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Best Time Management and Productivity Apps and Tools for Businesses

Published on 03-17-2022

Best Time Management and Productivity Apps and Tools for Businesses

Entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses are more productive when they effectively manage their time. Time management apps help individuals and teams to organize and successfully complete their tasks within the available time.

Every business has unique needs and this determines the choice of time management app.

Most time management software support project task organization, team communication, tracking hours, mind mapping tools, and efficiently work with scheduling software for a successful team and client appointments.

Benefits of a good time management app for your professional practice and business

Run a successful business using the best time management apps that make your processes more efficient. Here are the benefits of using time management software for your business.

1. Get insights to help improve project estimate costs

The trackers built into time management apps help you and your team discover the amount of time that projects consume. Such information is useful in estimating future project estimates.

It’s easier to evaluate the billable hours of individual team member contributions and identify key areas to improve and make project delivery more efficient. Ultimately, you could save more money and time by creating better project estimates for upcoming client tasks.

2. Know your team’s project capacity

Identifying your team’s project potentials gives you invaluable tips to set realistic and realizable project timelines.

Use time management apps to discover the time it takes your team to complete their projects so you can help balance ongoing and new project requests from your clients.

The team project capacity is important in organizing team efforts to align with upcoming clients’ projects.

3. Improved team communication and project coordination

It’s a major advantage that effective time management apps allow you to organize projects with your team and communicate as each individual team member executes assigned roles.

The best time management apps for teams enable you to create project workflows.

Assign and grant different levels of permissions so each team member can see the overall progress of their associated project.

4. Accountability with better time management and more productivity

Detailed reporting, time tracking, and other automation keep you and your team on toes to effectively manage the available time.

Time tracking provides deep and accurate insights into your team’s activity so you can see how they are working. It can show you the user activity levels.

The insights from your time management app help you identify time-wasting events, fix them with your team, and keep everyone at optimal performance.

5. Efficient project resources allocation and use

Projects come in different magnitudes. This could be in terms of complexity, timelines, and additional resources required to handle them.

It’s easier to identify the unique needs of each project and organize the resources required for successful completion.

Time-management apps can help you and your team efficiently deploy time, skill, and other requirements for different projects. Your team can get a clear picture of the project outcome, keep track of progress, and their contributions to the projects.

Best selection list of time management apps for businesses

Get started with these apps to make the best use of your time and increase your team’s productivity.

1. Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder helps individuals and teams save time by automating the online appointment booking process for clients seeking their services.

Professionals and businesses use the Appointment Reminder app to manage their service schedules enabling clients to self-book 24/7. Businesses can personalize and send automated confirmation, reminders, and follow-up SMS texts, voice, or email messages.

Key features of Appointment Reminder time management app for professionals and businesses

Automating sending reminders makes your businesses more efficient ensuring your clients receive timely text, voice, and email messages to attend their appointments.

Appointment reminders significantly reduce no-shows increasing clients’ attendance. You get more time in your hands to serve them.

Send automatic appointment reminders

No more wearisome manual reminders. Send automated SMS texts, voice, or email messages to clients so they can confirm their appointments and receive reminders to show up.

Customizable templates

Personalize the SMS text messages, voice messages or emails you send to your clients. You can also quickly create messages from scratch using click to insert functions.

Appointment Reminder integrates with your popular work tools like Google CalendarOffice 365, Retail CRM, Outlook Calendar Desktop, Apple iCloud, Teamup, Zoho, iCal, Google Meet, Zoom, and CSV.

Receive and manage client replies

Your customers can reply to the messages you send via appointment reminders. The appointment reminder app sends you real-time notifications as an SMS text or by email.

Get updates on your existing calendar indicating your client’s response together with their unique message.

Automatic appointment rescheduling

The appointment reminder app allows your clients to reschedule their appointment via a simple link.

2. Trello

Trello is a time management tool for teams to collaborate and manage projects. It helps to organize tasks using Trello cards to share, manage, and track progress to achieve desired productivity.

Teams use Trello cards to monitor project progress i.e. To Do, In Progress, and Completed.

Key features of Trello team project time management app

Trello time management app has project management boards, team features, integration with other useful apps, inbuilt automation process.

Project management boards:
  • Timeline view for project planning
  • Time management calendar
  • Table view for connecting work across boards
  • Dashboard activity statistics
Through Trello teams can:
  • Connect their work across apps
  • Assign tasks and hand off work
  • Provide and track feedback
  • Manage deadlines
Trello can integrate with your team’s favorite apps:
  • Evernote
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Slack
  • Confluence
In-built automation processes:
  • Schedule teammate assignments
  • Surface upcoming deadlines to the team
  • Create custom buttons to quickly build business processes
  • Automate repetitive processes like moving lists


3. Todoist

Todoist is a task management software that helps businesses and individuals to organize their daily work. It’s a powerful productivity tool that powers teams and people to collaborate, plan, organize, and run projects.

Features of Todoist effective time management app

Keep your progress in motion

Todoist time management app allows you to conveniently set, pursue, and achieve daily, weekly, and monthly objectives.

  • Maintain a visual plan for your goals and be on track to achieving them with productivity.
  • Get an activity tray to discover progress by a person working on a project.
  • Use completed task archives to view how collective efforts lead to accomplishments.
  • Get Todoist award points for completed tasks and the use of advanced features.
Centralized workflow

Connect Todoist to your files, calendar, and email.

  • Easily add tasks via email by forwarding emails into Todoist as tasks or comments.
  • Upload files and add comments to your tasks.
  • Use calendar feeds to view scheduled tasks in your calendar of choice.
Customize your workflows

Personalize your workflows to give you the view that is most desirable to you.

Create your projects using Todoist boards.

Assign labels to your task groups for quick identification.

Filters to view custom tasks i.e. by assignee, project, and due dates

Choose a theme that matches your personality style with colors.

Collaborate with your team

Share tasks with your team. Delegate sections of your project with your colleagues and actively get notifications about the project progress.

4. Clockify

A Clockify application helps business owners and teams keep track of their time. It keeps a record of where and how teams are spending their time every second they’re clocked into the system.

Features of Clockify time tracker and task management system

Time tracker

Time to track time, manually add enter and edit time, pause and continue tracking, manage billable hours.


Manage activities by entering time for each. Use templates to add weekly activities, manage submission and approval timesheets, get reminders for due reminders.


Visualize daily activities, add time blocks, edit time blocks, connect Google/Outlook and add events into Clockify.


Know the activities where users spend time the most. Get charts on all time and time billing. Get reports on your teams’ activities and status on current activities and the people working on them.

5. Asana

Teams use Asana to organize their work and effectively manage time. It helps them organize their work, set their timelines, track their progress, evaluate the progress of their project workflows.

Key features of Asana online work, project, and task management systems for businesses and teams seeking efficiency and more productivity.

Create a visual plan and structure for your projects

Get project views with boards, lists, timelines, and calendars.

Complete project management





Task assignees

Task sections and organization

Custom fields

Due dates and times

Set start dates

Manage attachments

Forms for work submissions

Rules to automate important actions

Likes to vote tasks


Project overviews and briefs

Sync tasks across projects


Custom templates

Copy projects

Views and reporting

Asana views and reporting features including My tasks, Timeline, Workload, Portfolios, Goals, Inbox, Dashboards, Accessibility, Calendar View, Files View, Advanced search, Teammate view, and Project export.

Connect work across teams and to goals

Collaborate in your projects among teams. View and manage workloads.

Admin controls

Manage teams, guests, permissions and privacy controls, comment-only projects, team management, and data security.

Project and task communication management

Task comments, followers, status, messaging, project conversations, team conversations.

6. Remember the Milk

Do you or your team need a reminder for your important tasks and ideas? Remember the Milk will remind you at the right time. It can also help you manage assigned tasks and track their progress.

Features of Remember the Milk time management app

Quickly add and arrange your to-dos tasks

Get reminders about your tasks by email, text, Twitter, and mobile apps.

Organize your tasks into lists and tag them with colors

Break down your tasks into sub-tasks

Collaborate in your lists and tasks with others

Attach files to your tasks; documents, photos, presentations, and spreadsheets

Remember the Milk task and time management app syncs with your devices giving you accessibility wherever you go.

Customize Remember the Milk task reminder app with a rich set of inbuilt themes to give you the desired feel.

7. DeskTime

Businesses and freelancers use DeskTime automatic time tracking software to manage their workflow and improve productivity. The application is also ideal for teams, enterprises and agencies.

Features of DeskTime automatic time tracking software for freelancers, agencies, enterprises, businesses, and teams

DeskTime time automating time tracking features for freelancers, agencies, enterprises, businesses, and teams.

Plan and create shifts

Manage absences

Track staff productivity

Project tracking

Automatic time tracking

URL and app tracking

Document title tracking

Idle time tracking

Project time tracking

Automatic screenshots


8. Time Doctor

The Time Doctor helps employees use their time efficiently as they work on their daily tasks and projects.

Features of Time Doctor time tracking and productivity app

Time tracking and employee monitoring

Online timesheets and payroll management

Project management and budgeting

Productivity measuring and summary reports

Distraction alerts

Screenshots and activity levels

Syncs and access across all devices

Integrations and API

Customization options

Website and app monitoring

Offline time tracking

Private and secure

Client login access

Easy setup and support

9. Evernote

Evernote is a project management solution that helps manage to-do lists, timelines, meeting notes, documents, and ideas. It keeps all your project notes, tasks, and schedules in a central place.

Important Evernote project organization and time management app

Sync and organize your notes

Organize and access notes about your project and task activities across all your devices.

Web Clipper

Directly save screen captures, web pages, and save articles to Evernote.

Task management

Create and manage your to-dos in your notes. Check the little details of every project.


Connect schedules and notes.


Quickly create better notes.

Document Scanning

Scan and manage your document with powerful Evernote features.

Quickly search for documents and images. Get exactly what you want.

10. RescueTime

Small business owners use RescueTime’s automatic time management app to increase their efficiency and focus on productivity.

Key features of RescueTime time tracking and time management app


  • Focus Work goal to automatically keep you engaged in tracking work on your computer.
  • Get automated alerts on the times you can work best by RescueTime’s artificial intelligence.
  • A Focus Session to help you strengthen your focus by blocking your distractions.
  • Easily identify distractions to your work so you can adjust.

Get useful insights from the RescueTime report that can help you to grow and improve on your personal growth. Identify your strengths and improve on them.

11. Toggl

Toggl is an efficient time management tool that helps in tracking and reporting activities. It is suitable for both individuals and teams to assess the time they spend on their activities and the productivity they achieve at the end of the day.

Features of Toggle automatic time tracking and productivity app


  • Project and team management
  • Minute by minute billing and invoicing
  • Transparent reporting and insightful reports
  • Flawless employee time tracking
  • Accurate contractor and employee data management
  • Project budgeting and timeline management

Access and use the Toggl time tracking app via the web app, mobile apps, desktop apps, and integrate with other time productivity apps.

12. Timely

Timely is an automatic time tracking software that helps businesses and professionals track time, projects, teams, and plans. The application captures every second, billing the time, generating reports and invoices.

Features of Timely automatic time tracking software


  • Track time
  • Track projects
  • Track teams
  • Capture billable details
  • Your team manage their productivity

The Timely time tracking app also integrates with other popular business tools that make your business run more efficiently.

13. QuickBooks Time (Formerly TSheets)

QuickBooks Time was initially known as TSheets. Individual staff and teams can use QuickBooks Time to clock in and out of their work. It can track time use and keep records of activities and generate reports.

Features of QuickBooks Time project and time tracking app


  • Employee time tracking with a one clicks clock in or clock out.
  • Build, share and manage employee job schedules and shifts.
  • Integrating with other applications and synching employee data for invoicing and payroll.
  • Team management for more productivity.
  • Generate insight reports for more profitability.

Get time tracking and actionable business insights across all your devices, on the web, and on the mobile app.

14. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a project management tool that helps in budgeting, reporting and invoicing for businesses and teams. It’s a time tracking app that helps provide insights into projects and tasks.

Features of TimeCamp time tracking app


  • Track a team’s performance
  • Track project profitability
  • Track your productivity
  • Automatic time tracking and insights
  • Tracking billing
  • One-click approvals of your team’s timesheets
  • Attendance reporting
  • Invoice management

TimeCamp has easy and quick integration with other business apps and work tools.

15. actiTIME

A project planning and tracking tool that automates time and activity monitoring. It helps improve productivity by estimating task completion timelines, generating reports, and providing comment sections for team coordination.

Industries, businesses, and professionals that ActiTIME serves

It’s useful for industries in architecture, engineering, consulting, healthcare, design, IT, education, and small business.

Features of actiTIME time management app

Time Tracking

Supports weekly timesheet, time-track comments, overtime, timesheet locking, approval, notification, Chrome extension, a mobile app that supports offline time recording.

Reports and Data Analysis

Get staff performance report, time balance and overtime report, leave time and balances report, estimated vs. actual time report, billing summary report, cost of work report, profit and loss report, report templates, report export in CSV, visual charts, and real-time widgets.

Task Management

ActiTIME task management powers customer work structure, task time estimates, task deadlines, task workflow statuses, Kanban view, task assignments, import from CSV, and custom fields.

Team Management

The actiTIME team management allows you to manage user roles and permissions, user grouping, bulk user invitation, and work schedules.

Overtime calculation, leave types, paid time off management, sick days balances, and custom PTO accrual rules.


Zapier, QuickBooks online, actiPLANS, API, and Chrome extension.

Costs and Billings

Manage different types of work, billing rates, costs of work rates, invoices, overtime cost, leave time costs.

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