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Why you should use a Facebook page instead of a personal profile to run your business

Published on 01-10-2022

Why you should use a Facebook page instead of a personal profile to run your business

Is a Facebook page better for business than a personal profile? Does using a personal profile hurt businesses? How is a Facebook page beneficial for business?

Personal social media profiles are not built for business. If you exclusively use it to run a business you may easily violate the terms of service. Moreover, they have limited features.

If you’re still on a personal profile to run your business, it could be time to shift to a Facebook page and further your business growth with advanced features.

Here are creative ways and benefits of a Facebook page over a personal profile:

1. Assign different roles to your team to manage your Facebook page

A Facebook page allows you to assign five roles to other people to assist you to manage your page. You can add an Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, and Analyst. This is unlike a personal Facebook profile where Facebook requires only you to access and run your presence.

Different roles come with specific roles and access levels. You keep your page in check as your team fulfills their assigned responsibilities.

Action thought: If you’re a starting out solopreneur, you may wait for your Facebook page to grow then delegate tasks later. Professionals, business owners, and established businesses can right away assign their teams and assistants to start managing their Facebook business page profiles.

2. No limit to the number of your followers for your page

Your business brand can grow beyond borders if you set up a Facebook business page because there’s no limit to how many people can like your page. More followers mean more reach. Using your personal profile to run your business will only limit you to a maximum of 5000 friends.

Action thought: Even if you think your business doesn’t need a Facebook page or more than 5000 followers, create it. It’ll be worth the move in due time.

3. Customize your Facebook business page

Facebook pages with business-supportive functionalities. It allows you to choose the ideal template, add a profile image, cover image or cover video, a call to action button, about info, services info, and accept reviews.

Action thought: A customized Facebook page reveals the identity of your business brand making it easier for your audience to differentiate you from the crowd.

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4. Advertise your business

You can’t boost your personal profile posts as ads even if you wanted to.

If you’re looking forward to reaching a broader audience running ads, you need a Facebook page. Depending entirely only on your followers gives you a narrow audience reach. Pages support ads to promote and show your services and products to more people.

Action thought: Plan on an affordable budget and run your ads with specific outcomes. Reaching the right audience with the right ads can be rewarding even on a smaller budget.

Linking your Instagram to your Facebook page opens opportunities to show your Facebook ad promotions on Instagram. You can also sync your posts so they can publish on both profiles.

Action thought: Link your Instagram business profile to your Facebook page from the settings section on your page. Your Instagram will also be visible inside the Facebook for Business mobile app.

6. It’s more professional

Ordinarily, personal profiles are not professional because they’re limited to your personal information. Business profiles are built particularly for business – it’s what you need.

Action thought: Clients like dealing with businesses with dedicated profiles as they are more professional. They are interested in your services and not your Facebook friends galore.

7. Connect to Facebook places

If you run a business with a physical location, Facebook page profiles enable you to connect your business page to a place or location. Whenever clients check-in, their Facebook friends can get a notification and this will further promote your business as the friends become aware of your business.

Action thought: People trust leads from people close to them. If a person checks in at your business and their friends see that, they are likely to check in if it’s a service they also need.

8. Facebook native scheduling

You can custom your posts in advance with Facebook page scheduling flexibility. If you’ve data on your audience engagement trends, schedule the posts to publish a time of the day when the engagement is highest.

Action thought: Scheduling your content in advance can ensure your posts get out at the right time without fail. It also gives you the peace to focus on your other business activity.

9. Facebook insights

Only a Facebook page profile for your business gives you access to customer data. Some of this information could be their location, age, gender, and interests. The demographics pool is deep – you pick what meets your specific business needs.

Action thought: Always pay closer attention to post analytics and audience engagement data. This is your Swiss Sword to understand your audience and create content that inspires and converts.

10. Pixel retargeting

Have you ever visited a website then afterward met their Ad on Facebook? That’s exactly what you’re missing if you’re running your business on a personal Facebook profile.

A Facebook page allows you an opportunity to target your customers with a pixel – a cookie Facebook uses to track your audience when they interact with your website or on your page then show them your ads on Facebook.

Action thought: Generate your pixel for free from your Facebook business suite, then add it to your website to start tracking user activity and retargeting them with your ads.

11. Accept online appointments

Only a Facebook page allows you to accept automated online appointments by adding a direct appointment booking link to the Book Now button. Potential clients can book at their convenience 24/7.

Action thought: Get a dedicated online appointment booking link from an appointment reminder app. Upon booking, clients receive automated text confirmation and reminder messages helping you minimize no-shows, serve more clients and grow your business as you generate more revenue.

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