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Are you a financial advisor who uses Redtail CRM calendar?

Clients love automated text reminders, and we ensure it’s seamless for your staff. No fuss, just efficiency!

Appointment Reminder has seamlessly integrated with hundreds of Redtail clients, offering a fully automated reminder system. Many commend the efficiency of our Redtail integration, as staff appreciate its automation without the need for intermediary solutions such as Zapier.

Alan May.

  • Great service with quick customer support! The integration with Redtail allowed us to seamlessly send our clients reminder texts. Working with Matthew is always a pleasure as he takes the time to explain how something is set up on the backend and why things function in specific ways.

-Patty Barber

  • Appointment Reminder makes it easy and seamless for my clients to get their sms reminders as well as reschedule if needed. These reminders have substantially reduced the amount of confusion, phone calls and no shows in my office. The service is affordable and the support is excellent.

What kind of Reminders can I send?

Most firms using Redtail predominantly rely on our platform for email and text reminders. For elderly clients who may not use mobile devices, voice reminders can also be used.

Can I customize the message that is sent?

You have complete control over the message content. Customize the text, email, and voice messages to fit your needs. You will also choose which Activity Types from Redtail will get reminders so you only send reminders to those appointments that are needed.

Can I customize when the messages are sent?

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to determine the timing of your messages. Whether it’s an email confirmation immediately after booking, a text reminder the day before, or any other schedule, our platform offers high customization to fit your needs.

Can I customize different messages for different types of appointment?

Of course! You can map different Redtail Activity Types to different “Message Sequences” so you can send different messages and different timings if you need for each different activity type.

What happens when someone replies to a reminder?

We will update Redtail with the client response. We’ll also email and you can view any replies in our Inbox. Like most other things in Appointment Reminder all these options can configured or disabled depending on your needs?

Does Appointment Reminder Log Communication with Clients?

Yes all reminder communication will be logged in Redtail to show the details of the reminder that was sent. You can also have the communication sent to an email address for email archiving purposes.

Can Appointment Reminder also Auto Respond to client replies?

Absolutely. You have the ability to set up multiple auto-response options. So, if a client wishes to cancel an appointment, for instance, an automatic reply can provide them with a link to reschedule.

Can I use Appointment Reminder to allow clients to book online?

Yes! If you want to create a scheduling link similar to Calendly then you can do this inside Appointment Reminder as well with no added costs.

Is my data safe with Appointment Reminder?

Absolutely. At Appointment Reminder, we prioritize your data’s safety. We adhere to industry-standard security practices, ensuring that your data remains protected. Our system undergoes regular security scans to detect and prevent potential vulnerabilities. Importantly, we only use your data within the platform, and it is never exploited for other purposes. Should you ever choose to discontinue using our platform, rest assured that all your data can be thoroughly removed, preserving your privacy and peace of mind.

How Much is Appointment Reminder?

Go to our pricing page to see pricing. You can start a FREE trial and then request a Zoom call if you need help getting setup.

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Our intuitive interface makes it easy for people of all ages and technical
experience to schedule appointment reminders with ease.

Reduce no shows with 3 types of reminders

Include the appointment date, time, service provider, location, or any other kind
of information. Our system pulls data from Redtail CRM, and our
templates are fully customizable!


Automate text messages to your clients. If you’d like, ask them to reply to automatically confirm or cancel.


Our AI technology will read your script and deliver it as a voice message. You can also upload your own audio files.


Send out perfectly customized email reminders that include all of the unique details, and any important info.

Just $29 per month after FREE trial

We’re so confident that you’ll make more money in less time by using Appointment Reminder, that we’re willing to bet our own money on it if you don’t see an immediate improvement in your customer engagement…

It’s a two-way integration!

Learn what that tech speak means for you

Our Redtail CRM integration goes two ways. That means that we pull information from Redtail, and Redtail pulls information from us.

Cut back no shows while saving time

You know how essential it is to remind your clients or patients of upcoming appointments. But doing it yourself is a big waste of time. With Appointment Reminder, you can reduce no shows by 90% without draining your time or your staff’s time.

How to get started

1 Sign up for Appointment
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calendar, or use ours
3 Customize your
message scripts
4 Preset the timing

Customize it. Set it. Forget it.

Easy, automated appointment reminders
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