SMS appointment reminders are becoming more and more popular. It's important you find the right message for your business.

Depending on the type of business you operate you'll want to consider the tone of the message and how this will be interpreted by your client.

Many appointment reminder providers will only allow you to send messages up to 160 characters. So keep this is mind when choosing your wording. Our Appointment Reminder solution allows messages up to 320 characters.

If you're asking clients to reply (we think you should) and you don't see a good response then try a different message. We typically see very high reply rates when people ask for a reply.

If you have any suggestions please comment in the box below. Would love to hear what other businesses are using and which appointment reminder messages are getting the best results.

Appointment Templates

There are plenty variations that you can use. I would suggest trying a couple and sending them to yourself or friends and family to get a feel for the message.

Do you use Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar?  You can use any of the templates in our Appointment Reminder system.