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  • Best 10 Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Apps & Software in 2022 - Updated Guide!
Best 10 Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Apps & Software in 2022 - Updated Guide!

Published on 12-18-2022

Best 10 Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Apps & Software in 2022 - Updated Guide!

Find the best appointment scheduling and reminder software for your business. Automatically accept appointments and send your clients confirmation, reminder, and rescheduling messages.

Why an appointment reminder scheduling app?

Make the appointment booking process seamless for your clients.

Clients prefer service businesses with a 24/7 appointment booking system

Customers seeking appointment-based services today are looking for convenience.

They prefer dealing with businesses services powered by automated appointment booking processes so they can schedule appointments at their convenience.

Appointment scheduling apps greatly influence business success

The number of new and returning clients you serve determines your business revenues.

Implementing an appointment reminder solution in your business can help you get more clients. Since the process is automated, you also get more time to focus on client service.

How to pick the most suitable appointment reminder and scheduling app for your business

To pick the best text reminder apps for your business you should first know what they are, the types available in the market, and how they can transform your business.

What are appointment scheduling text reminder apps?

Also called appointment scheduling SMS reminder apps, text reminder apps are business automation tools used to automate the online appointment booking process and send confirmation, reminder, and follow-up messages to customers.

Two main types of appointment scheduling text reminder apps

Text reminder apps for online appointment scheduling can be web-based or mobile apps. Text reminder apps for businesses in the market can be available in either web, mobile app, or both.

1. Web-based appointment scheduling text reminder apps

Web-based text reminder apps are accessible via a web browser with an active internet connection. Clients can access your appointment booking page and manage their appointments without installing an app.

2. Mobile app appointment scheduling and text reminder software

Mobile app appointment scheduling and text reminder apps are accessible only via mobile devices like Android and iPhones.

The apps for appointment scheduling and reminder can also run on tablets and require a user to download them usually from Google Play Store for Android devices or Apple App Store for iOS devices.

How can appointment scheduling text reminder apps grow your business? Benefits!

The purpose of an appointment reminder and scheduling app is to help your business attain desirable outcomes.

1. How to use appointment scheduling and reminder software to increase your revenues

Appointment reminder software sends automated text reminders to help your clients remember to attend scheduled appointments minimizing no-shows. The appointments will also happen at the right time.

As the scheduling app takes care of your clients’ appointments you have more time to serve more clients. Ultimately, your income grows, boosting your business revenues.

2. Appointment scheduling apps facilitate faster responses with higher SMS open rates

Clients receive confirmation, reminders, and follow-up messages as SMS on their phones. Moreover, text reminders have a higher open rate than emails.

Appointment reminders support two-way replies so clients can confirm appointments and respond to text messages within minutes of receiving a reminder.

If your clients want to cancel their appointments, inbuilt two-way messaging makes it easier for them to cancel or reschedule without inconveniencing your business activities.

3. Create a positive impression before your clients by using an appointment reminder and scheduling app

More than 57% of clients positively perceive business with SMS functionalities. About half of these can readily recommend you to their friends if you reach out via text.

Another 64% of people prefer text over voice when reaching out.

Use appointment text reminders to send text messages and manage responses from your customers.

4. Millennials & Generation Z like text reminders; make it possible with an appointment scheduling app

Millennials and Generation Z live in the information age with heightened use of mobile smartphone devices. Text messaging is their way of life.

About 75% of millennials consider text a convenient means to get reminders for their appointments. They find it helpful and will have them worry less about missing their appointments.

5. Businesses that send text reminder messages significantly reduce no-shows

Businesses lose time and revenues when clients book an appointment and fail to show up.

The appointment scheduling app sends text messages to remind your clients to attend their appointments. It also enables your clients to reschedule their appointments and updates on cancellations.

6. Minimize and manage cancellations with appointment scheduling and reminder software

Upon receipt of a text reminder, only less than 5% of clients can cancel an appointment.

If your clients cancel, appointment reminders will update you in real-time and the canceled slots become available for other clients.

10 Best Appointment Scheduling Text Reminder Apps for Business

Explore top appointment reminder and scheduling apps to keep your business running smoothly.

Focus on your business’s growth by automating your appointments with an appointment scheduling app.

1. Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder we’re a web-based, automated online scheduling, booking, and reminder app designed for small business owners and professionals.

Appointment Reminder supports businesses and organizations in the government and private sectors

We support professionals, businesses, and firms in both government and private sectors offering services to clients that require online appointment booking.

Customizable appointment confirmation and reminder messages

We provide customizable reminders and confirmation sequences to send automated text and voice messages.

Appointment scheduling for individuals and teams

Appointment Reminder helps individuals and team businesses save time and increase revenues by serving more clients.

Online booking system that integrates with your favorite calendars like Google

Our service reduces no-shows by enabling our clients integrate our service with their favorite calendars so they can send automatic appointment reminders to their customers.

Businesses get SMS notifications and email updates whenever clients respond to their appointments.

What you can do with Appointment Reminder

Here are ways you can use the appointment reminder app for your business services.

1. Manage appointment confirmations

Easily manage confirmations by prompting your clients to confirm their forthcoming appointment via a text message.

You can also follow up with clients who fail to respond via a message sequence.

2. Receive and respond to clients’ appointment replies

Receive replies via text message from your clients – this also allows you to timely respond to their concerns.

3. Initiate multiple reminder sequences

Create sequences for multiple reminders. You can keep them simple or as multifaceted as you please.

4. Advanced filters for your appointment reminders

Use exclusion settings to filter reminder notifications for some categories of events in your calendar.

5. Personalized appointment booking page for your clients

Allow clients to schedule appointments online using your personalized booking page.

How Appointment Reminder works - 4 Steps

Start accepting online appointment bookings from your clients and sending them confirmation and reminder text messages.

Step 1: Sign up for Appointment Reminder

Step 2: Integrate your own calendar, or use an inbuilt Appointment Reminder calendar

Step 3: Customize your message scripts using our templates or from scratch

Step 4: Preset the timing and let Appointment Reminder do its magic

Who can use Appointment Reminder?

Individuals and teams in government and private sectors use the appointment reminder app for professional, consultancy, and business services.

DoctorslawyersCPAs, tax professionals, accountantsfinancial advisersdentists and orthodontiststattoo artistscounselors and therapistseducators, and private tutors are some of the business owners and professional practitioners using Appointment Reminder.

That is not all.

So long as you provide services and you can accept appointments, then the Appointment Reminder is for you.

If you’re unsure, contact us and we’ll guide you on how you can use our service for your business.

Calendar Integrations with Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder supports all calendar integrations.

Google Calendar appointment reminder app


Office 365 appointment reminder app


Redtail CRM appointment reminder app


Outlook Calendar Desktop appointment reminder app


Apple iCloud appointment scheduling app


Teamup appointment scheduling app


Zoho appointment scheduling app


iCal appointment scheduling app


CSV integration appointment scheduling app


Google Meet appointment scheduling app


Zoom appointment scheduling app

Even if you miss your calendar in our list of integrations, you can contact us and we’ll sort you out.

Benefits of using Appointment Reminder Scheduling Software for your Business

Here’s what you get with Appointment Reminder app software for scheduling appointments and sending confirmation and reminder messages to your clients.

User-friendly interactive interface

Get started within minutes with our intuitive and user-oriented interface.

Automate your online appointment booking

Automate your appointment reminders with Appointment Reminder and replace manual appointment reminder tasks.

Send personalized appointment confirmation and reminder text messages

Reduce no-shows by 90% by ensuring clients are up-to-date and on time with their appointments.

Customize ready text and email templates or create from scratch

Get started with customizable templates or write your messages from scratch.

Upload your appointments in bulky into appointment reminder all

Even if we don’t have your calendar at the moment (rarely), you can bulk upload your appointments within minutes.

Two-way text messaging communication with your appointment clients

Receive notifications for replies from your customers with a text (SMS).

Pricing plans

We offer four pricing packages starting at $29 for monthly billing and you can get discounts for annual billing.

You have 14 days to trial any package of interest before you commit – no contracts, no hidden charges, and you can cancel any time without getting charged.

If you need a custom plan, contact us and we’ll assist you to get a custom quote personalized for your business needs.

All our plans come with unlimited users, free connection to Google calendar, and free plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2010 and later versions.

Customer support

We offer guaranteed and dedicated phone support services for all our plans. You can also reach us via email or simply fill out a contact form on our webpage.

Security and compliance


  • We use unique usernames for tracking user identity concealing your real identity.
  • We automatically log you off within a given time to prevent other parties from logging into your account in case you forget to log off.
  • Our system runs via Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) for all data transmission to protect user data from interception or manipulation.
  • Our service is HIPAA compliant in everything including databases and servers security and handling.


Start FREE 14 Day Trial


2. GoReminders

GoReminders is a solution that facilitates scheduling, reminders, and confirmation for online appointment services. It automates sending reminders to your volunteers, staff, and customers.

Customize your messages for both one-time and recurrent reminders and let GoReminders automatically send it via text or mail.

The GoReminders application is web-based and easily accessible via your phone or pc. You can login anytime, anywhere, and effortlessly run your appointments.

What you can do with GoReminders

GoReminders allows you to customize and automate text messages to remind your customers about their appointments. Clients can confirm their appointments once they receive the text message.

How it works

You start by scheduling your appointments. Next, you customize reminder messages and automate them for sending to your clients. Once your clients receive the messages, they’ll be reminded to attend the appointment. If clients don’t reply, you can now make a follow-up and see if they need rescheduling.

Who can use GoReminders

GoReminders serves small businesses in any industry ranging from realtors, legal firms and attorneys, educators, insurance agents, wellness and fitness services, and more. You can check the complete list of supported businesses on their website. Even if yours is missing, you can contact them for help.

Supported integrations

GoReminders supports Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, iPhone, and iPad calendars. If you use Zapier, you can use GoReminder adaptable API to further integration options.

Benefits of using GoReminders


  • Remind your customers of their upcoming appointments and reduce no-shows.
  • Follow-up with your customers to find out if they’re facing any challenges with their appointments and assist them accordingly.


Pricing plans

Use GoReminders’ Free 14-day trial with no credit card required to evaluate whether it is suitable for your services.

Starting at $15 for monthly payments you can choose any of its four pricing plans depending on your business needs. Enjoy up to 20% discounts when you pay annually.

All plans come with free setup, text message and email reminders, automated messages, custom message support and scheduling.

Customer support

In case of any issue, contact GoReminders’ friendly and customer-centered support.

Support is available via phone and live chat during business hours.

Security and compliance


  • Your communication on GoReminders service is encrypted via Secure Sockets Layers (SSL).


3. ReminderCall.com

ReminderCall.com is a call, text, and email reminder service geared to help appointment-based businesses like yours communicate better with their patients and customers. The customization supports small-sized, medium-sized, or enterprise businesses.

Access ReminderCall.com via a friendly web interface design with you in mind. You can also install its Chrome extension and easily add events into your Google Calendar.

What you can do with ReminderCall.com

ReminderCall.com comes in handy when automating email, text, and call reminders.

How it works

Once you sign up at ReminderCall.com, set up your appointments, customize and automate your text reminders, let your customers receive the reminders via text and confirm their appointment. Save time and keep growing your business.

Who can use ReminderCall.com?

If you offer services that requirement appointment, ReminderCall.com is for you. It supports text message, calls, and email reminders. The good news is, you can automate these reminders and focus on service delivery.

Supported integrations

ReminderCall.com integrates with all calendars and applications in the market. Whatever service you use, they’ve got you covers and even if you miss your integration on ReminderCall.com list of integrations, you can request custom integration.

Benefits of using ReminderCall.com


  • Use reminder calls, reminder emails, or reminder text messages to keep pace with your clients.
  • Avoid no-shows and increase your revenue prospects.
  • Make you clients feel you care by addressing their concerns as soon as they respond to your text reminders.
  • Save clients time spent checking emails by talking to them right into their SMS inbox and allowing them to respond instantly.


Pricing plans

Choose between standard or enterprise plan depending on your business needs.

Start with a 30-day trial or even schedule a demo to get a feel of ReminderCall.com walk-through.

The packages start at $14.50 per month.

All plans come with live support, confirmations, enhanced security, unlimited calendars, HIPAA Compliance, and 2-Way SMS.

Customer support

Customers can access real-time support at ReminderCall.com customer service during business hours.

Contact ReminderCall.com via call, email, or a form on their contact page.

If you are within reach, you can also check in at their headquarters for a face-to-face talk.

Security and compliance


  • Your data transmitted over ReminderCall.com is secured with SSL same security used in banking systems and is stored in SOC2-certified facilities in the USA.
  • com is HIPAAOne Certified and meets all requirements for HIPAA Privacy Policy, and HIPAA Security Policy.
  • The service is also TCPA compliant allowing you send text or voice patients reminders with confidence.


4. GReminders

GReminders is an appointment reminder software designed for Office 365Outlook and Google Calendar. Small businesses and professional services providers will find this tool apt for running appointments with their clients.

The service is accessible via a friendly web interface. GReminders provides video learning resources to guide you through the process. You can also check their article knowledge base for more insights.

What you can do with GReminders


  • Customize and launch your appointment booking.
  • Setup text reminders for your clients.


How it works

To automate sending reminders with GReminders, sign in with your Microsoft or Google account to sync with GReminders. Set up your event types and choose the blocks of time you’re available. Share your custom web link with your clients, embed it on your website, or add it to your email signature and you’re ready to collect appointments.

Automating SMS reminders is also straightforward. Sign in to you Microsoft/Google account. Customize your reminder templates and ensure you include customer mobile phone numbers in your calendar. Customize your text reminder time and send them at your time of choice. GReminders recommends sending reminders at least 24 hours in advance.

Who can use GReminders

Personal trainers, music teachers, therapists, day spas, salons, tattoo shops, dentists, and accountants can use GReminders text reminder services. So long as you offer services that require booking appointments, this service can also suit you. If you may be uncertain for some reason, contact GReminders and they will address your concerns.

Supported integrations

GReminders can integrate with Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Skype, CISCO Webex, and embed it into your website. If your app is missing contact GReminders to assist you.

Benefits of using GReminders


  • Schedule your appointments and automate text reminders for your customers.
  • Reduce no-shows by minimizing instances of customers missing their appointment and reinforce their commitment with text messages.


Pricing plans

Start with a 7-day trial for all GReminders features. Afterwards you work with the free plan or upgrade to other plans depending on your needs.

After the trial period you will not be automatically charge. GReminders will ask you if you would like any of their paid plan or automatically assign you the free plan.

Pricing plans start at $5 per user per month and you can save up-to 20% for annual subscriptions.

Request for a custom plan if none of the listed plans match your needs.

Customer support

Reach out to GReminders customer support via a contact form on their webpage. Expect a response within an hour to a couple of hours during Pacific time working hours and exercise a little patience during weekends.

Security and compliance


  • Data transmission via GReminders is SSL protected and encrypted.
  • GReminders is HIPAA compliant and signs BAAs.


5. Apptoto

Apptoto prides itself as an online appointment reminder, messaging, and online scheduling tool helping business manage their customers’ appointments.

The intricacy of this tool makes it suitable for individuals or sole-practitioners, small business, mid-sized businesses with many users with multifaced integration requirements, and large organizations/healthcare providers with BAA and HIPAA requirements.

How it works

You can configure Apptoto on your own which means you will also set up the text reminder function. Alternatively, you can go for Apptoto additional one-time set up at $299 and their experts will help you set up until it is 100% ready for your use.

Whether you work with Apptoto experts or decided to do it on your own, there is a six-step process you should be aware of.

Step 1: Connect your appointment calendar with Apptoto to allow data to sync.

Step 2: Apptoto will automatically extract appointment information from your calendar and address book.

Step 3: Customize Apptoto reminder message templates or create yours from scratch then turn on the auto messages option.

Step 4: Your client reminders are sent and Apptoto will sent you clients emails, voice calls, or SMS texts to remind them about their upcoming appointments.

Step 5: Apptoto will update your calendar with the responses from your clients in real time.

Step 6: Since Apptoto provides a two-way communication, you can proceed with the conversation and respond to the concerns of your customers.

Scheduling methods available

With Apptoto you can schedule meeting with your clients online, via phone call, through email, manually by adding it to calendar, or do it in person. The beauty of all this is that you can automate text reminders to notify your customers about their upcoming meetings.

Who can use the Apptoto

Apptoto serves diverse industries including legal services, tax services, sales teams, educational services, financial services, salons and spas, counseling/therapy, health services, pet/veterinary services, real estate, automotive service, and driver education.

Supported integrations

Think about Apptoto as a tool that complements your calendar. It works behind the scenes to delivery fulfill its purpose of sending messages, minimizing occurrence of no-shows, collecting payments for you, and if you like, you can set the app to allow your clients the flexibility to schedule and reschedule their appointments.

Whatever calendar or app you have, Apptoto will integrate. It supports Google Calendar, Office 365/Hotmail/Live/Outlook.com, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook Desktop, Salesforce, iCloud, Clio, PracticePanther, Rocket Matter, CSV/XML, SQL Databases, iCal, EMR/HER Systems, Square, Stripe, Zapier, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Analytics, Webhooks, Apptoto API, Smith.ai, Airbnb, and Teamup.

Benefits of using Apptoto


  • Set reminders for your appointment services. This is your opportunity to hold conversations with your clients and reminding them to show up and address their issues. Apptoto reminders can be multiple, multiple, 2-way, rule-based, and automated.
  • Automatically schedule your appointments. Apptoto allows your business run 24/7 with your clients booking from your available time blocks. The schedule will be added to your calendar and their calendar. You can customize your availability and different types of appointment. Take advantage of custom booking, multiple booking, extend the scheduling functionalities, capture every detail, and the two-way communication feature.
  • Automate messaging via SMS texting. Engage with you customers in a two-way communication and keep your clients informed. Call with the same SMS number and keep all your conversation records within Apptoto.
  • Run targeted campaigns by marketing your services to book more appointments right from your calendar. Use your address book and calendar to target specific customers and keep them informed from your calendar.
  • Collect payments from your appointments. You can handle deposits, payments, and refunds. It’s absolutely up-to-you to decide whether you will receive payments as customers make appointments.


Pricing plans

Pricing plans for Apptoto falls into four categories with the starter plan at $29. Each plan is tailored according to the demands it can meet.

You can sign up for a 14-day trial without obligation and you can cancel it anytime without getting charged.

Even if you’re charged and then you change your mind within the first 30 days, Apptoto still gives you a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Another great option before you even go for a trial is to schedule a demo to find out whether Apptoto meets your individual, business, or organizational needs.

Customer support

If you need any assistance, you can reach out to Apptoto via a call, email, and live support during PST working hours. When away, you can also leave them a note so they can reach out later.

In fact, the company assures you of a world class support team to guide you through its services.

Security and compliance


  • Data transfer on Apptoto is encrypted via Secure Sockets Layers (SSL).
  • The service also has end-user policies, privacy policies, and security policies that detail user data protection.


6. 10to8

10to8 is both a web-based online appointment scheduling app accessible via both pc and phone. Their online booking system serves music teachers, tutors, beauty therapists, complementary health therapists, financial consultants, and private surgeons among other industries.

The goal of 10to8 is to ensure none of your customers miss their appointment, addressing late meetings issues coupled with last-minute cancellations, and minimizing no-shows.

What you can do with 10to8


  • 10to8 allows you to set reminders, manage online booking, coordinate your staff, sync with your calendar, and manage reports.
  • Maintain professional communication by automating SMS texts and voice calls to remind clients about their upcoming appointments. Customize your client communication and allow them to request changes to their appointments, reply to their inquiries, and manage cancellations.
  • Run an efficient online booking and accept client requests within your specified time blocks. Manage bookings with timely notifications and approve appointments manually or automatically. Collect payments with Sage Pay, Stripe, or PayPal.
  • Coordinate your staff’s availability to keep your business running. Track payments and all changes made in your booking and reminder system using audit logs. Set access permission to your staff to either access their own bookings or give them view-only privileges for your list of appointments.
  • Versatile technology of 10to8 app brings you instant update displaying them on your screen so you’re not left out on recent developments.


How it works

Set up your appointment to accept online booking. Customize and schedule SMS text reminders. Receive responses from your customers and respond to their concerns if any. Otherwise, collect payments once clients book your services.

Who can use 10to8?

10to8 services serve business and individuals in remote teams, healthcare, care homes, higher education, retail, sales teams, human resource and recruitment, small and medium sized enterprises, and big enterprises.

Supported integrations

Connect 10to8 with over 1500 apps – thanks to Zapier integrations. 10to8 has a native integration with Salesforce and Zoom. It also supports 2-way sync with your favorite calendar apps. You can embed 10to8 into your website.

Benefits of using 10to8


  • Your clients will book, reschedule or cancel appointments 24/7.
  • Utilize a two-way calendar sync to respond to engage your customer in a conversation.
  • Cut off no-shows by up to 90% using voice, email, or SMS text reminders.
  • The booking process is simple for your clients.


Pricing plans

Get started with a 31-day trial with premium features.

10to8 has a forever free plan.

Its premium plans start at $12 for a monthly subscription or $9.6 for annual subscription.

There is room for custom package for bigger businesses with special requirements.

10to8 allows you to book a demo for a walk-through of their product.

Customer support

Reach out to 10to8 via a form on their contact page or via email.

Security and compliance


  • 10to8 uses bank-level SSL encryption for data transmission and storage of username and passwords and is 100% secure.
  • It is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.
  • 10to8 is also ISO certified and CCPA ready.


7. Relatient

Relatient is a top ranked patient outreach solution helping build health and secure communication relationships between healthcare service providers and patients. It’s home of appointment alerts and reminders, check-ins, eregistration, waitlist, self-scheduling, health campaigns, satisfaction surveys, recalls, 2-way chat, broadcast messaging, no-show engagement, and writebacks.

What you can do with Relatient


  • Schedule appointments and track confirmation
  • Manage calendar with email, text, and call reminders
  • Allow clients to reschedule appointments
  • Send payment reminders
  • Engage patients and respond to their concerns


How it works

Request for a free Relatient Demo for a walk-through their services to help you learn how you can automate phone call, text, and email reminders with their reminder service.

Who can use the Relatient

Generally, Relatient is a tool for health care service providers. It is useful for health systems, hospitals, practice networks, multi-location offices, multi-specialty, group practices, clinics, and independent practices.

Supported integrations

Relatient integrates with other service providers in health care since their services are related. They partner and integrate with practice management and health information systems organizations. Check their list for a complete list of Relatient integration partners.

Benefits of using Relatient


  • Relatient can help you reduce no-shows
  • Automate patient outreach
  • Increase compliance in healthcare
  • Provide value-centered care
  • Enhance patient satisfaction and rate of retention


Pricing plans

Relatient has not disclosed its pricing plans but it allows you to request for a free demo after which you can decide whether you will subscribe to their packages.

Customer support

Contact Relatient customer support via phone or contact form on their customer support page.

Security and compliance


  • Relatient protects data transmission and storage of sensitive details via SSL.
  • It’s PRM complies with MU 2014 Edition and is ONC-ACB certified.


8. Setmore

Setmore identify themselves as a free scheduling software that automates online appoint booking, reminders, and allows you collect payments. All this is doable via web access, Android app, or iOS app.

Setmore is suitable for solopreneurs, community organizations, non-profits, small business owners and managers, solopreneurs, businesses and organization of any size.

What you can do with Setmore


  • Start by setting up your calendar, customizing your booking page, get ready for review shoutouts, and accepting secure online payments in advance.
  • Position yourself for appointments. Add unique booking URL on your website and allow visitors book without leaving your site. Get appointments right from your Facebook profile or book straight from your Instagram posts.
  • Sync your calendar and access it anywhere from your pc, Android app, or iOS app.
  • Schedule one-time or recurring appointments, provide group booking for trainings, and team member bookings so they can book their own clients from multiple locations.
  • Configure your text and email reminders and get set for automatic confirmations with easy follow-ups on your customers.


How it works

Set your appointments with your calendar, customize reminders and automate them for sending. Let your customers confirm their bookings and settle their inquiries as soon as they arise.

Who can use Setmore

Setmore is built for creative, trade, healthcare, professional services, wellness, education, and beauty industries. If you miss your spot, contact them and they will assist.

Supported integrations


  • Social media integrations: Setmore integrates with social media – Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram booking, and your customers can book appointments within the apps.
  • Payment integrations: Receive payments with square or stripe. Stripe supports debit and credit card payments.
  • Website booking integrations: Integrate Setmore with a Book Now booking widget on your website. It also supports WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Joomla, Drupal, Muse, Squarespace, Shopify, and Square online website integrations.
  • Calendar integration: Sync your Google Calendar and Office365 Calendar for easy booking with Setmore.
  • Video meeting integrations: Setmore supports integration with Zoom and Teleport.video video apps.
  • Marketing integrations: Link Setmore with MailerLite, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp.
  • Sales and CRM integrations: Setmore integrates with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Insightly, and Freshsales.
  • Business app integrations: Use Setmore closely knit appointments with Slack, Zendesk, Google Analytics, Reserve with Google, Gmail, Google Tag Manager, Infusionsoft by Keap, Zapier, AnswerConnect, QuickBooks, Freshdesk, Serviceminder, Xero, and Clio.

If your choice of integration is missing from these categories, you can request Setmore to work on it.

Benefits of using Setmore


  • Centrally manage all your appointments, run reminders and collect payments.
  • Reduce no-shows by sending timely reminders to your customers.
  • Customize your messages for your customers and make them feel like you’re speaking to them.
  • Save your customers the time they would spend checking their emails by reaching out to them right in their inbox prompting faster responses.


Pricing Plans

Setmore does not offer a free trial.

It has a free basic plan for up to 4 users.

Its premium plans start at $9 per month for annual subscriptions and $12 for monthly subscriptions.

Customer support

Setmore providers customer support via phone, email, knowledge base, and live chat support.

Security and compliance


  • Setmore transmits data through SSL encryption.
  • Their privacy policy states that they are yet to meet HIPAA compliance.
  • Setmore helps you become GDPR compliant as the ultimate duty rests in your hands.


9. Appointfix

Appointfix is an appointment scheduling software for wellness, fitness, and beauty professionals. It supports smartphones and tablets as it exclusively runs on android and iOS devices. Appointfix is available on Google Play Store or App Store for iOS depending on the device you have.

What you can do with Appointfix

Businesses use Appointfix to schedule appointments, set up reminders, run online booking, manage their clients, and generate business reports.

How it works

Schedule your appointment and let clients do the booking. Set up reminders to send them out with push notifications to remind clients about their upcoming appointments. Relax as Appointfix delivers the message. Clients can also reach out by replying to pass a message.

Who can use Appointfix

Appointfix is to go-to appointment booking solution for pet groomers, counselors, massage therapists, fitness trainers, tattoo artists, estheticians, makeup and lash artists, nail artists, barbers, and hairstylists.

Supported integrations

Sync Appointfix with Google Calendar and Apple Calendar.

Benefits of using the app


  • Reduce no-shows with Appointfix reminders.
  • Automate scheduling appointments and save time from manual operations.
  • Evaluate reports to track the progress of your business.


Pricing plans

Appointfix has three plans – a free basic plan, premium for $9.99 a month and ultimate plan for $19.99 per month.

Customer support

Customer support at Appointfix is available via email and help center knowledge base.

Security and compliance


  • Data transmission via Appointfix is securely encrypted via SSL.
  • Appointfix is GDPR compliant.


10. Acuity scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an online appointment scheduling app targeting providers of fitness services. It is web-based and is also available as an app for android and iOS devices.

Acuity Scheduling lets service providers set availability for their appointments so that clients can book at their convenience around the clock. They can then pay in advance. Business owners can also customize and send email and text reminders notifying clients about their upcoming appointments.

What you can do with Acuity Scheduling


  • Easily embed the appointment form into your website.
  • Setup appointment booking and send reminders to clients to reduce no-shows.
  • Get detailed reports about your appointments.
  • Grow your revenues with up-sells using checkout addons.
  • Run group appointments.
  • Attract more bookings with discount vouchers and coupons.
  • Allow clients leave a tip for excellent service (optional).
  • Use credit card vaults to charge your customers later.
  • Accept payments via PayPal, Square, or Stripe for debit and credit cards.


How it works

Set appointment availability for clients to book. Follow them with text or email reminders to they can remember to attend their scheduled sessions.

Who can use Acuity Scheduling?

Acuity Scheduling is ideal for fitness businesses that offer private sessions and classes. It meets needs of individual, small, medium-sized, and enterprise businesses.

Supported integrations


  • Acuity Scheduling supports calendar integration with Office365, Exchange, Outlook.com, iCloud, and Google Calendar.
  • Sync with online meeting apps including GoToMeeting, Google Meet, and Zoom.
  • Integrate with account application, FreshBooks and QuickBooks.
  • Connect Acuity Scheduling with AWeber and Mailchimp email campaign apps.
  • Acuity Scheduling can integrate with Pipedrive CRM.
  • Utilize Zapier to integrate Acuity Scheduling with over 500 apps.


Benefits of using Acuity Scheduling


  • Reduce no-shows by sending customized reminder emails and texts to your clients reminding them about their appointments.
  • Increase the efficiency of your business by automating appointment booking in your available time blocks.
  • Accept payments from your customers and evaluate reports centrally via PayPal, Square, or Stripe.
  • Offer more to your customers than just appointments – group classes, memberships, packages, and gift certificates.
  • Share your calendar on your website, email, Facebook, or Instagram and increase chances of more appointments.


Pricing Plans

Start with a 7-day trial period to see if Acuity Scheduling meets your needs.

Acuity Scheduling has very limited free basic plan.

Paid pricing starts at $14 per month and you can save up 10% for annual subscriptions.

Customer support

First, check Acuity Scheduling help and support knowledge base or submit a form request if your issue misses in the knowledge base.

Security and compliance


  • Acuity Scheduling encrypts data transmission via SSL.
  • It is HIPAA compliant assuring your clients of the confidentiality of their information.


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