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Text Templates for Beauty Salons, Spas, and Barbershops’ Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

Published on 10-26-2021

Text Templates for Beauty Salons, Spas, and Barbershops’ Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

Text templates for beauty salons, spas, and barbershops’ appointment reminders and confirmations

Sending text messages and text reminders is the most reliable means to engage with your barbershop, spa, or beauty salon clients as they book appointments at your business. Once they book their appointments online using a simple booking link with appointment reminder app, they receive text confirmations and reminders later.

Especially premade text templates ensure you quick automate text messages and reminders so you can focus on client service.

Text messages are also known as SMS messages because customers receive them in their SMS inbox. Beauty salons customers love text reminder messages because they are less disruptive and are delivered instantly.

The two-way reply feature lets clients effortlessly confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointments. A simple reply allows them seek clarification for their service.

1. Appointment confirmation text templates

Quickly edit and automate appointment reminder text confirmation messages using text templates created for barbershops and beauty salons.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! You’ve booked a [SERVICE-NAME] on [DATE] [TIME] at [SALON-NAME]. Reply “YES” to confirm, “NO” to cancel, or reschedule at [LINK].

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Reply “YES” to confirm your appointment on [DATE] [TIME], reschedule at [LINK] or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help. [SPA-NAME].

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! You’ve booked a haircut appointment at [BARBERSHOP] on [DATE] [TIME]. Reply YES to confirm, NO to cancel. Reschedule at [LINK].

2. Reminder messages text templates

Minimize now-shows by reminding your spa and beauty salon clients about their appointments so they can remember and commit to attend. Get started with ready-to-use reminder text templates.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Your hairstyling appointment is coming up on [DATE] [TIME]. Reply to this message for queries or call [PHONE-NUMBER]. [YOUR-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! [YOUR-NAME] here at [BUSINESS-NAME] reminding you about your appointment on [DATE [TIME]. Reply to this message for help or call [PHONE-NUMBER].

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. We’re waiting to serve you today [DATE] [TIME]. Please arrive 15 minutes earlier. [YOUR-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

3. Appointment cancellation and rescheduling

Text templates to acknowledge client cancellations and invite them to reschedule with your appointment reminder app if they didn’t intend to cancel.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! You’ve cancelled your haircut appointment on [DATE] [TIME] at [BUSINESS-NAME]. You can still reschedule at [LINK]. [YOUR-NAME]

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! [YOUR-NAME] here at [BUSINESS-NAME]. Your hairstyling appointment on [DATE] [TIME] is successfully cancelled. Book anytime at [LINK].

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. You’ve successfully rescheduled your pedicure service at [BUSINESS-NAME] on [DATE] [TIME]. See you soon.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! It’s [YOUR-NAME] here at [BUSINESS-NAME] confirming your manicure appointment on [DATE] [TIME]. Reply YES to confirm or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for any concerns.

4. Send offers to beauty salon and spa customers

Build better relationships and increase chances gaining more return customers by sending offers for their return appointments. Start with these text templates.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! It’s almost time for another haircut. Get 15% off when you book before [DATE]. Book here [LINK]. [YOUR-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. [YOUR-NAME] here at [BUSINESS-NAME]. Book your next service before [DATE] and get 10% off. Book at [LINK].

A 20% special offer for you [CUSTOMER-NAME] when you book your service before [DATE]. Book at this [LINK]. [YOUR-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

5. After-service follow-up

Use these text templates and send appointment reminder messages to show some love and care to your customers after offering them a service at your salon, spa, or barbershop.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! [YOUR-NAME] at [BUSINESS-NAME], I hope you’re enjoying your new look. Pass by before the week ends for a FREE 15 minutes complementary aromatherapy care. Reserve a slot at [LINK].

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Get a FREE hair care service to maintain your new look by booking a seat at [LINK]. [YOUR-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! Remember to keep your hair in shape by doing [1] & [2] and avoid [1] & [2]. Reply to this message for help. [YOUR-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

6. Ask for a feedback from your customers

Know how satisfying your barbershop, salon, or spa business is serving your customers by sending them feedback requests with appointment reminder text templates.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. How would you rate our services? Reply 1 for good & 2 can do better. [YOUR-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! [YOUR-NAME] here at [BUSINESS-NAME]. Help us know how we’re doing and serve you better by replying with 1 to 10, 10 is highest.

[CUSTOMER-NAME], how was the service you received at [BUSINESS-NAME]? Share your thoughts via this link [FEEDBACK-LINK] or simply reply to this message. Thank you!

7. Request for review from you customers

Online reviews for your beauty salon or barbershop can help you land more clients as they help customers make quicker decisions. Use especially ready-to-use text templates with appointment reminder app.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. It’s [YOUR-NAME] here at [BUSINESS-NAME]. It was great serving you. Please get sometime and share your experience at our business page [GOOGLE-MY-BUSINESS-LINK].

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]! It’s nice making your hair again at [BARBERSHOP-NAME]. Help us serve more clients by sharing word at our Facebook page via this link [REVIEW-LINK].

8. Ask customers for a referral

Send your customers friendly referral-request text messages with pre-set text templates for online appointment booking software.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], get your friends a 20% OFF their first appointment when they show up and mention your name. [YOUR-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]! It’s [YOUR-NAME] at [SALON-NAME]. Let’s also serve your friends. Please share a word with them. Thank you!

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! Please refer your friends to us so we can serve them too. [YOUR-NAME], [BARBERSHOP-NAME].

9. Prepare you customers for their appointments

Some beauty salons and barbershop services need prior preparation. Send customers the right text messages with these SMS templates to prepare them for their upcoming appointment.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], please don’t do [A, B, C] three days to your hair styling appointment on [DATE] [TIME] at [BUSINESS-NAME].

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. It’s [YOUR-NAME] here at [BUSINESS-NAME]. Please do [ABC] a day to your appointment with us on [DATE] [TIME].

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Please do [ABC] a day prior to you facial and skin treatment appointment on [DATE] [TIME] at [BUSINESS-NAME]. Regards

10. Use SMS templates to guide your customers

Help your clients locate parking space when they visit your business with ready-to-use SMS templates especially designed for that purpose.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Your massage appointment at [BUSINESS-NAME] on [DATE] [TIME] is in the next 3 hours. Please arrive 15 minutes early and park on the left upon arrival. Regards!

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Your appointment at [BUSINESS-NAME] on [DATE] [TIME] is in the next hour. You’ll get parking assistance upon arrival. See you.

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