Sending text messages manually is painful.

Appointment Reminder helps you automate the process, reducing errors and saving you money!

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We send millions of text messages across New Zealand and the World!


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Matt at Appointment Reminder is fantastic. Great customer service, always happy to help us with any queries and this is always done quickly and efficiently. Makes our job so much easier when the stress of sending appointment reminders is outsourced with his team. Thanks guys.
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Dr Nitin Raniga

Auckland Orthodontics

Connect your calendar

If you don’t have an online calendar to integrate with, you can use the calendar
included in your Appointment Reminder subscription.

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Our intuitive interface makes it easy for people of all ages and technical
experience to schedule appointment reminders with ease.

Set it and forget it

appointment reminders

Automatic appointment reminders

No more manual reminders.
Our appointment reminder software can replace a service for a fraction of the cost.
customize templates

Customizable templates

Our system includes templates that you can customize to your needs. You can also write your own messages from scratch.
voice reminders

Email, Voice, and SMS

Send appointment reminders via text message (SMS), email, and voice message. Utilize our automated voice message reader or upload an audio file.
integrations with booking calendars

Popular integrations & bulk uploading

Our customers love our integrations with Google Calendar and others. If we don’t integrate with your calendar of choice, you can bulk upload a CSV of your appointments each day. It takes just a couple minutes.
receive replies

Receive replies

Customers can reply to your appointment reminder messages and you will be notified by email, SMS, or both. We can also update your Existing Calendar to show that a customer has replied, along with their unique message.
Missed appointments waste our valuable clinic time and cause unnecessary stress to our staff. We’ve slashed our DNA rate using Appointment Reminder, and our clients love the convenient TXTs. I have also been very impressed by the usability, customization options, and reliability of the system. It’s a great local solution, with a prompt friendly local team to back it up.
kyle orthodontists
Kyle Beggs


You want to reduce no shows with
appointment reminders, but…

reduce admin time loading appointments

Sending them takes hours

Text message appointment reminders. Email appointment reminders. Voice messages. Doing any or all of these takes your administrative team hours, when there’s so much else to do.

You could keep doing this manually, but why waste the time and money?
appointment reminder

Instead, you should use Appointment Reminder

Our appointment reminder software can be set up exactly how you need: send automatic confirmations and timed reminders, and get confirmation or cancellation from clients.

Whether you want to send one message, or several messages with to-dos and detailed information alongside the appointment reminders, our system can help.

Built for businesses who
want to save time

easy to use

Easy to use

Set up your first reminder in minutes!
fully automated


Trigger your reminders, and that’s it.


Same message, same timing. Always.
customized reminders


It’s your business: say what you want to.

Just $29 per month after FREE trial

We’re so confident that you’ll make more money in less time by using Appointment Reminder, that we’re willing to bet our own money on it if you don’t see an immediate improvement in your customer engagement…

Businesses love
Appointment Reminder

Get all the benefits of sending appointment reminders (great communication,
fewer no shows) at a fraction of the cost of hiring a reminder service.


Make sure patients receive appointment confirmation, and that they get reminders 24 hours before their appointment. Set up special sequences for new patients with detailed info, or for any other appointment type.


Devote more time towards billable hours and less towards repetitive manual tasks. Trigger custom appointment reminders with pertinent information straight from your online calendar.


Got a meeting with a client coming up? Remind them of their appointment time, and include reminders for anything they need to have prepared beforehand. Customize reminders based on the appointment type.
financial advisors

Financial Advisers

Set up special sequences for new clients, returning clients, and portfolio reviews. Include appointment date and time in your reminder, and add other important details as well.

Dentists & Orthodontists

Make sure your patients never forget about an upcoming appointment. Send SMS and email reminders, and even send out automated voice messages hassle free.
tattoo artists

Tattoo Artists

No shows hurt your business. With automated appointment reminders, you can reduce no shows and have clients confirm that they will be present, hours before the appointment occurs.


Business coaches, health and wellness coaches, and life coaches can all benefit from automated appointment reminders. Your time is valuable. Reduce no shows without having to send reminders yourself.

Teachers & School Officials

Send appointment reminders for student/teacher conferences, student meetings, and more. Text reminders and email reminders help protect your time.
And more!

Everything you need,
nothing you don’t

appointment confirmations

Manage confirmations

Ask clients to confirm their upcoming appointment via text. Check in with anyone who didn’t respond.
2 way appointment reminders

Receive replies

Receive text message responses from clients, and reach out to help with any of their questions.
multiple appointment reminders

Create sequences

Want multiple reminders? Make your reminder sequences as simple or as complicated as you want.
filter appointment reminders

Exclude any event

Update your settings so that reminders won’t send for certain kinds of events in your calendar.
reduce appointment no-shows

Reduce no shows hassle free

How much do no shows cost your business? How much time do you waste trying to combat no shows with manual appointment reminders?

Reduce no-shows by 90%, without spending all day on the phone.

How to get started

phone reminders
1 Sign up for Appointment
2 Integrate your own
calendar, or use ours
3 Customize your
message scripts
4 Preset the timing

Customize it. Set it. Forget it.

Easy, automated appointment reminders
Start Free 14-day trial Got any questions along the way?
Our support team is available via email and phone to help you.

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