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  • Best Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Software for Inside Sales Teams
Best Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Software for Inside Sales Teams

Best Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Software for Inside Sales Teams

See how inside sales teams are scheduling successful online appointments

Inside sales teams are the heartbeat of high-ticket B2C, B2B, SaaS, and tech companies. They connect and engage with potential customers remotely via email, phone, or virtual meetings so they can nurture them into customers. Inside sales teams today are using appointment reminder scheduling and reminder app to effectively manage their schedules with business prospects.

Through the appointment reminder app inside sales teams can set their hours of availability into their calendar so that prospects can book appointments at their convenience.

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Test how an appointment reminder can boost your inside sales team operations and wow your prospects with a 14-day day free trialcancel anytime. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702%20333-3702) for further inquiries and assistance.

Who are inside sales teams and what do they do?

Simply, inside sales teams are individuals who remotely handle sales of a business or company through the phone, email, videos, or virtual meetings. They are most common among high-ticket sales B2C, B2B, SaaS, and tech companies. Most of these companies deal with virtual and download products and services like subscriptions.

Essentially, inside sales teams rely on technology to remotely acquire prospects, nurture, and convert potential leads into customers. They are the first point of contact with potential customers; they listen to customers to understand their business needs, address their concerns and determine whether to qualify them as leads.

Why should inside sales teams use the appointment reminder app?

Connecting with multiple prospects virtually needs efficiency.

The work of inside salespersons is quite engaging in that they have to connect, engage with, nurture, qualify prospects as leads, and finally win them as their customers. Such processes take time.

one client might need a demo while at the same time another client may need their concerns addressed. If the same salesperson is handling such tasks without routine efficiency, then there will emerge a conflict of priorities in service.

The appointment Reminder app ensures an organized schedule for both inside salespersons and their clients. Prospects can book an appointment at the time that works best for them within a dedicated time block.

When should inside sales teams use appointment reminder and scheduling software?

Inside sales teams run a series of steps before prospects become customers by purchasing their product or service. They can utilize an appointment reminder app to plan meetings every step that requires engagement with a prospect. Here is the breakdown.

Initial contact: After establishing a connection with a prospect, inside sales teams use the appointment reminder to schedule a detailed initial meeting. This is where they listen to the business needs of the prospect, identify gaps and then share solutions that their product would bring to the business. At this stage, the inside sales teams use the appointment opportunity to respond to objections revolving around budget, authority, need, and timeliness.

Follow up: After the initial contact, the prospect may not be the decision-maker in their organization. They may therefore request time to consult with the responsible parties. During the follow-up, the inside sales teams seek clarity on the stage of objections to determine whether the prospect would now be ready to try their product.

Product demo: Since most key decision-makers in the follow-up stage are senior persons in an organization, they may request they be allowed another appointment so they can get the right person to take part in the product demo. For instance, if it is accounting software, the CFO may decide to adopt the product but ask the juniors to have an appointment booked for them for purposes of demonstrations. Once again, inside sales teams can utilize appointment reminder to schedule product demo and send a reminder to the involved prospects.

Product set up: After a successful product demo and the prospect decides to subscribe to or purchase the product, they may request assistance during onboarding more so for technical products. The sales teams can share a link so the leads can book a product onboarding appointment. The sales team can then work with the technical customer support team – if there is, to assist the customer get started with the product for actual use for their business needs.

After-sale: The task of inside sales teams does not end when the customer purchases the product. They can schedule an after-sale meeting to find out emerging concerns from the customers. This way they can get key insights on the levels of satisfaction of their customers and the areas on which they need improvement.

Note: These are a few of the many ways in which inside sales teams can use appointment scheduling and reminder software for their daily business activities. We've only shared the standard usage among the majority of inside sales teams using our appointment reminder.

How appointment scheduling and reminder software works for inside sales teams

Using an

appointment reminder among inside sales teams increases productivity by saving them the time they would otherwise spend perusing files managing appointments in an old-school way. The appointment reminder app increases convenience for both sales teams and prospects. It works in the following simple steps.

Step 1: Easy calendar connection and sync. Inside sales teams can connect and sync appointment reminder app with their native calendars conveniently accessing their address book and managing appointments.

Step 2: Setting appointment hours. Effortlessly feed hours persons in inside sales teams are available into appointment reminder. Prospects can only schedule appointments within the available hours. Even if your sales team runs 24/7, appointment reminder software got you covered all day, all night.

Step 3: Personalize and schedule reminders. Well, reminders are the backbone of appointment reminders. Customize them appropriately using templates available within the appointment reminder or create yours from scratch. Customized reminders create a personal touch with your clients and help them confirm appointments or reschedule in inevitable circumstances.

Step 4: Prospects receive reminders and initiate contact. Your prospects will receive reminders at the times you've set an appointment reminder. Interestingly, the process is seamless. Prospects receive a reminder at any time of the day that you determine is suitable for them.

Step 5: Receive and manage replies in your native email app. Upon receipt of reminders, appointment reminder allows your prospects to confirm their appointments. If they are unavailable, they can reschedule at a later date that will work for them.

Features of appointment scheduling and reminder app for inside sales teams

The Appointment Reminder features below are valuable for inside sales teams in a diverse yet unified design.

Setting time availability on the calendar: Inside sales teams can set their availability within the appointment reminder app for prospects to book. In case of a customer influx, the teams can adjust the time on the calendar by increasing or reducing the time appointments take or even adding more service hours.

Sync with a native calendar: Once you have set an appointment reminder, you can monitor the status of your appointments from within your native calendar. The Appointment Reminder app allows you to receive and monitor responses from prospects on your favorite calendar be it Google Calendar, Office 365 calendar, Outlook Calendar, or Apple iCloud. If your calendar is missing, you can request our ready-to-assist customer and technical support for help.

Personalize reminders for recipients: Customize appointment reminder email, text, or voice reminders and give your prospects a personalized approach. Speak to them via the reminders as if you are right there with them. Edit the templates available within the appointment reminder or create your unique reminders from scratch.

Create reminder sequences: Reminder strings may vary depending on your desired objectives. Some may be complex, others simple. Use the appointment reminder app flexibility to create whatever kind of reminders you desire whether they be simple or complex.

Exclude events: You may need to exclude events from some set of automated reminders. Achieve this with appointment reminder and scheduling software for inside sales teams.

Try Appointment Reminder for inside sales teams today

Test how the appointment reminder can boost your inside sales team operations and wow your prospects with a 14-day day free trialcancel anytime. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)for any further inquiries and assistance.

How inside sales teams are using appointment reminder to gain more bookings from prospects

In the sales industry, the higher the number of prospects, the higher the odds of making a sale. That’s true with inside sales teams. Here are working ways inside sales teams are using to increase prospect appointment bookings.

Social media “Book Now” button: Inside sales teams are leveraging social media traffic to gain more appointments by adding the appointment reminder link to the “Book Now” buttons available on optimized Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles of their companies.

Company websites: Most companies dealing in SaaS, B2C, B2B, and tech products and services have a website. Inside sales teams are increasing prospect booking placing attractive appointment links and graphics on their company website to entice website visitors to book an appointment with them. Some links are strategically placed on the navigation menu and others evenly distributed within the content of the website for maximum visibility irrespective of where a prospect is browsing.

Using search engine profiles: Inside sales teams whose companies have search engine profiles like Google profiles are using the booking elements to accept appointments directly from the profiles. Ensure your business has a search engine profile so you can take utilize this capability.

Listing on directories: Although most inside sales teams are not geographically bound, you can use home advantage by listing your businesses on local directories and accepting appointments from prospects who may be interested in your products from surrounding areas.

Email campaigns: If your business has been around for a while and you’ve built an email subscribers database, you can use the emailing opportunity to prompt your subscribers to book an appointment with you. Alternatively, you can engage with email campaign marketers who have databases of audiences with characteristics matching the group you are targeting and they can send out the email campaign for you although this may have financial implications. If it is worth it, try it.

Benefits of appointment schedule and reminder software for inside sales teams

The ultimate goal of every sales team is to nurture healthy and meaningful relationships with both prospects and customers that will convert into a sale. An appointment reminder is one of those tools bringing inside sales teams closer to their goals. Here are the ways inside sales teams are using the appointment reminder app to increase sales for their businesses and companies.

a) Attract, nurture, and convert prospects to customers

The appointment reminder app is designed to help inside sales teams take prospects through initial contact, nurture, and convert them into customers. Whatever kind of appointment the teams set and whatever stage, appointment reminder is suitable throughout the entire process. Inside sales teams can schedule calls, send web links, and plan for virtual meetings.

b) Flexible packages and transparent pricing, pay annually or pay-as-you-go

Inside sales teams using appointment reminder app for their day-to-day activities appreciate flexible packages and transparent pricing.

At Appointment Reminder, we understand the size of sales teams varies from business to business. As such, we've packaged the appointment scheduling and reminder software for inside sales teams to pick a package that fits their current needs with the ability to upgrade or downgrade anytime.

The pricing is transparent. We have no hidden charges neither do we have upsells for appointment reminder app for inside sales teams. Upgrade or downgrade your package anytime. Moreover, you can go on a month-by-month basis if your needs are seasonal or go for a discounted annual offer for teams running their activities throughout the year.

c) Reduced no-shows

The majority of inside sales teams lose potential prospects because of no-shows. The prospects either fail to show up or cancel their appointments. Losing a prospect among inside sales teams would eventually lead to loss of revenues.

Using an appointment reminder app for inside sales teams has proven to significantly reduce no-shows from prospects and customers. The appointment reminder app helps sales teams to automate the appointment booking process and send reminders via text messages (SMSs), emails, or voice messages for clients to confirm and attend their appointments.

d) Easy cancellation and rescheduling

Closely related to no-shows are cancellations and reschedules. Appointment reminder and scheduling software for inside sales teams is versatile in that it allows prospects to easily and quickly cancel or reschedule their appointments.

Uncertainties happen and prospects might not always make it to appointments on the scheduled time. Moreover, business situations and decisions change and they may wish to cancel their appointments.

Appointment reminder is the tool that successful inside sales teams are using to manage cancellations. You can use it to track cancellations and reschedules so that you keep track of efficient prospect management. You will also avoid the instances of committing time and resources to absent customers.

e) More conversations, more revenues

By reducing no-shows and effectively managing cancellations and reschedules, your business will be in top gear to increase revenues.

Reduced no-shows could mean more appointments as prospects turn up in the various stages of nurturing until you convert them to a customer.

Appointment reminder saves more time for your inside sales team that they would otherwise spend picking phone calls as they struggle to handle prospects and customers. They can, instead, dedicate that time to time-demanding tasks that require in-person attendance like offering product demos and onboarding the customers.

f) No special technical expertise is required

We have designed appointment reminders with the simplicity of novice end-users in mind and made its usage easy for inside sales team members. For instance, the calendar integration process is straightforward. The interface is also easy to navigate and configure. Even when an element within the appointment reminder system poses a challenge to you, our support team is ready to assist you to hit the ground running.

g) 24/7 everywhere and anytime accessibility to sales teams and prospects

Appointment reminder is easily accessible 24/7 to both inside sales teams and prospects via a simple web link. It takes a single click and you and your prospects will be right in appointment reminder. Accessibility through a web link eliminates the need for special features and is all-inclusive to your clients even with the simplest of all internet devices.

h) Impress your prospects

Prospects confess the hurdles of waiting in line or sending an email which may sometimes end up in the spam folders of the sales teams and lost forever. They appreciate the automation of appointment booking processes as it gives them the flexibility to book from anywhere, anytime. They can even book an appointment in the middle of the night when all your team is off service.

i) Motivate inside sales teams

Inside sales teams are run by humans and some repetitive tasks like tending calls to book appointments can be exhausting. Let the appointment reminder app take care of your team’s appointments, confirmations, and reminders as they focus on acquiring, nurturing, and converting prospects to customers.

j) Collect feedback and build reviews

After a successful sale, you can ask clients to share their feedback with you. If you get the hint that the customer is impressed with your product, you can proceed to ask them for a review.

Not every customer may have the time to search for your company over the internet to give you a Google or social media review.

Inside sales teams can prompt customers to give reviews by embedding review links in SMS. You can even use events in the appointment reminder to determine the customer to send a review link. For example, you may ask them whether your product helped them with a yes or no response. You can then automate a text message requesting a review with a link to automatically send out for all users replying with a yes.

What next with appointment reminder and scheduling software for inside sales teams?

Appointment reminder app benefits both inside sales teams and prospects making their business interactions productive. Inside sales teams can use appointment reminders throughout the process of acquiring, nurturing, and converting a prospect into a customer.

Initial contact, follow-ups, product demos, product set up, and after-sale appointments are some of the common times inside sales teams utilize appointment reminders to actualize meetings.

Sales teams become efficient by automating schedules in the appointment reminder app, syncing it with their native calendars, personalized reminders, create reminder sequences, and exclude events.

Maximum prospect reach with appointment reminder requires inside sales teams to share the link to appointment reminder via company profiles on social media, company websites, search engine profiles, directory listings, and email campaigns.

Inside sales teams using appointment reminders significantly reduce no-shows with appointment reminder app's automated reminders and easy cancellation and rescheduling of appointments.

Appointment reminder scheduling and reminder app for inside sales teams has proven to assist businesses and companies in the processes of acquiring, nurturing, and converting prospects to loyal customers.

The packages are flexible with transparent pricing allowing inside sales teams of different sizes to choose a package that best works for them. They can also upgrade or downgrade anytime as their workload varies.

Try Appointment Reminder for inside sales teams today for free

Test how the appointment reminder can boost your inside sales team operations and wow your prospects with a 14-day day free trialcancel anytime. Contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)for any further inquiries and assistance.

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