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  • 2022 Tax Season strategies for CPAs, tax professionals to get more clients
2022 Tax Season strategies for CPAs, tax professionals to get more clients

Published on 01-21-2022

2022 Tax Season strategies for CPAs, tax professionals to get more clients

The tax season is here. Individuals and businesses need help with their tax preparation. New and existing tax professionals, tax firms, and CPAs business are you set? Have you marketed your services? Are you accepting online appointments? Do you need more clients?

In addition to marketing and getting the word out, get ready to face the challenges that may arise.

Note: The 2022 tax filing season starts January 24 with the deadline on April 18th for most.

How to fix the 2022 tax season business challenges like a pro

The tax season environment can be busy and exhausting. Amid this, you still need to keep your business running efficiently to meet or exceed your client expectations.

The tax season is mentally demanding and that can wear out you and your team. Keeping your team motivated can help neutralize burnout and keep them productive.

1. Keep your office aesthetically appealing

Keep it well-lit and equipped with office essentials. Ensure the seats are comfortable, the internet fast, and computers properly functioning.

2. Effectively manage the workload

The tax business workload involves the number of clients your business expects and their respective tax tasks.

The easiest means to handle client workflow is using an appointment reminder and scheduling software, it helps you automate client appointment booking. It takes care of the appointments you or your team can handle that helps work with a predictable workflow.

3. Cooperate with your team

Consider yourself a team leader. Keep your communications and business expectations realistic, respectfully support your staff.

4. Appreciate your team’s efforts

As much as they’re your staff, they’re human beings who need a sense of belonging. When clients are happy with your services and express their gratitude, share the positive feedback with your team.

5. Listen to your employees

Giving your employees an audience is your best stake to understand their needs. You’ll be surprised at the incredible suggestions that would bring your business to a whole new higher level.

Marketing tips to get attract and get more tax clients for your tax business

Every growth-minded tax business; CPAs, tax professionals, bookkeepers, and tax firms are looking for creative ways to attract new clients and retain existing ones.

During this tax season, utilize these strategies to grow your tax preparation business with more clients and revenues.

1. Utilize your circle of family, friends, and other parties

People trust leads from familiar circles. Don’t assume your circles know about your services, use connections with your business partners, workmates, previous clients, family, and friends to get the word out that you’re helping individuals and businesses fix their tax matters.

Such a strategy can get you quick client referrals. Prove it with quality service and turn the referrals into loyal clients.

2. Articulate communication with your tax clients

Maintain an ongoing coherent communication from the initial contact phase. Clear communication ensures you understand the real needs of your clients and their expectations of your business.

The steps to communicate effectively is to understand how your clients prefer communicating with you. It can be through a phone, email, a form on your website, or via social media.

The goal is to identify the most convenient means to maintain healthy communication with your clients. An avenue to listen to your prospects and address their inquiries.

3. Create an easy onboarding process

Make the process of your clients joining and using your tax preparation services easier and quicker. Let them know the steps to complete and the documents to submit. Give them a means to securely share their files with you.

4. Automate your business processes

In addition to an accounting software application, use other tax business-related applications to increase your service accuracy and efficiency. Automation can incredibly streamline your workflow and improve client satisfaction.

5. Use an appointment reminder software

Instead of spending time over the phone managing appointments, an appointment reminder software can automate that for you. You accept appointments based on your availability.

Clients, can in turn book appointments from the available slots 24/7 without relying on phone calls to your business. It is convenient for you, convenient for your clients.

6. Target your Ads to the right audience

If you’re running Facebook Ads and Google Ads, specify your target audience so the results of your ads can be effective. You may want to focus on the location, age, interests and other relevant audience variations so your ads can display at the right places, at the right time, and to the right people.

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