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Lawyers, law professionals, and law firms | AppointmentReminder.com

Lawyers, law professionals, and law firms | AppointmentReminder.com

Appointment reminder software is the attorneys’ (lawyers’) charm. They use it to schedule appointments and send reminders to clients. It is an intuitive and time-saver tool that increases revenues steering business growth.

The vitality of your work as an attorney requires prompt meetings. Unfortunately, sometimes clients forget and unless you remind them, it may become a no-show.

It can be a wasted day when you prepare for a client who ends up failing to show up. This is productive time you could allocate another client or even engage in other rewarding business pursuits.

Although secretaries can make reminder calls, the truth is, they may not always keep pace with rising demands. Moreover, humanity is prone to error and you could even lose more time sailing through the resulting inconsistencies in scheduling.

Automating client booking and reminder services using Appointment Reminder is the prime solution other attorneys are using to better their customer services and ensure the business runs smoothly.

The evolution of appointment scheduling for lawyers?

In-person-scheduling: In the past, lawyers used in-person-scheduling where clients could walk into the office to schedule an appointment. This was before technological developments in communication. It was tedious and intractable.

Telephone booking: Then came telephone technology allowing some level of flexibility. For once, clients could book an appointment with a call. Even so, the secretaries to attorneys could still navigate through appointment diaries which could at times be misplaced or buried in the haystack of a lawyer’s files.

Email booking: When the web gave birth to email, attorneys began using phone call and email booking interchangeably. Clients could wait for a correspondent to access the email to book them in and even wait on the phone for long before they could successfully reserve a slot.

Appointment reminders: Further internet developments have revolutionized the entire booking process. Attorneys are relying on artificial intelligence supported services like Appointment Reminder to automate scheduling, booking, and reminder services. As you’ll find out in a moment, this kind of business automation is the future of appointment-based business.

The main method clients are using to book attorney services online today

Phone calls? Emails? or Appointment Reminders?

Today, if people need your legal services, they'll flip their notebooks, open their computers, or their smartphones and search for online attorney services.

If you have an easy appointment scheduling tool, they’ll book swiftly and you could be expecting a client soon. Isn’t that good news?

Who can use appointment reminder software for lawyers?

Every legal professional in either civil or criminal law can use appointment reminder software.

Let’s dissect it further.

If you are an attorney practicing in personal injury, estate planning, bankruptcy, intellectual property, employment, corporate, immigration, criminal, medical malpractice, tax, family, workers’ compensation, contract, social security disability, civil litigation, or general practice matters, appointment reminder and scheduling will boost your business.

Tip: So long as you’re a legal professional of any caliber and part of your services require a one-on-one meet-up with a client, an appointment reminder will be handy for you.

What does appointment reminders offer lawyers?

As you get started with an appointment reminder, it offers the following:

Calendar and app integration: Sync appointment reminder with your Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Apple iCloud, and other supported app integrations like Zoho and Zoom. Integrations bring appointment reminder services to your calendar and you can view and attend to incoming appointments without shifting to appointment reminder all the time.

Scheduling: You have the flexibility to determine the hours of your availability and even make adjustments as you deem appropriate. Clients will only book time blocks from the time of your availability.

Set buffer times: For every appointment, you may need a break so you can reorganize yourself and get ready for the next appointment. You can fix such times in between your schedule in the course of setting bookable hours.

Calendar and app integration: Appointment reminder integrates with the calendar apps you use. Once it is set up, you can make follow-ups via Google Calendar, Office 365 calendar, or Outlook calendar. It also integrates with commonly used apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Zoho, and more.

Online booking: After feeding your time into the appointment reminder, your clients can now book for your services. They simply access the booking link as shared on your service website (if you have one), via links shared in your newsletter, email, or social media profiles and pages.

Customizing and sending reminders: Customize and send meeting reminders to your clients via text messages, email, or voice notes. The beauty of it all is that our text reminders allow your clients to respond and you can easily keep in touch with them for further communication as you look forward to their appointment.

Benefits of appointment reminder software for lawyers

This far you already have a glimpse of what you can do with an appointment reminder.

Let’s now demystify ways in which lawyers benefit from appointment reminders and scheduling tools.

a) Reduce no-shows

Say bye to missed appointments.

No-shows are the number one enemy for appointment-based businesses. Clients book and fail to cancel or keep their appointment. The result is inconveniencing to you and the customer might not even show up in the future.

When you send appointment reminders to your clients, they may consider you a committed professional. You’ll trigger their minds and they’re likely to reciprocate by honoring their booking.

Even if they may not make it, sending them text reminders with a two-way communication gives them room to share their concerns and possibly reschedule.

b) Increase your accessibility

The fact that appointment reminder is easy via a web link and from any device (Android, iPad, iPhone, computer) makes booking easier for your clients.

Insert the link on your website landing pages, your social media profiles and pages, email signatures, email outreach campaigns, and website pages.

Tip: Ensure your clients can access the booking link from any page on your website.

The easiest way to increase accessibility on your website is by having a distinct booking button on the menu items, inserting it on the sidebar, or featuring it within your content.

c) Allow clients reschedule

Let’s be honest.

Even if all your clients are good-willed, (actually they are, unless you think otherwise), a moment comes when they must either cancel or reschedule their appointment.

Think about travel inconveniences, work errands, family demands, sickness, among other unplanned circumstances. An appointment reminder for lawyers is designed in consideration of such issues.

Allowing your clients to reschedule gives them the flexibility to still come over for their appointment at a later date and still have you serve them.

d) Compete favorably

Legal practice is a professional practice with competition like any other. Customer satisfaction can influence your business growth.

Position yourself as a professional who minds about their customers. You achieve this from the onset of the booking process until clients get served.

Adopting an appointment reminder for your attorney business can increase your competitive advantage, equally, boost your chances to grow.

e) Save time and make money

No need to sugarcoat it! The end goal of every business is to make more money.

If you stick to the manual way of doing things, even with the accuracy of an appointment reminder, you'll spend much time. You will also serve fewer clients and generate less revenues.

Step up your operations with an appointment reminder.

As you automate scheduling and booking service for your legal services, you increase the amount of time at your disposal to serve more clients and earn more.

Final thoughts

Appointment scheduling and reminder tools are the stratagems for attorneys like you looking to stay ahead of their game through automation.

Reduce no-shows by sending appointment reminders to fasten your client’s commitment, help them reschedule if need be, or handle cancellations.

Let clients find you and book your attorney services anywhere, anytime, using any device. It is also a means to strengthen your presence and compete favorably.

Save time from manually handling appointments. Instead, dedicate that time to serve your clients and move closure to your business goals – that is, to make a profit and grow revenues.

After all, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” – Henry Ford

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The easier you make it for clients to access and book your service, the efficient your business will run. It’s all possible with appointment scheduling and reminder software accessible to your customers via any device.

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