment scheduling and reminder app for recruiters and HR departments

Online self-scheduling runs 24/7 placing more time in the hands of recruiters and HR teams. The remaining bit is to ensure more service by increasing the number of appointments. The appointment scheduling app gives you a unique link shareable in the following ways.

Social media: Share the booking link via the “Book Now” button on Facebook and Instagram profiles. Add the link to LinkedIn and Twitter bio.

Business or organization website: Include the booking link on the navigation menu and make it stand out. Place it evenly on all website pages and blogs for maximum reach, easy access, and booking.

Google My Business profile: Use the Google business profile "Book Online" button to embed your unique appointment scheduling and booking link.

Online directories: Include your online interview scheduling link on other online directories with your profiles. The goal here is more exposure for maximum reach to potential candidates and clients.

Email newsletters: If you have a dedicated email newsletter for job adverts then you can embed the appointment reminder link in an email to your subscribers.

Flyers: Featuring your appointment scheduling link in your HR department flyers can increase your visibility. Nowadays, you can also use digital flyers with links shareable via online media platforms.

Customize your voicemail greeting and caller ring back tone: Sometimes you may have potential candidates or clients calling your recruiting or HR department. Customize your ring-back tone and voicemail greeting mentioning the appointment scheduling link to send them straight to schedule.

Advantages of using the appointment scheduling and reminder app for HR and recruiting teams

Headhunters, recruiters, and HR departments can benefit from the online scheduling tool in the following ways.

a) Reduced no-shows

Through effective reschedule and cancellation management, you can reduce no-shows by 90%. Now-shows occur when clients book but fail to show up or cancel.

The appointment reminder app allows them to message you to reschedule or cancel their appointments through automated reminders and the two-way communication ability of the scheduling app.

b) Serve more candidates and clients

As your HR, staffing, or recruiting team embraces online scheduling automation, you get more time in your hands to effectively interview more candidates or engage with clients.

c) Easy access and booking

The online booking process is easy for your clients as they can do it via a simple and secure web link. There are no apps to download.

d) 24/7 booking experience

Candidates can book their interviews around the clock. Likewise, clients can book appointments with your HR department or recruiting team at their convenience. No more stressful phone calls and missed emails.

e) Flexible pricing plans

Our flexible pricing plans suit your monthly or annual business needs for both seasonal and all-year reminder purposes.

All our plans come with dedicated phone support and service guarantee, free plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2010 and up, free connection to Google calendar, and unlimited users.

f) Create a satisfactory candidate and client experience

Running smooth interview processes with candidates or meetings with clients proves organizational or business commitment to excellence. Online appointment scheduling can, as such, earn you a commendation from candidates and clients.


Online interview and client meeting scheduling with HR teams, headhunters, and recruiters reduces no-shows by 90%.

It provides a convenient way for candidates and clients to self-book appointments 24/7 with the flexibility to reschedule or cancel their appointments without inconveniencing your business or organization.

Sending automated reminders helps candidates and clients confirm their appointments and be reminded to attend their scheduled meetings.

In case of reschedules or any other concerns, they can message the business via the two-way communication provided by the appointment reminder app.

Get started today with a free trial

Get a 14-day free trial to test how the appointment reminder app can make your recruitment and staffing activities more successful. You can cancel any time before your trial ends. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)for assistance.

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