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  • Benefits of a quality website for small businesses eyeing more clients and revenues in 2022 and beyond
Benefits of a quality website for small businesses eyeing more clients and revenues in 2022 and beyond

Published on 01-13-2022

Benefits of a quality website for small businesses eyeing more clients and revenues in 2022 and beyond

Today’s clients turn to review sites, search engines, social media, and business directories searching for businesses that provide the services they want. Small businesses with quality and search-engine friendly websites get more visibility by ranking higher on Google.

Some of these small businesses are professional consultancy businesses offering financial advicepracticing lawguidance and counseling therapy, and tax professional services.

Explore the benefits of having a quality website for your small or medium-sized business.

1. Generate leads and increase conversions

Your website could be the first point of contact with your clients. It gives you the space to implement lead capture forms that help capture your user details like their name and email addresses.

Lead capture forms on well-designed and user-centered websites attract and convince web visitors to readily share their email details. This gives you permission to send content to their email inboxes as email marketing.

Use the email marketing opportunities to highlight your services to your customers, share the call to action inviting your customers to book an appointment with your service, shares service offers, and discounts.

2. Understand your audience with website analytics

Understanding your audience helps you understand their needs so you can offer solutions to their exact problems. Monitoring their interactions with your website is a good start.

Small businesses can collect important information about their website visitors and use it to improve their services.

Services like Google analytics provide deeper details about the amount of website traffic and traffic sources, the number of impressions and click-throughs, the links users visit most, the best performing page content, and bounce rates.

Website analytics can also show you the number of time visitors spends on your website. When users spend more time on your website it’s a good indicator that you’ve great content.

User data can give you insights into the products and services people are most interested in and you can retarget them with ads.

3. Get new clients, retain existing clients

People looking for solutions to their issues can find their way into your small business website through search engines if you offer the solution.

A quality small business website ensures Google search engines include your business information in searches by web users.

What do you think would happen if returning clients visit your website and find you off the radar? They’ll probably think you’re no longer in business and you could lose them.

An active business website can assure your customers of your existence and they can reach out to you via your website.

If you accept client bookings, a website gives both new and existing customers 24/7 access to book their appointments online.

4. Rank higher for local Google searches

Every time a user types a query into the Google search, the search engine’s algorithms run filters and return the most relevant matches.

Among other things, Google considers content relevance and proximity to user location for its display results.

As a smaller business owner with a website, you have a good chance of Google showing your website pages and blogs relevant to customers’ local searches.

Do this to get your business website show up in local search:

  • Set up your Google My Business page (it’s free) and add your website URL
  • Add your business details including your website to local business directories
  • Maintain your business name, phone number, and address (NAP) consistent across all your online presence
  • Add your NAP (name, address, and phone number) to your website footer section


5. Build your business credibility

Your business comes across as credible before the presence of your clients when you have a quality website. More credibility means more trust.

Typically, it’s not easy for people to trust random businesses over the website. However, a website for your small business can make you more legit and convincing.

If you don’t have a website, you’re invisible to potential clients on the web. You won’t be visible on search engines. That will lessen your legitimacy and slow down your business.

Feature qualities of a legitimate business website

Clients will check out the following details to judge the legitimacy of your small business website.

Privacy policy, Terms, and conditions, Disclaimer pages: These pages can make your website more credible because they tell clients what you do with their information and how you protect their data.

Active useful blog: Customer trust businesses that provide them informative content enlightening them about your services and establishing industry authority.

Links to your active social media channels: Adding links to your active social media profiles can make your web visitors build more trust in your business more so after they click through and confirm that you have an active presence.

Active SSL certificate: Browsers mark websites without an SSL as insecure. No one wants to interact with an unsecured website. They’ll hesitate to share their personal information or make payments over your website. Ensure you’ve got an active SSL certificate to build more user trust.

Client testimonials: Collect and share customer reviews on your website. Sharing your Google My Business and Facebook page reviews could be the best idea.

Correct spellings and proper grammar: Reviewing your content to ensure they have the correct spellings and proper grammar proves to your audience that you are into serious business and care for the tiny details.

Accurate and up-to-date information: Putting up accurate and up-to-date information on your website makes clients know you care about helping them get the right information to make decisions.

6. 24/7 online presence and client access

A business website for a small business is accessible 24/7, all week, holidays, and weekends.

New and existing clients can access your services around the clock. If you’re running an appointment-based in-person service, clients can conveniently book your services any time of the day.

7. Marketing opportunity to promote your business

Small business websites help reach out to a broader audience. Any user interested in your services can find you on the web and engage with you.

Marketing your business online with your website is more efficient and affordable for your business.

Clearly outline your service offers on your website so your clients discover what you offer so they can decide quicker.

Add important information including your business address, phone number, contact email address or contact form, and any offers you may have.

8. Strengthen customer relationship

Your business grows better when you build a trustworthy relationship with your customers. A business website gives you the power to build a sustainable relationship with them.

Better customer service: Adding active contact information and chat functions on your small business website can boost your customers’ experience.

Let customers know you: Use the About page to tell your clients who you are and share your thoughts with them to connect with your brand personality.

Engage your audience: Ask your customers to share their thoughts about their blogs. Implement survey forms to get their thoughts and understand their needs.

9. Establish your brand personality

A brand personality should make it easier for your customers to identify you across all your online presence right from your website to your social media business profiles.

Build your website with your brand colors, unique business logo, fonts and typography, and actual business photos of your team and business premises.

10. Achieve the primary purpose of your business

The primary purpose of your business website is to help you achieve your business goals. Unless you’re in charity, generating more revenues and growing your business could be the goals.

A website for your business will help you to attract traffic to grow your audience, showcase your services, advertise your business, inform your audience, market, generate leads, and make sales.

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