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Human Resources and Recruiting SMS & Text Templates for Appointment Booking Software

Published on 10-26-2021

Human Resources and Recruiting SMS & Text Templates for Appointment Booking Software

Text templates for human resources, staff, employee recruiting, and interviews’ appointment reminders and confirmations

Text templates for human resources (HR) help you to quick send preset messages to your team, staff, and employee using the appointment reminder and scheduling system. Here is a set of quick text/SMS templates to get you started.

1. Interviews confirmation text templates

Automated text/SMS confirmation messages for interview confirmation with these text templates. Adjust them to match your preference.

Thank you [CANDIDATE-NAME]! Your interview is confirmed on [DATE] [TIME] at [OFFICE-LOCATION]. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early. [ORGANIZATION-NAME].


2. Communicate interview requirements with selected candidates

Congratulations [CANDIDATE-NAME] on your selection for the interview post of [POSITION-APPLIED-FOR]. Please prepare to come with [REQUIREMENT-1], [REQUIREMENT-2], [REQUIREMENT-3] & [DOCUMENT-1] for the interview on [DATE] [TIME] at [OFFICE-LOCATION]. [ORGANIZATION-NAME].

Dear [CANDIDATE-NAME]. Ensure your [DOCUMENT-1] has [A,B,C] for your interview scheduled on [DATE] [TIME] at [OFFICE-LOCATION], [BUSINESS-NAME].

3. Interview candidate reminder text/SMS templates

Quickly craft interview reminders with text message templates for appointment reminder and scheduling app for human resources.

Hi [CANDIDATE-NAME]! Your interview is coming up in 24 hours. Please reply YES to confirm or NO to cancel. [HR-SECRETARY], [ORGANIZATION-NAME].

Hello [CANDIDATE-NAME]. Your interview is starting in 60 minutes at [INTERVIEW-LOCATION]. Good luck. [HR-PERSONNEL], [ORGANIZATION/BUSINESS-NAME].

4. Notify candidates on the interview outcome

Help interview candidates make the next step by sending text messages indicating the status of their interview outcomes.

Hello [CANDIDATE-NAME]. Based on the interview you attended recently, you’re the preferred candidate for position of [POSITION-NAME]. Fill the offer form at link [INSERT-LINK]. [HR-NAME], [ORGANIZATION-NAME].

Dear [CANDIDATE-NAME]. Unfortunately, we could not proceed with you at this time. Good luck in your future endeavors. [ORGANIZATION-NAME].

Hi [CANDIDATE-NAME]. Congratulations on your appointment. Fill the offer form at [INSERT-LINK]. Reply NO to cancel. [ORGANIZATION-NAME].

5. SMS templates to onboard or orient your new staff/team

Send simple SMS/text reminders to your new team or staff on how to get started in their newly appointment position.

Hi [NEW-STAFF-NAME]. Check this quick guide at [INSERT-LINK] to get you started in your new position. Call [PHONE-NUMBER] for assistance. [ORGANIZATION-NAME].

Dear [NEW-STAFF-NAME], access your first week onboarding training at [INSERT-LINK] and complete a quick questionnaire at [INSERT-LINK] by end of training. [ORGANIZATION-NAME].

Hi [NEW-STAFF-NAME]. Join your departmental orientation program via [INSERT-LINK] every Wednesday at [TIME] in the next four weeks. [ORGANIZATION-NAME].

Hurray! Glad to have you at [ORGANIZATION-NAME], [NEW-STAFF-NAME]! Watch a series of video guides at [INSERT-LINK] to understand more on whatever is expected of you in your new position.

[NEW-STAFF-NAME] – Welcome to [ORGANIZATION-NAME]! Need help? Schedule a meeting with your department’s head at [INSERT-LINK].

6. Inform your staff about ongoing trainings

Send text messages reminding your staff to attend ongoing trainings to boost their value to the organization.

Dear [STAFF-NAME], signup for free and mandatory staff training programs sponsored by the organization at [INSERT-LINK] starting on [DATE] [TIME].

7. Send SMS/text messages to remind and empower your staff

Remind and keep your staff motivated with short powerful encouraging and team building messages with these ready-for-you text templates.

Hi [STAFF-NAME]! Book a seat at the upcoming monthly departmental review at [INSERT-LINK]. Call [PHONE-NUMBER] for assistance. [ORGANIZATION-NAME].

Congratulations [STAFF-NAME] for your exemplary performance at the organization’s impromptu audit today. Keep it up! [DEPARTMENT-HEAD-NAME], [ORGANIZATION].

8. Remind staff about upcoming conferences and exhibitions

Let simple text reminder messages update your staff about upcoming conferences and exhibitions so they can do their planning. Send batch reminder messages to all staff.

Hi [STAFF-NAME]! Signup for the upcoming conference [CONFERENCE-DETAILS] before [DATE] [TIME] to reserve a slot. [DEPARTMENT-HEAD], [ORGANIZATION-NAME].

Hello [STAFF-NAME]! The [CONFERENCE-NAME] conference will be held at [PLACE-NAME] on [DATE], [TIME]. Book at [INSERT-LINK]. [ORGANIZATION-NAME].

[STAFF-NAME], you’re among the staff chosen to attend the annual [EXHIBITION-NAME] exhibition at [PLACE-NAME] from [DATE] to [DATE]. Register with [PERSON-IN-CHARGE] before [DATE], [TIME].

9. Reach out to former applicants for new positions

Hi [APPLICANT-NAME]! We’ve new positions in our company suiting your qualifications. Apply at [INSERT-LINK] if you’re available. Regards! HR [COMPANY/NAME].

[APPLICANT-NAME], you had expressed an interest to work with us. Check the available vacancies and apply at [INSERT-LINK]. Good luck. [HR-NAME], [ORGANIZATION NAME].

10. Request applicants to update their details

Hello [APPLICANT-NAME], please update your missing profile details at [INSERT-LINK] so we can process your application. [HR-NAME], [ORGANIZATION-NAME].

Dear [APPLICANT-NAME], update your application details in the job portal at [INSERT-LINK] by [DATE] [TIME] for us to consider your application. Regards! [HR], [ORGANIZATION-NAME].

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