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Zoom Meetings + Appointment Reminder

Published on 10-18-2020

Zoom Meetings + Appointment Reminder

If you are using the Appointment Reminder online scheduling system you can now automatically generate Zoom Meeting links when your clients book appointments with you.

This is an absolute time saver. We have been using this internally when taking bookings for Appointment Reminder Demos and we love it!

Previously after each online booking we had to go to Zoom generate link, email the client, add to our calendar etc etc. It was a pain. Now every time a booking is made a link is generated and it’s automatically added to our calendar and emailed to our client.

Also what’s great if the appointment is moved a new link will be generated and everything updates. No worrying if Zoom links are current or outdated.

Have a look at the video below on how to setup in our platform. Only takes a few minutes and you have the ability to only generate Zoom links for those services which are virtual and require a Zoom link.




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