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Zoom Meeting Text & SMS Reminders for Online Booking Appointments

Published on 02-17-2022

Zoom Meeting Text & SMS Reminders for Online Booking Appointments

Zoom is the most popular video conferencing software helping professionals and businesses communicate in their teams and with their clients. Still, clients still miss their appointments. Sending SMS text reminders can make your Zoom meetings more successful by reminding your clients to show up.

Professionals and businesses in health care, tax services, financial advisors, counselors, and therapists are some of the businesses using Zoom for meetings with their clients run successful appointments by increasing show rate appointments.

Virtual appointments still remain relevant in the future as over 80% of users believe virtual consultations are the future of the business world.

Zoom appointments for telehealth patient appointments

Help clients attend their telehealth appointments for your services by sending them timely SMS text messages into their mobile phones.

How Zoom appointments improve client service in healthcare with text and SMS reminders

Your services to patients’ telehealth appointments via Zoom consultations can incredibly improve your healthcare practice.

1. Reduce Zoom no-shows with SMS and text reminders

Zoom no-shows occur when clients book services for their healthcare consultations but fail to show up even when they’ve paid in advance. Forgetfulness is the leading reason patients fail to show up for appointments.

Accompanying your Zoom appointments with text SMS reminders maximizes the chances of clients showing up significantly reducing no-shows.

2. Improve client service via real-time zoom video sessions

Realtime communication with your clients via zoom video calls can improve their outcomes. They share the status of health progress and healthcare professionals can provide timely advice.

3. Zoom appointments improve team collaborations with clients

Teams serving clients collaboratively can make their meetings more successful by automated sending Zoom appointment reminders via text SMS messages.

SMS text reminders for Zoom appointments ensure both the team and the client or clients receive get reminders with the Zoom link to attend the scheduled appointment session.

4. Maximize the resources Zoom gives you for appointments

As the appointment reminder app keeps your Zoom meetings efficient, you have the leverage your business resources to make your appointments better. The more efficient your business processes the better you can focus on serving your clients.

Tips to prevent Zoom appointment no-shows or manage them when they happen


1. Confirm your client’s Zoom appointment booking by sending an SMS text confirmation message

The first step to successful Zoom meetings is to make sure your clients confirm their appointments booking.

After scheduling your Zoom meeting with your clients, send them automated confirmation SMS text messages to confirm their appointments.

Using an appointment reminder app, you can let your clients cancel or reschedule their appointments.

Draft and send an SMS text reminder to clients to attend their scheduled meeting by including the Zoom meeting link.

Send a Zoom meeting reminder before the day of the meeting and a few hours into the meeting time. This allows your team and clients to commit to attending. It also allows them to reschedule and inform you whenever their schedule changes to take care of cancellations.

3. Send the meeting agenda with appointment reminder text messages

Communicate the purpose of the meeting with your clients and team. The meeting agenda is important to keep things clear setting expectations.

If clients know meeting expectations, it can help them be more prepared and get everything required for a successful Zoom appointment meeting.

4. Share a calendar alert invite for the upcoming meeting

Set a reminder for Outlook, Gmail, iCal, or any other calendar so your clients can get a complimentary invite with Zoom meeting details. The goal is to use every opportunity to ensure you prevent no-shows.

The main reasons clients miss scheduled Zoom appointments

In rare occasions, some clients can get SMS text reminders and still miss their appointments. Here are the key reasons most clients may miss their scheduled Zoom appointments.

Other priorities over appointments

Clients may intentionally or accidentally prioritize other tasks over their scheduled appointments.


Client emergencies arise unexpectedly. They may not have control over such circumstances making it impossible or challenging to keep up with their meetings.

Don’t worry! Emergencies don’t happen all the time. Moreover, if your client misses their appointment, they can get back to you later.

How to handle Zoom appointments no-shows

For a professional and businesses, a Zoom appointment no-show could time and revenue lost. It is, therefore, crucial to effectively handle no-shows to minimize their occurrence.

If it’s permissible call your clients, they may still be having it in the plan only that they forgot.

Communicate and make a follow-up with your clients to find out the reason for the no-show. If the issue was within their control, you could creatively find a way to help them.

In the event your clients encountered an emergency, reaching out can give you the greenlight to help them reschedule their appointments.

Zoom appointments text/SMS reminders

Automate SMS text message reminders to help your clients confirm, reminders and get updates about their upcoming appointments.

Sending SMS messages is the most reliable means to remind your clients about their appointments, help them reschedule, manage cancellations, and provide them with real-time chat messages.

Customize the text messages and allow customer replies via SMS messages.

Zoom appointments phone call reminders

If it’s favorable for your business to use phone call reminders, use appointment reminder voice messages to inform your clients about their Zoom appointments.

Zoom appointments email reminders

You can also send email reminders for your Zoom meeting appointments. Clients can also confirm their appointment attendance.

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