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  • Text Reminders Boost Vaccine Appointment Rates by 84% - 2021 Study Confirms
Text Reminders Boost Vaccine Appointment Rates by 84% - 2021 Study Confirms

Published on 09-23-2021

Text Reminders Boost Vaccine Appointment Rates by 84% - 2021 Study Confirms

2021 medical research confirms that text (SMS) reminders can boost COVID-19 vaccine appointments by 84%. The researchers combined text messages (SMS), text reminders, and behavioral science to deliver the converting vaccine messages.

How the research combined behavioral science with text messages and text reminders

Researchers used behavioral science technique to draft messages that identify with the target recipients. Fast-forward, they sent the text messages and text reminders to the target.

SMS message reminders boost COVID-19 vaccination rates by helping fix the challenges and address the barriers hindering or causing a decline in the vaccination process.

Broad accessibility to text messaging technology makes text reminders a quick, cheaper, and reliable means to pass information to both the public and patients.

The Power of Appointment Scheduling Software for Automating COVID-19 Vaccine Text Reminders

Utilizing appointment scheduling software like Appointment Reminder to automate the text messaging and reminder service makes health facilities run more efficiently.

The scheduling software allows your patients and the public to own the vaccine appointment process. They can schedule their appointments at their convenience, reschedule, or make cancellations without interruption the services at your healthcare facility.

Is Appointment Reminder Software Only Meant for Vaccine Appointments?

No. Scheduling patient and public appointments for the COVID-19 vaccination is only a bit of what the appointment scheduling software can do. You can use Appointment Reminder for other appointments in your health facility.

Can I also Send Email and Voice Message Reminders to Patients and the Public?

Absolutely! Alongside text reminders you can personalize and send automatic email and voice message reminders to your patients.

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Critical Challenges Facing COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments & How Text Reminders Help


1. Text messages and text reminders can address Vaccine reluctancy

Whereas COVID-19 poses a threat to the public’s healthcare system, unwillingness to get the vaccine intensifies the problem.

Researchers designed text messages and text message reminders in a way that made the recipients feel the ownership of the vaccination process and the dose.

The more patients and the public own the vaccination process, the more receptive they become to receiving the vaccine.

Sample ownership message phrases that worked in the study:

  • “The vaccine has just been made available for you.”
  • “Claim your dose today”.

Text reminders and the vaccination rates: The simple text reminders boosted the vaccine appointments by 84% and the actual vaccinations by 26%.

2. Text reminder messages fix misinformation and safety concerns about the vaccine

Misinformation and safety concerns are among the central issues obstructing the vaccination process. People watch, hear, and read about COVID-19 and use the information to decide on whether to get the jab or not.

Some of the COVID-19 myths involve the idea that it causes infertility and can cause a person to be magnetic. These and many other myths are also a contributor to lower numbers of vaccinations.

Not everyone can access facts and myths about the vaccine. Healthcare providers are using text messages and text reminders to debunk myths about COVID-19 vaccine and this has significantly boosted the number of people turning up for the vaccination process.

3. Text reminders fix appointment forgetfulness and procrastination for public and patients

Forgetfulness and procrastination are among the top barriers to vaccination. Patients and the public interested in receiving the vaccine can easily forget.

Some of the vaccine text messages and text reminders you can send to the public and patients include:

  • Text reminder to book an appointment (if you already have their contact) for their first dose.
  • Text reminder to book an appointment for their second vaccine dose.
  • Text message to reschedule following a vaccine shortage.
  • Text message to notify them about vaccine availability.

Sending text reminders reinforces commitment to show up for vaccines. The SMS reminders also contain assigned dates reducing the temptation that patients may have to postpone or procrastinate their turn to receive the vaccine.

4. Healthcare providers can send automated batch text reminders

Since vaccination is an ongoing process, healthcare providers can send group SMS reminders to groups of patients and the public.

Appointment Reminder app automates the text reminder process. It only needs drafting the message and selecting the batch recipients. The reminder software sends the reminder messages and reminders at the time set.

5. Let patients and the public to book convenient appointment vaccination sessions

The best means to implement text reminders is to you an appointment scheduling software. It enables the public and patients to easily manage their appointments by selecting a date that is most convenient for them.

Healthcare facilities can set the availability of healthcare professionals in charge of the vaccination process so the public can only make sure vaccine appointment bookings.

Moreover, the public and patients can confirm, reschedule, or cancel their COVID-19 appointments without interrupting the normal operations of a health facility.

6. Update the public on availability of the vaccine before they show up for vaccination

Save your health facility, the public, and patients the disappointments of running out of vaccines. Use text messages and text reminders to update your patients and the public on the state of vaccines at your facility.

Send SMS reminders informing the public about vaccine shortages and ask them to wait for another text reminder when the vaccine is next available.

7. Text messages and text reminders help in fast tracking the purpose of vaccination

As the vaccination number of patients and the public increases courtesy of text messages and text reminders, achieving the goal of vaccination becomes realizable.

COVID-19 vaccines are effective and can keep the recipients from both getting and spreading the COVID-19 causing virus. Moreover, if a recipient contracts the COVID-19, the vaccine strengthens their immunity protecting them from getting seriously ill and fatalities.

“Text reminders are both effective and inexpensive tools to motivate people across all demographics to get the vaccine,” said co-lead author Silvia Saccardo, assistant professor in the Department of Social and Decision Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Get a 14-day free trial to see how text message and reminders can increase attendance for your healthcare service appointments including vaccine appointments. You can cancel any time before your trial endsContact us and or call us on (844) 333-3702 for further assistance.

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