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  • Appointment booking & reminder app for financial and investment advisors, planners, and money coaches | Automated SMS/text, email, voice message reminders.
Appointment booking & reminder app for financial and investment advisors, planners, and money coaches | Automated SMS/text, email, voice message reminders.

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Appointment booking & reminder app for financial and investment advisors, planners, and money coaches | Automated SMS/text, email, voice message reminders.

Clients seek help from financial advisors regarding insurance, tax laws, and investment decisions in both short-term and long-term planning. Ideally, finance advisors meet clients in person through online appointment booking services.

“Time is money” is the rule of thumb for financial advisors.

It takes time and effort to a careful plan for finance-related appointments. Therefore, missed appointments from a client’s failure to show up results in a loss of productivity. Businesses are also hurt by revenue losses.

Professionals and firms offering finance advisor services can use appointment reminder software to increase client show-ups and reduce revenue losses.

Appointment reminders have scheduling, booking, and reminder capabilities that you can use to keep in touch with your customers to facilitate successful appointments.

Who can use appointment reminder software for financial advisors?

Appoint reminders are profitable for both financial advisor professionals and firms. Some professionals are financial advisors but aren’t sure whether they can use appointment reminders.

Here is a quick checklist of financial advisors who can use the Appointment Reminder.

Financial planners. Financial planners are financial advisors who assist their clients devise a plan to realize their financial objectives. If you assist clients with retirement investment, estate planning, taxes, or investment planning you are a financial planner advisor.

Credit counselor. Credit or debt counselors are financial advisors that assist clients sunk in debt. If you assist clients in debt to budget, assess their debt, and design a payment plan, you are a credit or a debt counselor.

Investment advisor. Unlike financial planners who cover a haven of finance advisories, investment advisors specialize only in investments. You are in this category if you only provide investment advice assisting your client manage their investment portfolio or make investment decisions.

Money coach. Also known as a financial coach, this advisor enlightens clients about money relationships and assists clients achieve accountability. If your main focus is the personal aspect of your client concerning money matters by blending some psychology and financial planning tips, then you’re a money coach.

What finance advisors can achieve with appointment reminder

Determine and set your availability. Since appointment reminder automated the process of scheduling appointments, it lets your set the times of your availability specifying days and hours within which clients can book your services. It’s that simple and clients will be ready to book.

Share your booking link. Share your appointment booking URL on your Google My Business and “Book Now” buttons on your Instagram and Facebook. You can also insert the link on the booking button on your website and links within your pages and blog content. Share the link on your brochures, text, emails, and newsletters.

Let appointments flow in. The client will access your booking link and schedule their appointments at their leisure. No double-bookings, no more booking calls, and boring contact forms. Confirm bookings automatically.

Customize and send reminders to clients. People forget. Use appointment reminder voice calls and emails to remind clients about their upcoming meetings. Get more personal and reach them on their phones via text reminders.

Take care of reschedules and cancellations. As reminders help you get a step ahead, clients can easily reschedule or cancel their appointments without interfering with your overall work schedule. Reminders facilitate timely feedback from clients ensuring rescheduling or cancellations don’t interrupt your services.

Sync with your favorite calendar. Appointment reminder supports integration with other calendars and common market apps. This will enable you to keep track of incoming client appointments within your calendar giving you more flexibility and convenience.

Benefits of appointment reminder software for financial advisors

Successful financial advisors have shared with us the benefits they are getting from using the Appointment Reminder and how their business have significantly grown.

Here is a selection of their mutual benefits.

Reduce no-shows

In all online appointment businesses, no-shows are the number one culprit. Clients book appointments then neither show-up nor cancel.

Financial advisors are reducing no shows by sending text reminders to clients a couple of times to remind clients about their upcoming appointments.

Reminding clients not only indicates a professional commitment to your business but also triggers the same spirit of commitment from your clients in that they are motivated to attend.

Even if they may not show up, they can reschedule. In circumstances where they cancel the appointment, they’ll still maintain the adoration to your business and are likely to use your services when possible.

Easier to reach clients

Financial advisors have reiterated the efficiency of Appointment Reminder in assisting them to reach out to their clients before and after services.

Although they use a combination of voice calls, emails, and text messages depending on client needs, most of them have identified automated text messaging as the most interactive and number-one communication preference to confirm appointments, send reminders, and keep in touch with their customers.

Avoid interruptions and stress

Providing expert financial advice relies on facts. Financial advisors must be at par with the latest development in the financial markets both locally and internally to effectively address the need of their clients.

Missed appointments can distract finance advisors, stress, and deviate their attention from important aspects of client needs when they have to put up with missed appointments.

Appointment reminder takes away all such distractions and stress by ensuring that the appointment scheduling and reminder service runs smoothly at the professionals concentrate on delivering quality services to their clients.

Match clients with the right advisors

Clients have different financial objectives requiring specialized financial advisors.

If you run a finance advisor firm or a team of professionals, appointment reminders will help you understand the client’s needs so you can assign the right financial advisors. At the same time, you’ll avoid underbooking or overbooking of a service.

Matching clients with the right advisors will help ensure clients get the appropriate advice for their identified needs.

Better client satisfaction

The booking process for your services is the onset of client satisfaction. The appointment reminder service is straightforward.

As soon as users click your link wherever you’ve placed it, they land on the booking page and start their scheduling process.

It’s simple, interactive, and you can even schedule a confirmation message to send out to customers as soon as they complete the booking process.

Customers enjoy it when you make it easier for them to use your service.

Higher rates of client retention

The rate of client retention is higher among finance advisors using appointment reminder services because it contributes to a positive customer experience.

There are two dimensions to client retention, the process, and the service.

As appointment reminder does its part of making the booking process easier for your customers, you also do your part in offering excellent service and you’ll be on the part to increase customer retention.

No complex installations required

Not every client has technical knowledge of always installing applications. Additionally, some clients may not have the patience.

A simple web interface that does the job is the answer. Appointment reminder is the tool that does the magic. Clients can access it via their phones, tablets, or computers.

In conclusion

As you seek to personalize the relationships with your clients, appointment reminders will help you maintain a clear vision of your business’ framework.

By facilitating faster communication through a two-way-supported text reminder service you will increase the value of your business in your client’s mind.

Get to learn more about client needs before they visit your premises so you can plan in time and meet their financial needs.

As appointment reminder makes it easier for your clients to schedule, it will equally increase the chances of you onboarding more clients.

You will save more time through efficient working instead of working harder and you’ll finally be closer to your financial goals and business growth.

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