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10 Quick tips to optimize your Facebook page business profile for more leads and conversions

Published on 01-10-2022

10 Quick tips to optimize your Facebook page business profile for more leads and conversions

Optimizing your Facebook page business profile involves setting it up with 100% completeness. You fill in all necessary details correctly and get ready to win client trust.

An optimized Facebook page is convincing, can generate leads, and earn you conversions from your target audience.

1. Start with your business name

Your business name is your primary identity. Ensure you create your page with your real business name. A Facebook page name gives reveal your primary identity to your clients.

Your business name is very important. It always displays above every post your put up and sponsored ad when promoting your business.

Things to avoid when setting up your Facebook page name


  • Special characters: The Facebook system automatically rejects some special characters. Additionally, they aren’t a good choice for your business name.
  • Poor or weird spellings: In the case of pre-existing similar names, you may be tempted to tweak the spellings of your business name. This may not work for you as it’s not a true reflection of your business. Even if it is, nobody takes poorly spelled business seriously.
  • Improper capitalization: Poor capitalization is not fancy. It only makes you sound clumsy.

Tip: Facebook allows you to change your business name. It’s however ideal to get it right the first time. Pay closer attention when choosing your business name. Keep it short and if possible, include your main keyword.

2. Choose an appropriate template

Browse through Facebook’s templates and choose the one that best suits your business. Some of the templates include Restaurants and Cafes, Venues, Businesses, Shopping, and Services. Once you choose your template you can edit and customize it to match your business tone.

Tip: You can always pick a different template if the direction of your business changes.

3. Update your Facebook page details

Use the checklist below to complete your business page details.

  • Add a profile picture: Your profile picture displays whenever you make an update. It’s that important. A Facebook page profile should be at least 180 x 180 pixels.
  • Add a cover photo or video: A cover photo or cover video can make your Facebook page more appealing. The size should be at least 820 x 312 pixels.
  • Create a username: A username gives you a custom URL like facebook.com/yourbusiness and can help you rank higher for that username by making your business more visible for related searches.
  • Complete the Description section: Use original content highlighting the nature of your business and what you do, provide, or offer to clients.
  • Add your website: Get your website URL and add it to your Facebook business page. Include a link to your Facebook page on your website, it can boost your ranking.
  • Add contact details: Add your business contact phone number and email.
  • Link your other social media accounts: Add your links to Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, or Instagram. Only add accounts you use.
  • List your products or services: Use this section to briefly list the services your business offers or the products you sell.
  • Business story: Unlike the description section of your page, the business story allows you the opportunity to items like the founder’s story, add business FAQs, legal disclaimers, and even offer a detailed description of your business services and processes.

Tip: Make your username reflect your business name so users can easily remember your business. If you add any links, test and ensure they’re working fine.

4. Edit and manage your page tabs

Page tabs appear below your page name. Edit, add, or rearrange them to match your business needs. The most common tabs that work for almost any business include Services, Shop, and Offers.

Tip: Put the tabs your clients engage with most at the top to ensure clients can see them and engage as soon as they land on your page.

5. Set up your call-to-action (CTA)

Facebook call-to-action displays below the cover photo or cover video (depending on what you’ve added). Facebook gives you a variety of CTAs – pick what suits your business.

Some of the CTA options you can pick include Follow, View Gift Card, Start order, Book Now, Call Now, Contact Us, Send Message, Send WhatsApp Message, Send Email, Learn more, Sign Up, Use App, Play Game, Watch Video, or Shop on Website.

Tip: If your professional practice or business accepts online appointments, try out an automated appointment reminder and scheduling app that integrates with your Facebook page.

6. Share content and engage your audience

Beyond setting up your profile, posting content and engaging your audience is the ultimate growth goal. Create and share objective content with your audience.

Tip: Post content variety i.e., text, images, videos, about your services, and spice it up with some relevant fun. Engage your audience in the comments and address their highlights and concerns in a timely manner.

7. Set up Facebook Messenger chatbot for your audience

Facebook AI Messenger chatbots are a quick and efficient way to engage your customers around the clock.

Chatbots improve your customer experience journey by automating, boosting engagements, and helping your human agents be more efficient.

Set up your chatbot to run 24/7 and set it to personalize messages for your audience. You can even respond by mentioning their Facebook name.

Tip: Chatbots can help generate traffic to your website in the process of clients interacting with the AI bots. Embedding a Facebook chatbot on your website can also drive traffic to your Facebook page and prompt users to take specific steps.

8. Add relevant keywords to your page sections

The right keywords can get your business in the right audience. It’s one way of optimizing your Facebook business page for SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Add keywords to your About, Description, Post Headlines, Photo captions, Notes, and Updates.

Tip: Long-tail keywords perform better because they can help your target audience find your page. Search the keywords on Facebook and try to narrow them down to low-volume keywords.

9. Secure your Facebook vanity URL

A Facebook vanity URL contains the name of your business. It’s a unique web address branded with your Facebook username and is useful for boosting your branding and marketing.

Facebook vanity URL (facebook.com/username) = Facebook URL (facebook.com) + Your username

Tip: A Facebook vanity URL boosts your brand presence making you more visible to social media users. A branded URL makes you sound professional to your audience.

10. Pin important posts on your page’s timeline

Whenever clients visit your Facebook page, they first see your pinned post at the top of your page’s timeline. Pinned posts remain at the top even if you add new posts.

Types of content to pin on a Facebook business page


  • New arrivals
  • Service updates
  • Urgent information
  • Welcome post or video
  • Lead magnets
  • Special offers

Tip: Always use the pin feature to highlight the most important posts to place them at the top of your timeline for your audience to see.

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