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Ready Text Templates for Healthcare Services and Medical Patients for Appointment Scheduling Software

Published on 10-26-2021

Ready Text Templates for Healthcare Services and Medical Patients for Appointment Scheduling Software

SMS & text templates for doctors and medical providers, healthcare services, patient consultation, nutrition and wellness services’ appointment reminders and confirmations

Missed and late appointments inconvenience doctors and medical professionals in both public and private practices. Appointment confirmation messages and reminders can help forgetful and sluggish patients so they attend their appointment on time, cancel, or reschedule.

Preset text templates for healthcare services helps doctors and medical consultants to quickly create and automate confirmation, reminder, and follow-up messages for patients.

Appointment reminder software text messaging can boost patient engagement. Moreover, the preset text templates are HIPAA compliant making your work much easier.

Support your patients from the moment they book an appointment all the way until they show up for their appointment and even offer aftercare help.

Keep a two-way open communication with your patients and referrals who would potentially become your next clients. Adopt any of the following text templates for your text reminders and save time sending the right message to your patients.

1. Appointment confirmation text templates

Send personalized appointment confirmation messages with text templates for doctors and

Dear [CLIENT-NAME]! Your appointment is booked on [DATE] [TIME]. Reply YES to confirm, NO to cancel, or click here [LINK] to reschedule. [DOCTOR-NAME].

Hello [CLIENT-NAME]! Reply YES to confirm your appointment booked at [HEALTH-FACILITY] on [DATE] [TIME]. Reply to this message or call [PHONE] for help.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME], confirm your booked appointment on [DATE] [TIME]. Confirm with YES, cancel with NO, reschedule at [LINK]. [HEALTHCARE-NAME].

2. Send patient appointment reminder messages

Help your patients show up their appointments by sending them automatic reminders with these dedicated text templates.

Hello [CLIENT-NAME]. This is a friendly reminder of your upcoming appointment on [DATE] [TIME]. Please plan to attend. Call [PHONE-NUMBER] for any help or simply reply to this message. [CORRESPONDENT-NAME], [FACILITY-NAME].

Dear [PATIENT-NAME]. Your appointment with [FACILITY-NAME] is coming up in 24 hours [DATE] [TIME]. Please purpose to attend. Reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for assistance. [CONSULTANT-NAME].

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]. It’s 60 mins to your appointment at [FACILITY-NAME] with Dr. [DOCTOR-NAME]. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Regards.

3. Text templates to prepare patients for their appointment

Let your patients know what they need to carry or prepare before as they plan to show up for their medical appointments with ready-set text templates.

Hello [CLIENT-NAME], come with [REQUIREMENT-1], [REQUIREMENT-2], [REQUIREMENT-3] in your upcoming appointment on [DATE] [TIME] AT [FACILITY-NAME].

Dear [PATIENT-NAME], please fill the form at [LINK] prior to your appointment on [DATE] [TIME]. [CONSULTANT-NAME] [FACILITY-NAME].

Hi [PATIENT-NAME], please don’t [THING-NOT-TO-DO-1] & [THING-NOT-TO-DO-2] because of [ABC] three days to your appointment on [DATE] [TIME] at [FACILITY-NAME].

4. Text templates for patient caregivers

Reach out to patients with caregivers. Here are some text templates you can send to caregivers to help them prepare patients for their appointment.

Hi [CAREGIVER-NAME], please reply YES to confirm the patient’s appointment on [DATE] [TIME], NO to cancel or click this link [LINK] to reschedule.

Hello [CAREGIVER-NAME], please plan for the patient’s appointment on [DATE] [TIME] by doing ABC. [FACILITY-NAME].

Hi [CAREGIVER-NAME], please do [A], [B], [C] are you get the patient ready for their appointment on [DATE] [TIME] at [FACILITY-NAME].

Dear [CAREGIVER-NAME], remind the patient to do [ABC], [X] days to their appointment on [DATE] [TIME] at [FACILITY-NAME].

5. Onboard patient recommendations

Got a new patient referral to your facility? Here’re text templates to send them the right messages and invite them to schedule their initial appointment with you.

Hello [REFERRAL-NAME]. I’m [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] at [FACILITY-NAME]. Your primary care physician recommended you to us for an appointment. Schedule your appointment at [LINK] or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help.

Hi [REFERRAL-NAME], I’m [NAME] at [FACILITY-NAME] reaching out based on a recommendation from your friend so you can book your initial appointment. Book at [LINK] or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for a talk.

6. Request for patient feedback

Get quick valuable feedback from your clients with preset text templates on the quality of service so you can identify the areas that need improvement.

Hi [PATIENT-NAME]! [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] here at [FACILITY-NAME]. Share your experience with our services to help us serve you better. Reply with 1 for good & 2 for needs improvement.

7. Request for a referral (for clients who left a positive feedback)

Grow your referral base with these referral text templates for appointment reminder and scheduling software for medical professionals and healthcare givers.

Hi [PATIENT-NAME]! Glad we were helpful to you. Get your friends a 20% off their initial appointment when they mention your name. [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] at [FACILITY-NAME].

Hello [PATIENT-NAME]! [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] a [FACILITY-NAME]. Great you found our service impressive. Please share the word with the people in your circles. Thank you!

Hi [CLIENT-NAME], it’s [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] at [FACILITY-NAME]. We hope you’re doing good since our last follow-up. Please share a word with your friends and family with this link [INSERT-LINK]. Thank you!

Dear [CLIENT-NAME]. Thank you for trusting us to serve you. Please share a word about our services with your friends. [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] at [FACILITY-NAME].

8. Request for a Facebook page or Google review

After a superb service to your patient, request them to give you a Facebook or a Google review – it could help you land new clients.

Hi [PATIENT-NAME]! Thank you for allowing us to serve you. Help us reach and serve more people by giving us a review at our Facebook page [REVIEW-LINK].

Hello [PATIENT-NAME]. We’re grateful you allowed us care for you. When you get some time, please give us a Google review at [Google-My-Business-LINK]. [CORRESPONDENT-NAME], [FACILITY-NAME].

9. Invite clients to book last-minute slots

Fill out openings left by later cancellations with ready-clients. Here are some text templates to make that happen.

Hello [CLIENT-NAME]. An appointment has just become available today at 5 pm. Let us know if you would like to schedule for that time before 1pm. [FACILITY-NAME].

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]. [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] at [FACILITY] here. There’s a slot available at 4 pm. Since you’re in our waitlist you can get the chance by scheduling before 1 pm. Thank you!

10. Aftercare patient follow-up

Show care to your patients by checking them with text messages. Get started with this appointment reminder app text templates.

Hello [PATIENT-NAME]! This is [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] at [FACILITY-NAME] checking on you following the healthcare service you received two weeks ago. Any concerns, reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER].

Hi [PATIENT-NAME]! Checking in to know how you’re doing. It’s [NAME] here at [CARE-FACILITY]. Reply to this message for help or call [PHONE-NUMBER].

11. Remind patients to settle dues

Send quick, personalized payment reminders to your patients asking them to settle their pending bills with your services.

Dear [CLIENT-NAME], please remember to settle your pending over one-month-old bill of $__ for services offered at [FACILITY-NAME]. [CORRESPONDENT-NAME]. Reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]! This is [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] at [FACILITY-NAME] sending a reminder to please clear your bill of $ _____ for the 30-days overdue services. Reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for assistance.

12. Ask you patients to reschedule

Send you clients mass messages with text templates for appointment rescheduling during unavoidable circumstances.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME], it’s [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] at [FACILITY-NAME]. Sorry, your appointment on [DATE] [TIME] is not possible because of [REASON]. Please reschedule at [INSERT-LINK.

Hello [CLIENT-NAME]. All [APP. CATEGORY] appointments scheduled on [DATE] [TIME] have been scheduled to [DATE] [TIME]. Book an alternative date and time at [RESCHEDULING-LINK]. [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] at [FACILITY-NAME].

13. Send a special offer

Build loyalty with your by sending them a special offer with text templates for appointment reminder.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]. It’s [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] at [FACILITY]. Get 20% off for your regular check-up. Book anytime at [INSERT-LINK]. Offer valid until [DATE]. Thank you.

Hello [CLIENT-NAME]! Get a 20% off your end-year consultancy before Christmas holidays. Book your appointment at [INSERT-LINK]. [CORRESPONDENT-NAME], [FACILITY-NAME].

14. Important updates

Enlighten your patients by sending them important updates with pre-set text templates for appointment scheduling app.

Hi [PATIENT-NAME]! We now accept [INSURANCE-NAME] for both out-patient and in-patient services. Use your insurance card in your next visit. [CORRESPONDENT-NAME], [FACILITY-NAME].

Hello [PATIENT-NAME]. It’s [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] at [FACILITY-NAME] confirming that we accept [PAYMENT-COVER] for consultancy service. Your appointment on [DATE] [TIME] is still on schedule. See you there.

15. Text messages for cancelled appointments

Personalize text messages with text templates for healthcare appointment services to reach out to patients who cancel their appointments.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]. We see you cancelled your appointment. If this happened mistakenly you can still book at [BOOKING-LINK]. [CORRESPONDENT-NAME], [FACILTY-NAME].

Hello [CLIENT]. You’ve successfully cancelled your appointment. You can still book anytime at [BOOKING-LINK]. [CORRESPODENT-NAME], [FACILITY-NAME].

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