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Text Templates for Language Schools, Coaching, Consultants and Instructor Classes

Published on 10-28-2021

Text Templates for Language Schools, Coaching, Consultants and Instructor Classes

Text Templates for Language Schools, Consultancy, and Coaching Appointment Scheduling App

Text templates help language schools and instructors save time by sending premade SMS messages for students’ classes when using appointment reminder and scheduling app.

Send on-purpose situational messages to your clients to confirm their appointments, send reminders to reduce no-shows, update them on the status of their appointments or request them to give you a review on Google.

1. Text templates to confirm language classes and tutoring appointments

Hi [CLIENT-NAME], reply YES to confirm your language class appointment booked at [LANGUAGE-SCHOOL] on [DATE] [TIME]. Reply to this message for help. [LANGUAGE-INSTRUCTOR].

Congratulations [LANGUAGE-STUDENT] for booking a language consulting session on [DATE] [TIME]. Reply YES to confirm. [LANGUAGE-CONSULTANT].

Dear [STUDENT-NAME], its [NAME] at [LANGUAGE-COACHING-SERVICE]. Confirm your language session booked on [DATE] [TIME] with a YES reply. Call [PHONE-NUMBER] or send any other reply to this message for help.

2. Appointment reminder text & SMS templates for language consulting and classes

[CLIENT-NAME], your language session appointment scheduled at [LANGUAGE-CENTER] on [DATE] [TIME] is in 24 Hrs. If anything, reply to this message. See you there! [CONTACT-PERSON].

It’s almost time [STUDENT-NAME]! Your [DATE] [TIME] language service appointment is in 3 Hrs. Arrive 15 minutes in advance. [NAME], [LANGUAGE-SERVICES].

Finally [LANGUAGE-CLIENT], your appointment [DATE] [TIME] with [LANGUAGE-EXPERT] is in 60 mins. Welcome! Reply to this message for help.

3. Cancellation & rescheduling text templates for language experts

Keep your language clients in the loop about their appointment cancellations and scheduling with the ideal SMS templates.

[CLIENT], you’ve successfully cancelled your language appointment with [LANGUAGE-INSTRUCTOR]. Book again whenever you’re ready at [BOOKING-LINK]. Regards!

Oops! [CUSTOMER-NAME]. You’ve cancelled your language consultancy at [LANGUAGE-CONSULTANCY]. You’re welcome to book again anytime at [INSERT-LINK].

Success [CLIENT-NAME] for rescheduling your language class session at [LANGUAGE-SCHOOL] on [DATE] [TIME]. Reply to this message anytime for support. Regards!

4. Text templates to announce language classes offers

Promote your language school or instructor services by announcing and sending time-bound redemption offers to your clients.

A 30% OFF for you [CUSTOMER]! Claim offer for your second language coaching session by booking before [DATE]. Reply to this message for support. [LANGUAGE-COACH].

Hello [CLIENT]! Get special holidays’ offer of 50% for group language coaching for [LANGAUGE-TIER] by reserving a seat by [DATE]. [LANGUAGE-SCHOOL].

5. After-session language coaching classes follow-up text templates

Hey [CLIENT], check out language resources at [LINK] to help you master your [LANGUAGE-SKILLS]. Ask for support by replying to this message. [LANGUAGE-COACH].

[CUSTOMER-NAME], we hope you are enjoying speaking your new language. Keep doing [ABC] to gain more mastery. Reply to this message for help. [CONTACT-PERSON], [LANGUAGE-CENTER].

6. Request language training feedback text templates

Help me [CLIENT-NAME] know how you found my language coaching services by replying with 1 for excellent or 2 for can do better. [LANGUAGE-COACH].

Dear [CLIENT-NAME], help us improve language training services at [LANGUAGE-SCHOOL] by rating us in a scale of 1 to 10, 10 is highest. Thank you. [CONTACT-PERSON].

7. Review request text templates for language coaching businesses

Thank you [CLIENT-NAME] for undertaking your language with us. Please give us a Google review at [LINK] to help us train more people. [NAME], [LANGUAGE-SCHOOL].

Dear [CLIENT], it’s [LANGUAGE-EXPERT]! I’m thankful for considering my coaching sessions to polish your language skills. Share a word with a Google review at [LINK] at your convenience. Regards!

8. SMS templates to update your language clients with general messages

Important! [CLIENT], we’ve updated after-coaching language support resources at [LINK]. [YOUR-NAME], [LANGUAGE-SCHOOL].

Update! Dear [CLIENT-NAME], re-watch your [DATE] [TIME] language session at [LINK]. [LANGUAGE-COACH].

9. Fill last minute openings SMS templates

Priority! [CLIENT], a coaching session has just become available today at [TIME]. You’re in our waiting list. Book to claim the slot at [LINK] or reply to this message we schedule for you. [SUPPORT-NAME], [LANGUAGE-CENTER].

Act now [CLIENT-NAME]! A language learning session at [TIME] has become available. Book via [LINK] if that works for you. [LANGUAGE-COACH].

10. Language training sessions payment text templates

Reminder for you [CLIENT-NAME] to settle overdue payments for coaching services at [LANGUAGE-COACHING] from [DATE] to [DATE]. Reply to this message to get help making payments.

Hello [CLIENT]! Please reply to this message to get support settling overdue payments for language consultancy services offer on [DATE]. [LANGUAGE-CONSULTANT].

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