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Text and SMS message templates for government and local governments appointments

Published on 11-03-2021

Text and SMS message templates for government and local governments appointments

SMS & text message templates for governments and local government agencies appointment scheduling and reminder services.

Government and local government departments and agencies can send the right appointment SMS messages to clients with ready text templates.

These message samples enable quick personalizing and automating of appointment confirmation and reminder messages. Agencies can also use it to send notifications and other important department messages to enrolled members of the public.

1. Local government appointment confirmation text templates

[NAME], Reply YES to confirm your appointment with [DEPARTMENT-NAME] on [DATE] [TIME]. Call customer care desk at [PHONE-NUMBER] for help.

Dear [NAME]. You’ve booked an appointment with [NAME] at [OFFICE]. Reply YES to confirm or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for assistance.

2. Government SMS message reminders text templates

[NAME], you’ve an appointment at [OFFICE] in 3 days [DATE] [TIME]. Help line [PHONE-NUMBER].

Hi [NAME]. Your [DATE] [TIME] appointment for [PURPOSE] at [LOCATION] is in the next 24 Hrs. [YOUR-NAME].

3. Cancellation & rescheduling text templates for government services

Dear [NAME]. You’ve cancelled your appointment at [OFFICE] on [DATE] [TIME]. Thank you!

Hello [NAME]. Your scheduled appointment on [DATE] [TIME] is successfully cancelled. Book again at [LINK].

4. SMS message samples to prepare the public for their appointments

Hi [NAME]! Fill the form at [LINK] prior to your appointment at [GOVERNMENT-OFFICE] on [DATE] [TIME]. Help line [PHONE-NUMBER].

[NAME], come with [REQUIREMENTS ABC] to your [DATE] [TIME] appointment at [OFFICE]. Tel. [PHONE-NUMBER]. Thank you. [CONTACT-PERSON].

5. Text templates to ask the public to reschedule their appointments

Dear [NAME], all appointments on [DATE] have moved to [DATE] because of the upcoming national holiday. You can reschedule at [LINK]. Help line [PHONE-NUMBER]. Regards.

[NAME], reschedule your appointment on [DATE] [TIME] at [OFFICE] to another date not earlier than [DATE]. We’re closed until [DATE] for [INSERT-REASON]. Thank you!

6. SMS message samples to notify the public to make appointment payments

Hello [NAME], pay for [SPECIFY-PURPOSE] via [PAYMENT-MODE] and come with the receipt to your appointment at [OFFICE] on [DATE] [TIME]. Regards!

[NAME], make all payments where applicable via [GUIDE] for your account activation at least 3 days to your appointment on [DATE] [TIME] at [OFFICE].

7. Text templates to share details about change of appointment venue

[NAME], the venue for your appointment on [DATE] [TIME] at [OFFICE-LOCATION] has moved to [NEW-LOCATION]. See you there!

Hello [NAME]. Your [OFFICE] appointment on [DATE [TIME] has been changed to [NEW-VENUE]. Regards!

8. SMS sample messages to share further instructions after the appointment

[NAME], following yesterday’s appointment at [LOCATION], complete and return the [PURPOSE] forms to the [OFFICE-NAME] for final processing by [DATE]. [NAME]

Dear [NAME], please proceed to complete your application at [LINK] by [DATE] as agreed on your [DATE] [TIME] appointment with [OFFICER-NAME]. [YOUR-NAME], [OFFICE-NAME].

9. Text templates to request for a public review

Dear [NAME], we’re happy we addressed your concerns in your [DATE] [TIME] appointment at [OFFICE]. Please give us a review at [LINK] to motivate others use the appointment service. [NAME], [OFFICE].

[NAME], thank you for visiting [OFFICE] for your [SPECIFY] services. We’ll appreciate a review on Google at [LINK].

10. SMS sample messages to request for a public feedback

[NAME], help us improve our services at [OFFICE] by sharing your experience from your recent appointment service. Fill this anonymous form at [LINK].

Dear [NAME], your feedback is valuable. Share your private feedback at [LINK] to help us improve the services at [OFFICE].

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