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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Appointment Reminders services. If your answer is missing call us at (844) 333-3702, email us at or contact us via this form so our team can assist you. Automate your appointment scheduling and reminder services with personalized SMS (text), email, and voice messages. Effectively reduce no-shows by setting your availability, accepting appointments 24/7, impressing clients, and growing your business.

Appointment Reminder Calendars FAQs

Quickly and smoothly manage your appointment reminder calendars from the Calendar section of your user dashboard. Here are common questions users ask about appointment reminder calendars.

You can add as many calendars as your business needs. It depends on the plan you choose that meets your business needs. Add, edit, or delete calendars as you prefer.

You can add Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, Outlook Calendar, iCal Calendar, Apple Calendar, Retail Calendar, Zoho Calendar, or use inbuilt Appointment Reminder Calendar.

Syncing your favorite calendar with the appointment reminder app allows you to manage your appointment replies and view updates without having to log into your appointment reminder app.

All appointment reminder calendars support automating SMS, Phone Call, and Email reminders. They also support email and SMS replies from your clients.

Yes. Appointment color can change to your preference depending on appointment confirmation, appointment replies, or appointment cancellation.

Yes. You can choose to receive or not to receive notifications whenever an appointment reminder sends a confirmation message or a reminder to your client.

By default, the Appointment Reminder sends a reminder 24 hours before an appointment. You can choose from the wide options available in hours or days or even customize your time of preference in hours or days.

Yes. You can exclude or include reminders on any day as you please. You can also choose to send or not to send reminders during the days when your business is closed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Managing Customers and Contacts

Our appointment reminder system makes it easy for you to manage customer contacts. Browse these frequently asked questions to get you started managing your contacts.

Yes. You can import your contact list anytime using the import feature in the appointment reminder app. We support delimited files (.csv or .tsv), fixed-length files (.txt), and excel files (.xlsx). The import wizard allows you to upload your files and align them with the right file type. You then preview to ensure everything is alright and import the data into your appointment reminder account.

Yes. You can add your customer or patient manually through the customers' section of your user dashboard.

Yes. You create custom groups for your customers so you can send them a common message. A customer can belong to multiple groups.

Yes. If you would like your customers to supply you with data other than the default fields in your appointment reminder, you can create custom fields for that purpose.

Appointment reminder provides you with email or SMS opt-out information containing the customer's opt-out phone number, email, the reason, and action steps.

Yes! You can quickly sync your contacts by toggling the sync contacts from your appointment reminder app dashboard.

In addition to SMS, email, and voice message templates you can customize your messages. You can edit or add new messages using the Scripts section of your appointment reminder. You can quickly customize your messages by clicking and inserting available shortcodes (tokens).

Sometimes clients book way early that you need a multi-step reminder to keep them heads-up. For example, you can create a sequence to send a confirmation message immediately a customer books an appointment then send them a reminder 24 hours before the appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Manual SMS & Bulk Message Appointments

You may not always send automated messages. Depending on the situation, sometimes manual SMS messages may suffice. This section will answer your questions about manual SMS and bulk message appointments.

Sending manual SMS messages here implies manually filtering specific customers and sending them a specific message. Yes. The appointment reminder app allows you to search customers by name or phone, select a template and send them a manual message.

Yes! In some circumstances, you may send bulk messages to a set of appointments. The appointment reminder app allows you to filter appointments by calendar and date range so you can send them a bulk message.

Frequently Asked Questions about Appointment Reminder Reports

Reports are important to help you track the progress of your business and make informed decisions. Some of the FAQs about appointment reminder’s report capabilities include the following.

Yes, under the Reports section in your dashboard.

You can get a report about the status of your appointments in two ways.
Navigate to Transactions beneath Reports to view or export (to CSV) the date and time of recent appointment transactions and the status of each appointment reminder.
You can also view the appointment reminder status for SMS messages with the indication of a little mobile icon beside the appointment meaning your text message was sent. Hovering over the appointment will reveal the time it was sent.

Yes. You can generate appointment reminder reports for all your schedules or specific schedules and export them as CSV. You can also schedule reports to generate at your preferred future time in up to seven days then send it to one or multiple emails. This feature is cool if you would like to share the report with your team.

You can generate and export a report showing you reminder counts per calendar so you evaluate your reminder usage.

Setting Up your Services, Availability, and Booking Pages FAQs

As you use your appointment reminder app, here are a couple of frequently asked questions to accelerate your progress.

Yes. You can create as many services as your business can offer and fill in the details for each business service from your appointment reminder management dashboard Booking > Services > Add and repeat the process.

Yes, you can accept multiple appointment bookings per slot. If, say, you're running a barbershop and you have a team of five attendants, you can allow five bookings for the same slot of time.

Add your appointment reminder link to your social media with the “Book Now” button on Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Embed the appointment booking code on your website as a widget or add the link to your navigation menu.

Share the automatic text, SMS, and email reminder link on your Google My Business profile.

Appointment Reminder Automation (Workflow) Frequently Asked Questions

Automating your appointment reminder users triggers and conditions to prompt autoresponders based on the client’s response to your appointment confirmation or reminder message.

You can set autoresponders in your appointment reminder workflows to send a client additional information about the service after they confirm the appointment. If a client cancels an appointment, you can send them a message asking them to book an alternative appointment.

Appointment Reminder Pricing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check the FAQs below commonly asked about the appointment reminder and scheduling app for businesses.

Sorry, it is not. It's designed for businesses to send reminders to their clients or patients. You can, however, pick a flexible appointment reminder pricing plan that meets your business needs.

The appointment reminder Free Trial lasts for 14 days and you can cancel anytime before your trial ends and you won’t be charged.

No contract to sign. You only pay for a month in advance. Cancel anytime and you won’t pay anything more.

All Pricing is in $USD except for customers in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

You can pay via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or Amex. For amounts of more than $2000 USD per year you can pay via ACH.

Yes. If you run a seasonal business like tax services with few busy months in a year, an annual package spreads your reminders throughout the year instead of month to month.

Anytime. You can always change your plan to a package that best serves your business needs.

We’ll still send reminders to your customer even if you go over your limit (within reason). Our team will notify you if you are constantly going over your monthly limit so you can consider another package if necessary.

Sure! All pricing plans include unlimited users, free connection to Google Calendar, Free plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Up and no setup fees.

Yes! We understand that in rare cases our plan may not capture all business needs. In such a case, we can create a custom plan for you. All you need to do is contact us for a custom reminder plan.

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