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Text Templates for Driving Schools & Instructors Lessons and Classes Appointment Reminder Messages

Published on 10-26-2021

Text Templates for Driving Schools & Instructors Lessons and Classes Appointment Reminder Messages

Driving schools, instructors and lessons’ appointment reminders and confirmations SMS/text templates

Run your driving school and instructor lessons for your clients for efficiently by sending quick messages with these text templates for your appointment reminder and scheduling software. Simply copy them into your appointment reminder app and customize them to your preference and send SMS confirmation, reminder, and follow-up messages.

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1. Acknowledge and let learners confirm their appointments

After clients book their private or common driving lessons with online appointment scheduling and reminder app, send them an automated text/SMS confirmation message. Here are a couple of driving lessons appointment confirmation text templates to get you off the ground.

Hi [LEARNER-NAME]! You’ve booked a consultative appointment on [DATE], [TIME]. Reply YES to confirm, NO to cancel or click here [INSERT-LINK] to reschedule. [SCHOOL-NAME].

Hello [LEARNER-NAME]. Please reply YES to confirm your appointment for private driving lessons on [DATE] [TIME]. Reply NO to cancel or reschedule at [INSERT-LINK]. [INSTRUCTOR-NAME].

[LEARNER], please confirm booking you driving lessons at [INSTITUTION] by replying YES. Reply NO to cancel or click here [INSERT-LINK] to reschedule.

2. Update clients on the requirements

Customize text templates and automated reminders to ensure your clients show up with the required documents for their driving lessons.

Dear [CLIENT-NAME], please show up at your driving lessons with [DOCUMENT-1], [DOCUMENT-2], & [DOCUMENT-3] on [DATE] [TIME]. [DRIVING-COACH]/[DRIVING-SCHOOL].

Hello [CLIENT-NAME]! [INSTRUCTOR-NAME] here at [DRIVING-SCHOOL-NAME] sending you a friendly reminder to come with your original [REQUIREMENT-A] & [REQUIREMENT-B] for your lessons.

3. Send a schedule for their driving lessons

Send simple text messages with a schedule for your clients’ driving lessons. It’s easier for them to refer when they have as a text message. Start with these text templates.

[CLIENT-NAME], download your driving lessons schedule here [INSERT-LINK]. [CORRESPONDENT-NAME] at [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]! Driving instructor [INSTRUCTOR-NAME] here at [DRIVING-SCHOOL] here. Download your schedule at [INSERT-LINK]. Call [PHONE-NUMBER] for assistance.

4. Send clients updates about their driving lessons

Keep you clients informed with their progress report with appointment reminder text messages. Customize these text templates to suit your client-base.

Hello [CLIENT-NAME]! I hope you’re enjoying your driving lessons. Call [PHONE-NUMBER] for any assistance you may need. [DRIVING-INSTRUCTOR-NAME], driving instructor.

[CLIENT-NAME], check out how you’re progressing with your driving lessons here [INSERT-LINK]. [DRIVING-INSTRUCTOR], [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

5. Notify clients to book for their final driving exams

Allow your driving school clients to self-book a suitable time to undertake their final driving school or lessons exams with appointment reminder and scheduling software. Customize these text templates into anything you like.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]. Book a slot for your final driving exam at [INSERT-LINK]. [DRIVING-INSTRUCTOR-NAME], [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

Congratulations [CLIENT-NAME] for successfully undertaking your driving lessons. Book your final exam slot at [INSERT-LINK]. [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

6. Send clients confirmation messages for their final exams

Use these text templates to send quick confirmation messages once your clients book a slot for their final exams.

Hello [CLIENT-NAME]. You’ve booked driving school final exams on [DATE] [TIME] at [DRIVING-SCHOOL]. Reply YES to confirm, NO to cancel, or click [LINK] to reschedule. Call [PHONE-NUMBER] for assistance. [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]. Reply with YES to confirm booking for your final exams on [DATE] [TIME]. Reply NO to cancel or click [LICK] to reschedule. [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

7. Inform your driving school clients about their rescheduled driving lessons

In the unfortunate event you reschedule driving lessons for your clients, customize these text templates to send them a message about the changes.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]! We’ve rescheduled all driving lessons on [DATE] [TIME] to [DATE] [TIME]. Reply YES to accept or click [LINK] to pick another date. Regards. [DRIVING-INSTRUCTOR], [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

Dear [CLIENT-NAME], your driving lesson on [DATE] [TIME] is scheduled to [DATE] [TIME]. Reply YES to confirm or click [LINK] to book another slot. Regards. [DRIVING-INSTRUCTOR] [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

8. Congratulate your driving students for exceling in their final exam

Keep in touch with your students by sending them a congratulatory message for exceling their final driving exams with these text templates. Copy and customize them in the appointment reminder.

Hey [STUDENT-NAME]! Your driving instructor [INSTRUCTOR-NAME] at [DRIVING-SCHOOL]. Congratulations for passing your driving school exams you did on [DATE].

Congratulations [STUDENTS-NAME] for passing your final driving school exams. Click this link for next steps [INSERT-LINK]. Your driving instructor [INSTRUCTOR-NAME] at [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

9. Asked for feedback from your driving school clients

Find out the experience of your clients by asking them for a feedback on their driving lessons’ experience with you. Get started quick with these text templates and customize them into anything you like.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]. Thank you for taking your driving lessons with us. Please rate your experience on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest by replying to this message. Click here [LINK] and tell us where we should improve. [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

[CLIENT-NAME], thank you for taking your driving lessons with us. Rate us with a 1 to 5, 5 is highest. Reply to this message. Let’s know where to improve via this link [LINK]. [DRIVING-INSTRUCTOR], [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

10. Request for a client referral for positive feedback clients

Segment clients with a positive feedback and ask them for a referral. People value and are highly likely to decide based on the recommendations from people close to them. Referrals are an easy way to grow your driving school with more students. Send the request a day or two after the feedback.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]. Good to hear you enjoyed your experience. Refer your friends and they get a 20% off when they join us within 30 days and mention your name. [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

Thank you [CLIENT-NAME] for sharing your positive experience. Get your friends a 15% off when they enroll with us by [DATE] and mention your name. [DRIVING-INSTRUCTOR], [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

11. Reach out to dissatisfied clients

Even with the best service you could offer, not all clients may express gratitude. Reach out to dissatisfied clients and assure them that you’re taking care of their concerns. Here are starter text templates to use in your appointment reminder app to reach out to your clients.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME], we’re sorry our service didn’t meet your expectation. We’ve done ABC to serve you better. Get a FREE one-week refresher course at your own schedule. Book at [LINK]. [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

[CLIENT-NAME], we value your feedback and we’ll work towards bettering our services. We’ve done 1,2,3 to address [ISSUE-RAISED]. We’ll be glad to give you a FREE on-week refresher course when you’re available. Reply YES, we count you in or call [PHONE-NUMBER] so we can schedule for you.

12. Ask for a review from satisfied clients

Grow your driving school’s positive online portfolio by asking clients for feedback. Use these appointment reminder text templates to send them message requests.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]. Please give us a review at [LINK]. [INSTRUCTOR-NAME], [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

Hello [CLIENT-NAME]. We hope you enjoyed your driving lessons. Please give us a review on our Facebook page at [PAGE-LINK]. [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

13. Send a follow-up message to your clients

Do a quick follow-up with your clients by sending them SMS messages and offer them further assistance if they need it.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]. How’s road experience since you completed your driving lessons? Tell us at this link [LINK] or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for assistance. [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

Dear [CLIENT-NAME], need help as you get on the road? Get a FREE weekly help call by calling [PHONE-NUMBER]. [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

14. Text templates to ask your clients to enroll to new driver’s SMS tips

Build better relationships with your driving school clients by sending them helpful tips to better their new road experience.

Hello [CLIENT-NAME]. Let’s send you FREE driver tips for one month. Reply YES to accept or NO to decline. [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

Dear [CLIENT-NAME]. Reply YES to opt in for FREE helpful daily drivers’ tips for 30 days. Please reply NO to decline. [CORRESPONDENT-NAME], [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

15. Send text messages for special offers

Send special offers to your former driving school students with these text templates to upgrade their driving class.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]! Get 20% off when you sign up to upgrade your driving class within the next 30 days. [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

[CLIENT-NAME], upgrade your driving class with a 20% off when you enroll within the next 60 days. [DRIVING INSTRUCTOR], [DRIVING-SCHOOL].

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