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Outlook Calendar Appointment Reminders

You don’t need to stop using Outlook Calendar. Set up appointment reminders for as little as $29 per month.

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Our intuitive interface makes it easy for people of all ages and technical
experience to schedule appointment reminders with ease.

Reduce no shows with 3 types of reminders

Include the appointment date, time, service provider, location, or any other kind
of information. Our system pulls data from Outlook, and our
templates are fully customizable!


Automate text messages to your clients. If you’d like, ask them to reply to automatically confirm or cancel.


Our AI technology will read your script and deliver it as a voice message. You can also upload your own audio files.


Send out perfectly customized email reminders that include all of the unique details, and any important info.

Just $29 per month after FREE trial

We’re so confident that you’ll make more money in less time by using Appointment Reminder, that we’re willing to bet our own money on it if you don’t see an immediate improvement in your customer engagement…

It’s a two-way integration!

Learn what that tech speak means for you

Our Outlook Calendar integration goes two ways. That means that we pull information from Outlook, and Outlook pulls information from us.

For example, if a client replies back to your text message, you’ll see this in the notes section of the Outlook Calendar event. If someone cancels the appointment, you’ll see that in Outlook too!

This means that once you set up Appointment Reminder, you don’t need to log back in regularly. You can check your Outlook calendar for all the updates, and we’ll send you email notifications with important updates as well.

Cut back no shows while saving time

You know how essential it is to remind your clients or patients of upcoming appointments. But doing it yourself is a big waste of time. With Appointment Reminder, you can reduce no shows by 90% without draining your time or your staff’s time.

How to get started

1 Sign up for Appointment
2 Integrate your own
calendar, or use ours
3 Customize your
message scripts
4 Preset the timing

Customize it. Set it. Forget it.

Easy, automated appointment reminders
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