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Appointment Reminders for Healthcare Professionals

Appointment Reminders for Healthcare Professionals

HIPAA-compliant appointment scheduling and reminder software for healthcare professionals

Patient appointments with healthcare professionals are very important. They can be the thin line between life and death or between spending a low budget by seeking services in time or sinking into debts for advanced and debilitating medical conditions that could have been contained.

Missing schedules is a serious issue to both patients and doctors and can even result in legal disputes.

HIPAA-compliant Appointment Reminder helps healthcare professionals set their availability and allows patients to book at their convenience. It also supports sending personalized text messages, emails, or voice reminders to ensure that the patients show-up.

Even when patients can self-schedule appointments with their healthcare service providers, there still exists huge gaps.

Consider the statistics below for the Unites States healthcare state of appointment scheduling.

Key healthcare statistics in the United States (U.S.) on scheduled appointments

A recent study in the U.S. about online appointments reveals the facts below:

· The healthcare industry in the U.S. loses $150 billion annually because of missed appointments.

· According to 77% of patients, the ability to book, change, or cancel appointments online is very important.

· Only 2.4% self-schedule online appointments.

· About 88% of appointments are still scheduled on phone and are error-prone.

· The Nationwide no-show rate varies between 5-30%.

· Healthcare professionals lose 60 minutes and $200 for every open or no-show slot.

· 65% of patients say they encounter difficulties when trying to engage with their healthcare providers.

These statistics reveal that despite its numerous benefits from online appointment reminders, it’s yet to gain significant momentum. Nevertheless, online appointment scheduling is the future of healthcare as patients look for convenience.

Who can use appointment reminder software for healthcare professionals?

Every healthcare professional whose services require a one-on-one meeting with their patient can use an appointment reminder.

Some of the most common healthcare professionals using appointment reminders include those engaged in dentists’ offices, physical therapists, veterinary offices, counselors or therapists, general physician offices, chiropractic offices, nutritionists or dietitian practices, optometry offices, and women’s health clinics.




What healthcare professionals can do with appointment reminder

Generally, appointment reminders for healthcare professionals should enable both service providers and patients to get along with the highest efficiency.

Healthcare professionals can use appointment reminder software for the following purposes:

Meet compliance standards: Handling patient appointments requires compliance with HIPAA. Not all appointment reminders meet HIPAA standards. Thankfully, the Appointment Reminder is 100% HIPAA-compliant. This means that it meets the protection standards that protect patient information.

Calendar and app integrations: Appointment reminders can integrate with your favorite calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, Apple iCloud, and other apps like Zoom. Healthcare professionals can keep track of incoming appointments within the calendars instead of having to log in to the Appointment Reminder.

Set availability slots for client booking: Doctors and other professionals in the healthcare sector can set the time they are available to take appointments. They can even set buffer times during which they can take a break and prepare to meet the next patient in the queue.

Send personalized reminders: Professionals in healthcare can edit Appointment Reminder templates or create new ones based on their preferences and schedule them for sending to customers.

Get started with a 14-day day free trial appointment reminder service – cancel anytime. You can also contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)and we’ll assist you.

Benefits of appointment reminder software for healthcare professionals

Here are the benefits of using appointment reminders among healthcare professionals.

a) Easy booking for patients

The first step to converting leads into customers is making the booking process easier. No need for additional efforts on the side of patients to download applications before they can apply for your services.

Appointment reminder interface is straightforward and accessible simply through a website link anywhere, anytime, on any client device. Making it easy for clients to book increases the booking chances on your website.

b) Onboard new patients

As you share your booking link on your website, social media, newsletters, emails, and brochures, you widen your client reach. Your services will be exposed to more potential customers and could they be interested in your service, it’ll be your opportunity to onboard new patients.

Sometimes, you may get referrals as someone might know someone who may need your healthcare services. This is another reason you highlight the services you provide so that potential clients can identify you at ago.

c) Convert reschedules and cancellations into last-minutes bookings

The demand for healthcare services is overwhelming. If healthcare professionals don’t take care of reschedules and cancellations, it can lead to loss of productive time and reduce revenue streams.

Instead of wasting valuable time, appointment reminders can help you identify reschedules and cancellations then allow for last-minute bookings. In the end, you will make productive use of time as you serve patients in need.

d) Reduce no-shows

As the statistics above reveal, no-show is still a principal cause of billions of revenues losses in healthcare. It cuts across both public and private practice. Patients may forget appointments or lack the motivation to show-up especially when there is no one holding them accountable.

Automating personalized reminders via voice, emails, and text messages help to significantly eliminate no-shows. For a fact, text message reminder, perform better and they somehow remind patients and their doctors are concerned, they care, and are ready to meet them at the scheduled time.

One of the commendable ways to reduce no-shows is to send reminders at intervals such as when clients complete booking to confirm their appointment and when their appointment is nearing.

e) Achieve more with less pressure

Healthcare is a very engaging industry that is mentally tasking. It becomes uncomfortable and stressful when professionals have to struggle to schedule appointments and at the same time offer services to patients. Through Appointment reminder automation, they can shift their attention and concentrate on serving patients and can achieve more with minimal pressure.

Final thoughts

Offering healthcare appointment service doesn’t have to be tedious.

It is easier and manageable when you have the right appointment scheduling and reminder tool in place.

Appointment Reminder tool is easily accessible on the web via a link. The booking interface is beautiful and simple for patients to complete in a few steps.

As you place your booking link on your website, social media, email newsletters, or on your brochure, you increase your visibility and the chances of onboarding new patients.

No more worries about reschedules and cancellations as you can convert them into last-minute bookings since healthcare services are always in demand.

Appointment reminder service will help you minimize no-shows by ensuring you send personalized reminders to your patients so that they can be reminded and get the motivation to show up for their appointments.

Forget about the pressure of monitoring client bookings and instead concentrate your energy and time to serve patients.

Help safe lives as you earn more revenues and grow your business.

Next step

Check out the appointment reminder tool other healthcare professionals are using to successfully manage their business.

Get started with a 14-day day free trial – cancel anytime. You can also contact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 %20333-3702)and we’ll assist you.

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