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More than ever before, tattoo artists and tattoo shops should equip themselves for the fast-growing tattoo industry. Since their business depends on appointment booking, they should adopt appointment reminder services to maximize resource and time use by reducing no-shows.

The tattoo artist business is a rapidly growing industry. Market research firm IBISWorld reveals an average growth rate of 3.2% between 2015 to 2020. Further, Ipsos' poll findings indicate shows a steady increase of tattoos among more Americans today.

These upward trends are an indicator that more people are going for tattoos as they become a common fashion choice among especially among millennials. The world is also on a new normal stemming from the COVID-19 crisis. As you provide tattoo services you would also want to minimize congestion at your business premise and allow buffer time for clean-up and prepare your tools for the next client.

Who are tattoo artists and what do they do?

Tattoo artists are trained individuals skilled in inscribing permanent or temporal body art known as a tattoo on the body parts of their clients.

Tattoo artists are also known as tattooists or tattooers. A tattoo artist runs a business establishment known as a tattoo parlor, a tattoo studio, or a tattoo shop. The artists learn the art of decorative body arts by working with and practicing under the supervision of an experienced mentor or by undertaking training.

Businesses in the tattoo industry run on appointments. Clients book a check-in time before they show up. The challenge tattoo artists face most is no-shows which causes them to lose time and revenue.

Appointment scheduling and reminder solution has proven to assist tattoo artists to automate the scheduling process and send automated reminders which have helped them reduce no-shows, plan their resources and have more time to serve more clients and grow their businesses.

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Quick statistics about the tattoo industry business in the U.S.

· The tattoo industry market size in the U.S. is estimated at $1.2 billion and a 6.6% growth in 2021. – IBISWorld, 2020

· Between 2016 and 2021, the tattoo artists industry in the U.S. has seen a 3.1% annual growth. – IBISWorld, 2020

· Compared to the U.S. services sector and consumer goods, the tattoo artist industry has a faster-growing market share. – IBISWorld, 2020

· Comparative statistics of the tattoo artists industry to other U.S. industries over the past five years indicates an overall heightened growth. – IBISWorld, 2020

· The median annual wage for tattoo artists who fall under the category of craft and fine artists averages at $48,760. – U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019

· Three in every 10 Americans (30% of the American population) have at least one tattoo. – Ipsos, 2019, the world's third-largest market research company.

· 92% of Americans with at least one tattoo say they are happy with it whereas 46% of the research respondents confirmed retaining at least one tattoo for more than a decade. – Ipsos, 2019

· 44% of Americans accounting for 145 million people have one or more tattoos

· Millennials (18 to 35 years) which is about 47% of the total tattoo bearers are leading in the number of tattoos in the U.S. – The Wall Street Journal

How appointment scheduling and reminder software works for tattoo artists

As a tattoo artist, here are the steps that will see you through running a successful online appointment scheduling and reminder service.

Step 1: Connect your native calendar with an appointment reminder app to sync your data.

Step 2: Set your availability including buffer times to allow a transition from one client to another.

Step 3: Customize reminders from the system’s templates or create yours from scratch and schedule them to send out appropriately.

Step 4: Receive and manage replies from your clients right in your calendar.

What can tattoo artists do with an appointment scheduling and reminder app?

Tattoo artists are running successful tattoo shops by using appointment reminder features highlighted below.

Syncing their calendar: Appointment reminder enables tattooists to sync contact addresses and details from their favorite calendar so the app can pull data so they can manage their appointments within their calendar of choice.

Set their schedule: Tattoo artists use appointment reminder application to set booking times for their clients. They work with a consistent routine that they add to the calendar so clients can book in their free time.

Customize and send personalized reminders: After the schedule is ready for booking, artists can customize reminders using templates or create theirs from scratch and schedule them to send out to clients.

Manage replies: Clients can respond to your text (SMS) reminders. If they have inquiries, you can revert. Ask clients to confirm their appointments with a text message. View all replies within your native calendar without having to log in to the appointment reminder app.

Build your tattoo business reviews: All you need to do is use the reply system of the appointment reminder app to send a follow-up message to your satisfied and happy clients. A review is not your right, so, seduce them. Thank them for choosing your service. Let them know you were happy to serve them and would like to serve them again. Proceed to request a review and let them know that you’re truly grateful.

Exclude events: You can exclude events you choose from receiving reminders. You can achieve this via simple filters with a few clicks.

Create sequences for your reminders: The appointment reminder app allows you to create simple to complex reminders. The flexibility of appointment reminder app options will allow you to customize and set reminders that meet your objectives.

Try Appointment Reminder today

Start today with a 14-day day free trial to try out our service and experience how it can boost smooth appointments with your clients. You’re free to cancel anytime. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)for any further inquiries and we’ll assist you.

Share your booking link via multiple platforms so clients and leads can access you easily. It’s also advantageous to you because it will broaden your reach. Here are top tips to get you started.

Use your office space: Erect roll-up banners and office space covers featuring a clear highlight that you accept online appointments. It can convert walk-in clients to online booking because of the convenience and reinforce the good start with clients who booked services online.

Use business cards, flyers, and bulletins: Include a link to your online appointment booking service on your print materials. It serves as a reminder to recipients and can even earn you leads when other people other than your clients access the materials.

Show-up on business directories: Most business directories will allow you to insert links. As you add links to your website and social media profiles, include a booking link so you can capture clients likely to book from the directories. Local directories can do better because clients may be looking for tattoo shops near them.

Utilize social media profiles: Whereas sites like Facebook allow you to add a “Book Now” button, others like Instagram will allow you to add your booking link on your bio. Enable clients to book your services from social media profiles.

Put it on your website: Share the booking link as a conspicuous button on your website. Ensure the link is visible on every page so clients can book an appointment with you from any page or blog post on your website.

Email signature and newsletters: Embed a booking link in your email signature for your outgoing emails. Include it in the newsletters you send out to your list of email subscribers.

Benefits of appointment reminder software for tattoo artists

Appointment reminder for tattoo artists benefits them and clients. Here is the widely spoken and appreciated benefits of the appointment reminder app to tattoo businesses.

a) You don’t need a coding experience

We've designed the appointment reminder app to make it extremely easier for you to use for your tattoo shop. One of the reasons you're choosing us is the no-friction part of running your appointments without a hassle. Even if you were a coder, you're looking to save time. We're built for the basic user and even so if you encounter an issue our support team is ready within reach with a simple contact us form or even a quick call (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)as you prefer.

b) 24/7 secure access and efficiency

Businesses that run on appointment reminder app are secured via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology that encrypts the information exchanged between artist shops and their clients.

Enjoy peaceful day and night moments by simply delegating online booking and reminder services to Appointment Reminder. Additionally, your business can run flawlessly around the clock without a hitch.

c) Easy client booking

With an appointment reminder app, you give your clients the flexibility to book your services with uttermost convenience. They can book your services any time of the day without worrying about long feedback times from the traditional contact forms and uncertain phone calls.

Once they land on the booking page, our intuitive interface designed with user ergonomics will keep them there until they easily complete the booking process.

d) Reduce cancellations and no-shows

No more time and revenue losses from clients failing to show up or even inform you about the cancellation. As soon as they book an appointment, let the appointment reminder app send them a reminder text (SMS), email, or voice message so they can confirm their appointment. Follow-up with an automated text reminder to remind them about their upcoming appointment.

Let clients easily inform you about cancellations and reschedules. Use data from rescheduling and cancellation requests to onboard last-minute clients and avoid losing time and money.

e) Plan your business resources

Whether you're a one-person or run a tattoo shop with a team, an appointment reminder app can help you organize your resources. Once your prospects book for an appointment you can use details about their booked service to organize your resources and your team so you can avoid possible confusion when clients show-up only to find out there is nobody to attend to them.

f) Attain customer satisfaction

As you run appointments using appointment reminder, life becomes easier for your client. You will save their time. When they step into your business, they'll have the confidence that someone will attend to them as soon as they arrive. Moreover, you and your team will have adequate time to focus on quality service without worrying about appointments and clients failing to show up. Undivided attention will demonstrate to your clients that they are your priority.

g) Manage your business from anywhere

The appointment reminder app has completely overshadowed traditional booking when artists had to refer to the calendar in the office, frequently check email inboxes (and sometimes booking requests could be in the spam folders).

Today, you can manage your tattoo business from anywhere in the world. Even if you're on vacation your team is at your office, you can check the progress of appointments and even estimate revenues. Appointment Reminder is accessible via a simple one-click web link.

h) Maintain a positive reputation

Request happy clients to give you a review on sites like Google or Facebook. Ask them for a review after the service. You can also share a business flyer with a procedure of giving you a review so they can do it when they get home or over the weekend as soon as they get spare time. If you prefer, you can send a review link using the message threads you have with your clients via the appointment reminder app.

i) Maximize productivity

As you automate online booking and reminder services, you’ll save yourself from the headaches of a myriad of distractions.

Imagine a client is calling to book an appointment while you’re in your gloves with your skin scribe tattoo marker! It is not only distractive and unprofessional. Assuming a client forgives you for one call, repeated interruptions can be a put-off and it may be the last time you see them on your premises.

The appointment reminder app takes care of the distractions as you concentrate on serving your clients helping you maximize your productivity and that of your team.

j) Work with a motivated team

When your business is organized, it makes work easier for your team at your tattoo business. It gives them confidence in the consistency of a workflow. They'll also have ample time to serve the clients visiting your tattoo artist business. The team will also find it easier to work with the business resources without the fear of overbooking that would otherwise heap pressure on them.

k) Attract new clients easily

Share your booking link across your online presence starting with your website, social media profiles, and business directories to attract more clients. Clients are likely to book appointments for their tattoos from businesses with a greater online presence.

Use every possible online opportunity to showcase your online appointment booking tattoo business. One client may find you via your website and another may find and book via social media.

l) Assess your business performance

The appointment reminder app gives you a glance at your appointments and you can compare results from month to month. Such insights will help you make necessary adjustments in your business to offer a great service to increase customer retention. Some of the metrics you can evaluate can be the number of returning clients, new clients, leads that become conversions, and online reviews.

Parting shot

How you run your tattoo artist business will determine its success.

Incorporating useful tools like appointment reminder app can be a boost to help in time management, resource allocation, staff management (if you’re a team), and ultimately client management.

It will assist you to avoid double booking, remind clients to show-up, and help you assign time blocks of canceled and rescheduled appointments to last-minute clients.

The primary goal is to align the appointment booking process to save on distraction and focus your time and that of your team to serve your clients.

A predictable work schedule of constant work will impress your team. As you provide undivided attention and quality services to your clients, you will make happy clients.

Happy clients are the basis of a successful business. Watch your business grow with growth in revenues.

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Start today with a 14-day day free trial to try out our service. You’re free to cancel anytime. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)for any further inquiries and we’ll assist you.

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