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Send instant or scheduled appointment text reminders (SMS reminders) to you clients and customers with Appointment Reminder and scheduling software (app). Reduce no-shows, save time, focus on client service, and grow your business revenues.

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How can text reminders help you?

With an SMS open and response rate of 98%, text reminders offer businesses the most reliable means to remind customers and clients about their upcoming appointments. They help you reduce no-shows by 90% and save time so you can focus serving your customers.

Appointment scheduling software like Appointment Reminder equip you with text reminder templates so you can easily and quickly customize then instantly send or schedule SMS reminders.

What exactly is a text reminder and how does it work?

A text reminder is an electronic SMS reminder text sent to a mobile phone to help remind the receiver about something.

In this context, Appointment Reminder is an intelligent business solution that allows you customize, schedule, and automatically send text reminders to your customers and clients about their upcoming appointments.

Why prioritize reducing no-shows with text reminders?

Reducing no-shows and effectively managing cancellations with text appointment reminders benefits your businesses and your clients.

Key benefits of text reminder services to you,
your business, and staff

Implementing appointment scheduling services with text reminders can yield
immediate and ongoing benefits to your overall business system.

Reduced no-shows

No-shows occur when clients fail to show up or cancel their appointments. The high SMS read and response rates remind and motivate clients to commit to attend their scheduled appointments. In the unfortunate eventuality they cancel, you'll know prior so you can commit your time to other clients.

Boost staff productivity

Reducing no-shows and effective handling cancellations increases employee morale. Employees are productive when they have a predictable work schedule with minimal interruptions.

Optimize use of business resources

Automatic text reminders make planning for business resources easier as you know clients in queue, their needs and when to expect them. No more wasting resources on ghost clients.

Achieve more business efficiency

The more you use text reminders instead of phone calls, the more efficient your business becomes. Phone calls can disrupt service delivery you as you consume much time managing calls. A text reminder app will automate the process for you and you can reserve calls only for the rare cases.

Grow your client base and serve more

More time in your hands saved by the Appointment Reminder SMS scheduling app means more opportunities for you and your team to serve more customers. The pride of a business is to satisfactorily meet the needs of as many clients as time and resources permit. Automatic text reminders will get you a step ahead.

Text reminders can boost your revenue growth

As text reminders do the magic of reminding clients to show up for their appointments you focus on service delivery and can serve more customers. Well, more customers imply more bucks, more revenues, and steady business growth.

Offer better services by listening to your customers

Listening to your customers allows you to assess the level of customer satisfaction and areas to that need improvement for an optimal customer experience. An appointment reminder service with text reminders allow you to collect customer satisfaction then use it to further improve your business by simply sending them a feedback message.

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Why clients love receiving SMS text
reminders from your business

Clients like working with business that make their lives easier. For businesses that
working appointment reminder apps to book appointments and send reminders
to their clients, SMS text reminders is the best solution to wow your customers.

Text reminders are less disruptive

Your clients are free from the tussle of phone calls. Your reminder messages can pop in and they can check it later without interrupting their activities. Send them SMS reminders and they'll be forever grateful.

No other appointment to miss

Not all clients always open and read their emails. Moreover, if they miss your call and forget to return then that would mean a missed appointment. Most of them need a simple text reminder and with the notification on their screen, there are 98% chances they'll open and read it, be reminded about their appointment and show up.

Two-way interaction with your business

Clients may read your message late night. Text reminders make it extremely easier for them to respond as Appointment Reminder app supports two-way communication enabling you exchange real-time messages with your clients.

They prepare better for their appointment

Unlike a phone call that may not have a reference or an email that your clients may to notice, an automatic text message can easily remind them on the files and other requirements they need to come up with to their appointment. Even if they read the message and forget, it will be right there available for reference.

Easy to give reviews or express their concerns

Text reminders are equally important after a service to get a client's feedback. Clients want a listening business. The Appointment Reminder app allows you create sequences you can implement for this purpose.

Easy for the customers to give positive reviews about the service they receive

For example, you can send an automated text to your customer after a service asking for their feedback. If the feedback is positive you can send them a text with a link to your online business profile so they can give you a review.

Easy for them to express their displeasure

If the response is negative, you can send them a different link such as a form where they can share more details and the improvements they would suggest.

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Get a 14-day free trial to see how text reminders can streamline your
appointments. You can cancel any time before your trial ends. Contact us and
or call us on (844) 333-3702 for assistance.

Frequently asked questions about text
reminders and text reminder service

How do I send text reminders from iPhone or Android?

It's simple. Appointment Reminder scheduling app is all you need. It will not only send text reminders regardless of whether you're on iPhone or Android, but will also accept appointments for you and run the message sequences.

Can Appointment Reminder send messages to all phones?

Yes! So long your client's phone has a messaging service, Appointment Reminder will deliver every bit of your SMS reminders and on time.

Businesses that can use text reminders for their customers and clients

  • Tax Accountants / CPA's
  • Lawyers, law professionals, and law firms
  • Financial Advisors
  • Education services
  • Massage therapists
  • Tattoo Shops & Tattoo Artists
See all

What do I need to start sending SMS reminders to my clients?

You only need Appointment Reminder app. It's an all-in-one scheduling and reminder tool that helps businesses schedule and accept appointments, send confirmation texts and text reminders.

Helpful tips to keep in mind when sending
appointment text reminders – They Work

Here are some proved best practices successful businesses use when sending SMS
reminders to their clients.

Our goal is to provide quality health care to all our patients in a timely manner. No-shows, late arrivals, and cancellations inconvenience not only our providers, but our other patients as well. Please be aware of our policy regarding missed appointments.

Sample text reminder workflow sequences

  • Client books an appointment
  • Client receives an appointment confirmation text
  • Client receives an appointment a text reminder 24 hours to the appointment
  • Customer confirms attendance, reschedules, or cancels
  • 2 Days after appointment send survey

Every business is unique. Customize your sequence with our Appointment Reminder app to match all your business processes.

Even if text messages are not disruptive, try to send text messages at a time of the day that is most convenient for your customers and when they are likely to read and respond.

The best time of the day to send text or SMS appointment reminders

Successful businesses send SMS reminders in the times of the say when clients are likely to read and respond the most.

Businesses working with appointment scheduling should send text reminders between 48 and 24 hours in advance to allow customers confirm, reschedule, or cancel. Sending a text reminder message 24 hours in advance is the most optimal.

As correlated statistics reveal, sending text reminders between 10 AM and 6 PM works best for most businesses in the appointment reminder industry.

A working text remind has all basic components of a text reminder that make it functional and helpful to a client.

The key features of a great appointment text reminder message

A customer-friendly SMS text reminder should have all necessary details highlighting everything that’s relevant and helpful for your customers.

  • Salutation
  • Purpose
  • Time of appointment
  • Location
  • Contact number
  • Automation prompting them to accept
  • Automation with an option to STOP receiving messages

Every text reminder should be written for what best for you and your client.

Have prompt actions in your message for customers to either accept or reschedule an appointment or even STOP receiving the messages.

How Appointment Reminder scheduling app automates text reminders for you

Insert your call-to-action (CTA) after communicating the basic details of the appointment. Even with a No response, use the Appointment Reminder capabilities to create sequences asking them whether they can prefer a different date.

Appointment Reminder app supports a two-way messaging so you can hold a conversation with your customers.

Instead of a generic message, personalize your text reminders. It makes them feel a connection to your business and shows you care about them as a customer.

An ideal appointment reminder allows you utilize "tokens" to send your customers custom reminders. Keep the tone friendly and professional.

Some regional laws prohibit you from sending messages to customers without their consent. Good news is that at Appointment Reminder, we’re HIPAA compliant so you’re set to start sending messages right away.

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Get a 14-day free trial to see how text reminders can streamline your
appointments. You can cancel any time before your trial ends. Contact us and
or call us on (844) 333-3702 for assistance.