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How to get more online client appointment bookings with your business website in 2022

Published on 01-11-2022

How to get more online client appointment bookings with your business website in 2022

Your business website can be a powerful sales tool. It can convert leads into more sales. If your business accepts online appointments, then you should laser focus on getting your website work for you.

Gain more visibility to prospective clients and get more appointments with your business website.

Increase your online appointment booking client base

Most service businesses like yours are successfully generating more leads and getting more conversions via business websites, social media, and Google My Business.

To get on the path to receiving more appointments via your website, here are the fundamental strategies you should implement.

1. Polish your website SEO

Sales come from leads. Getting more traffic to your website is one way of getting qualified leads. A qualified lead is a person actually interested in your services. You need SEO for this.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the primary strategy to get more clicks to your website. If your website content contains keywords that match user queries, your website will rank higher on Google increasing your visibility.

Service-based businesses in which clients book appointments online should, especially, pay closer attention to their SEO. The number of appointments they receive depends on their visibility level in the web space.

Tip: SEO smart website = Higher search engine ranking = More website clicks

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2. Update your contact information

Clients that book appointments online would prefer working with businesses with clear contact information. It gives them assurance of your support if the need arises.

Create a dedicated contact page with all essential business contact details. You can also include some of the details in the footer.

Your business contact information should include a phone number, physical address, email address, and a quick inquiry form.

You may consider using a contact form to reduce email spamming. The contact form should have a simple captcha to ensure only humans can fill and send the form.

Tip: Businesses with clear and alternative contact options win more clients’ trust.

3. Set clear business hours

Businesses and professionals that offer in-person services run on hours. Revenues depend on the clients served in the allocated time.

Some of these business industries include:

Tax accounts and CPAs, lawyers and law firms, financial advisors, education services, massage therapists, tattoo shops and artists, government offices and institutions, realtors and real estate agents, psychologists and counselors, salons and spas, healthcare professionals, inside sales teams, driving instructors and schools, fitness and personal trainers, music teachers, and schools, HR recruiting and staffing, language instructors and schools, photographers and photography studios.

Indicate your business operation hours during business days and weekends to help clients know when they can book your services.

Tip: Ensure you only feature the time when you’re sure to be available to serve your clients.

4. Indicate the location of your services

Customers want to know whether your location is within their reach. This could involve the convenience of accessibility and availability of ample parking space at or near your business.

Share your physical location by embedding a Google map pin on your website. Further, indicate the ease of accessibility and parking space to help clients make decisions.

Let clients know if you have multiple service locations so they can choose a service nearest to them.

Tip: Businesses with easy accessibility and ample parking space get more customers because they’re more convenient.

Beyond your website, some customers would be interested in your social media presence. They would wish to see how you’re performing on social media. An active social media presence can increase customer trust.

Include links to your social media business profiles. Most successful professional practitioners and businesses have an active social media presence.

Tip: Facebook pages and Instagram business profiles are the platforms that work best for professionals and businesses that accept online appointment booking.

6. List the products and the services you sell

Clearly list the services you can competently offer. If you offer services, your list will largely depend on your skills and your team’s skills (if you’re working with a team).

If you lack the capacity to effectively offer a service, no matter how much on demand it is, better wait, get the expertise before you include it among your services.

Customers could be happier working with you even if you offer limited services so long as they know the quality is top-notch.

Tip: Only list services that you can guarantee 100% satisfaction. No substandard services.

7. Pricing your appointment services

No hidden costs!

Plainly list the prices of your services; bundle services, standalone services, one-time, recurring services, and prepaid packages.

Tip: Clients are likely to book services with you if you put keep pricing for your appointment services transparent.

8. Add an online scheduling system

Including an online appointment booking link on your website. Get your unique appointment booking link from an appointment reminder software to share on your website.

An online appointment reminder system for businesses makes it easier for your clients to self-book their services any time of the day. It sends them automated confirmation and reminder messages as text SMS, email, or a voice.

Businesses with a direct online booking option on their website get more client bookings as clients can book appointments with you with a simple link.

Tip: An ideal appointment reminder and scheduling software will give you a vanity URL with your business name that you can embed multiple times wherever you like.

9. Leverage with your about page

Clients that land on your website are likely to click through your about page. Your business about page can, therefore, be a selling pivot for your business services.

Here are some cool ideas to build an about us page that your clients will love.

  • Write a clear copy: As you focus on the rest of your web pages, pay closer attention to the about us page. Check on punctuation, grammar errors, fix typos and spelling mistakes.
  • Say hello to your customers: Greet your customers and make them feel at home. If you run a massage therapy business, it could be something in a simple line like “Hello, welcome to Massage Business Name! or Welcome, spa, and wellness enthusiasts!”
  • Introduce your team: The most recommended way to share about your team is to show their photos, their names, their specialty, their experience, and (if possible) a brief message from them.
  • Highlight your services: Aside from your dedicated services page, you can also highlight your services on your about page (in brief).

You can mention your service specialty. If you’re in the massage business, your services could be i.e. Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, prenatal massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, reflexology massage, or any other options you’ve. Make your highlight simple in a sentence or at most two lines.

  • Share your business story: Clients adore stories and apart from remembering you for a great service, they can easily remember your business by your story.

Think about the motivation or inspiration to start your business. Your story could also revolve around the founder and how you started out.

  • What makes your business unique: What kind of environment is your business’ location? Are your staff educated and experienced? If you’re in the beauty industry, do you use natural cosmetic supplies? Do you offer any special individual or group discounts?
  • Your mantra: Share with your customers the philosophy you believe in in terms of adding value to their lives. If you’re a massage therapist tell your clients what they expect i.e. a home for relaxation, peace, and healing. Tell them the string of techniques you prefer and the underlying reasons. You could also mention your approach to serving your clients.
  • Add your call to action (CTA): At the end of your about page, give your customers the next step. The most appropriate CTA at this point is to invite them to book an appointment with you.


10. Share client testimonials

Publish client testimonials on your business website. Publish them on a dedicated page or spread through your page including a few on the homepage. Don’t worry if you’re starting out – you can build up in due course.

Here are the types of client testimonials you can collect and share (Let your clients know you’ll share them on your website).

  • Text + client name: Text and client name only bears the client’s testimonial and their name.
  • Text + client name + client image: This testimonial bears a client’s message, their image, and their name.
  • Client video: A video testimonial is a client sharing their experience as they express their gratitude towards your services.

Tip: Consider your about section as a sales page or a landing page. It can single-handedly drive-in appointments to your business.

11. Add photos and videos to your website

Clients want to see how your business looks like before they even show up.

Include both external and internal photos of your business. You can also share photos and videos of your team at work and if you want to feature your clients, first seek permission.

Tip: Be sure to post high-quality photos and videos on your websites. If clients can see what your business looks like before they even get there, it’s easier for them to make quicker decisions about booking your services.

12. Add a blog section

A blog may not be a basic requirement to start off your business. However, it can boost your online visibility and get you more traffic to your website. If you don’t have the leverage to start your blog at the onset of your business, you can keep it in the loop then consider it later.

Blogging on your website can help you connect with your audience. It gives you an avenue to address their concerns and educate them about your products and services.

Tip: Blog to provide people with the information they need, establish yourself as an authority, get more conversion to leads, and ultimately, sales.

13. Run Google Ads to boost traffic to your website

Assign a budget for Google ads to boost traffic to your website. This is especially important if you’re new to the market and would like to rank for specific keywords.

Running Google Ads can help you target audiences in specific locations.

Tip: Consider directing your Google Ads traffic to a landing page or a page that plainly informs your visitors about your services and has a call to action for them to take a step.

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