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Massage therapists lose time, productivity, revenues, and a base for return clients from no shows. No shows happen when clients book appointments but they neither show up nor cancel. Making follow-ups with phone calls is equally draining timewise and there is no guarantee of reaching a client on phone. Our appointment reminder app can automatically handle your appointments and send reminders to clients so they can remember and commit to attending their booked session.

Solo and team massage therapist services can use appointment reminders.

It doesn’t matter the size of your massage therapist business, you can centrally manage all incoming appointments from your clients and send them personalized reminders to minimize no shows.

Build a competitive edge with an easy-to-use reminder software that grows with your business and wows your customers.

Forget the frustration of missed appointments. As you send reminders to clients, they can confirm their bookings. If they reschedule or cancel, you’ll still have the time to fill in the slots with last-minute bookings.

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Start today with a 14-day day free trial to try out our service and experience how it can boost smooth appointments with your clients. You’re free to cancel anytime. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)for any further inquiries and we’ll assist you.

Who are massage therapists and what do they do?

Massage therapists do a wonderful job of treating clients using the touch technique to relax the soft tissues of the body. Their actions improve the overall wellness of clients by increasing body relaxation, relieving pain and stress, improving blood circulation, and healing injuries.

Therapeutic work requires concentration and cannot tolerate distractions because they can affect the entire process.

Successful massage therapists seek to improve their efficiency. Appointment reminder app is assisting them to save on time, work with confirmed appointments, save more time and focus on giving their clients a satisfying service.

How appointment scheduling and reminder software works for massage therapists

An appointment reminder frees up your hands so you can use them for the more significant work of relaxing your clients’ muscles. Accept and manage appointments with ease. Further, make it easy for your clients to book and get reminders to show up. Make it happen in simple steps.

Step 1: Connect and sync your calendar. Get started with the appointment reminder app by connecting your native calendar to sync with the Appointment Reminder. This will help you access your address book and manage the appointments within your favorite calendar.

Step 2: Set appointment hours. Set the hours you’re available to book appointments from your clients. You can change these hours whenever you need them without interfering with your clients' appointments.

Step 3: Personalize reminders. This is the juice of appointment reminders. Use the templates within appointment reminders to create reminders or create yours from scratch. This is where the reminders ensure clients confirm their appointments.

Step 4: Clients receive reminders and initiate contact. Your clients will receive reminders to confirm their appointments. The appointment reminder app allows the opportunity for the clients to respond to the sent-out reminders.

Step 5: Receive and manage replies in your native email app. Appointment reminder will update your native calendar with replies and you can view them as soon as they flow in without logging into appointment reminder.

What can massage therapists do with an appointment scheduling and reminder app?

The features built into Appointment Reminder can help you accomplish the following tasks:

Setting availability: Start your online appointment and scheduling journey by determining the business hours when clients can book your massage therapist business. These are the hours you should enter into the appointment booking app. You can adjust the hours booked as your business operations change.

Sync your calendar: Appointment reminder allows you to sync with your native calendar application. Receive and monitor responses from a client on your native. Some of the calendars we support include Google Calendar, Office 365 calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Apple iCloud.

Personalize reminders: Our appointment reminder app allows you to create text, email, or voice reminders. Create unique reminders for your customers so they can confirm their appointment. They can also make inquiries and raise concerns. Start with the templates we have on the app or create yours from scratch.

Create sequences: You are not limited to simple reminders. Appointment reminder allows you the flexibility to create complex sequence reminders to perfectly meet your reminder needs.

Exclude events: If not all appointments require a reminder, you can exclude such events from sending automated reminders.

Build your reviews: Now that most people will rush to search engines to check on business reviews, you can use the appointment reminder messaging service to request clients for a review. Make it easier by including a direct link to the review site.

Try Appointment Reminder today

Start today with a 14-day day free trial to try out our service and experience how it can boost smooth appointments with your clients. You’re free to cancel anytime. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)for any further inquiries and we’ll assist you.

Let's just hit the nail on the head. Here are proven ways to maximize reach with an appointment reminder app.

Share the booking link via social media: Add the booking link to your social media profiles. Some social media profiles like Facebook pages will let you add a ‘Book Now’ button. In the rest, you can add the booking link in the bio. Social media is a proven source of traffic for business and it can work for you. easily reach potential customers by optimizing your pages.

Use your website: Websites are still powerful tools for attracting clients. Most clients will rush to search engines like Google before they even search through social media. Optimize your website for search engines and include the booking link on the menu. A booking link on your massage therapy website should be easily identifiable. Placing it as a button on the top menu can work well for you. you can also ensure its visibility on all pages so that clients can book appointments irrespective of the page they are currently browsing.

Advertise on search engines: Most search engines today allow you to create business profiles from which you can share more about your business including a booking link. Be sure to list your business with search engines and share a link for clients seeking to book massage therapist services.

Local directories: Local directories enable clients to find services that are closest to them. If you list your business on your local directories then your business stands a chance of reaching a wide and relevant audience.

Email newsletters: If you have a mailing list campaign you can include the booking link and inform clients that your massage therapist business accepts online appointment booking. This will enable you to take care of subscribers who may forget that you run a massage therapists’ business and do allow online appointment scheduling.

Benefits of appointment reminder software for massage therapists

Every individual or business that offers massage therapy services can benefit from appointment reminder software. Let's break down some of the benefits that you can add to your business when you use appointment scheduling and reminder software to manage the appointments in your business.

a) Attract customers

Your business becomes more attractive when you are easily accessible over the web. The convenience to reach you and book your services is one of the principal factors that can attract new customers to your business and retain existing ones. Appointment reminder enables you to accept appointments from anywhere across the web. Customers can learn about you and accept appointments via online directories, social media channels, and over your website.

b) Transparent pricing

The pricing for our packages is as simple as you see it on our pricing plans page. No upsells, no obligations. You can start with the simplest package and upgrade as your business needs expand. If you run your massage therapist business seasonally or all-year-round, appointment reminder will meet your needs. You can go for a monthly plan or annual subscription. Annual programs for businesses that run all-year come with a discount.

c) Reduced no-shows

No-shows are a top issue that affects the performance of businesses that rely on appointment reminders. Appointment reminder allows you to automate the booking process on your business. You will also schedule personalized reminders for your customers to remind them about their upcoming meeting. This will let you know when customers cancel their meetings or when they reschedule so you can get ample time to give a chance to other customers to book.

d) Increase revenues

Since no shows contribute to revenue losses, minimizing them will heighten the levels of your business earnings. Reducing bouncing bookings will enable you to take bookings from news clients. You no longer need to worry about reschedules and cancellations. After reducing no-shows, there remains but one thing, to concentrate on serving your clients and ensuring that they get stellar service.

e) No technical knowledge is required

Our system is designed for end-users without technical knowledge. Moreover, our support team can walk with your through getting started until you send your first reminder to your clients. The booking interface is also friendly for your clients. We understand the importance of an easy booking process for clients to retain them through the booking process. We have designed an Appointment Reminder so that clients can schedule an appointment with you in a few simple steps.

f) Be accessible anywhere, anytime

As customers seek convenience in every service they seek, they're also searching for businesses that place the convenience in their hands. A major benefit of appointment reminders is that once you’ve set-up the hours that you need them to book and automated the reminders you can go on with your other tasks with the confidence that customers can access your services anywhere, anytime.

g) Build your client’s satisfaction

Although the climax of customer satisfaction is the service that they finally receive when they visit your massage therapy business, the experience of their first encounter also matters. Appointment reminder software is built to ensure that your clients gain a prime experience that will contribute to customer satisfaction.

h) Nothing to install

It may not be a big deal for you to install an application but it may be for your clients. Purposely, we’ve made it much easier. You don't need to install any app. The appointment reminder app is accessible via a simple web link. This way, we believe it easier for you and your customers to have a smooth appointment booking experience.

i) Prepare for the first impression

The picture that your clients will get when they first visit your business will most likely remain in their memories. It may also determine their likelihood to show up again to your business for massage therapy services. Accepting bookings via the appointment reminder app allows you to bond with your customers before you even meet them. As you respond to their inquiries and concerns with our two-way communication channel you can understand their needs better and prepare adequately to meet them. Preparing to meet your clients with personalized service will always be a plus to your business.

j) Increase Productivity

There are two aspects to keep in mind to increase productivity – your staff and resource. Now, this may be easier if you’re a solo massage therapist. Nevertheless, in most massage therapist business models, you expect more than one person. In such a case, your staff morale and resource organization are paramount. The appointment reminder app helps you monitor the appointments in a queue so you can plan your human resource accordingly, consequently allocate resources evenly. Although client flow might vary from time to time, you will at least have a predictable client flow. Consistency in customer flow will assure your staff of work that they don’t need to dread a day when they will miss clients.

Final thoughts

Appointment reminder for massage therapists allows you to set your appoint hours when clients can book and visit your business. Its calendar sync feature keeps you updated with the state of appointments in your native calendar and can display replies from clients.

The reply system of appointment reminders can help you build your online reviews. It makes it easier for you to send happy clients review links to boost your online presence.

Easily accept appointments by sharing your booking link on social media, email newsletters, website, advertising on search engines, and listing on local directories.

Overall, the appointment reminder app enables you to attract customers, it has transparent and flexible pricing, reduces no-shows, and brings revenue growth to your business.

The appointment reminder app is easy to access via a simple web link without complex set-ups or requirement for technical knowledge. It is accessible to your clients 24/7.

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Start today with a 14-day day free trial to try out our service. You’re free to cancel anytime. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)for any further inquiries and we’ll assist you.

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