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Text Template Message for Insurance Agents and Brokers Appointment Scheduling and Booking

Published on 10-26-2021

Text Template Message for Insurance Agents and Brokers Appointment Scheduling and Booking

SMS/text templates for Insurance agents, agencies, brokers, and businesses’ appointment messages and reminders

Stay connected with your insurance business or agency leads and clients with ready-to-send text templates for your appointment confirmations and reminders.

The SMS templates are personalized with your customer’s name and you can edit them to add any specific details you may need.

Appointment Reminder scheduling app offers you up-to 320 characters for your message (twice what most appointment reminder apps offer) confirmations and reminders.

Text messages for insurance agents, agencies, and brokers appointment reminders and confirmations should have:

  • Short formal or friendly personalized greetings.
  • The main message details.
  • The text call-to-action.

Keep the tips above in mind when sending insurance text message confirmations and reminders. Here are insurance agent’s common, ready-to-use text templates you started.

1. Ask your clients to send missing documents to fix their paperwork

Send quick and accurate reminders informing your clients about missing documents and other important details so you can fix their faster sort out their claims.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Please send the missing [DOCUMENT-1] for your claim to me [INSERT-EMAIL]. [AGENT-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. [AGENT-NAME] at [BUSINESS-NAME]. [DOCUMENT-1] & [DOCUMENT-2] are missing. Please send them to me via [INSERT-EMAIL]. Reply to this message or call me on [PHONE-NUMBER] for any help.

2. Prepare and update your clients on what to come with in their appointment

Inform your clients on the insurance requirements to bring with them for their appointment.

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Please fill the form at [INSERT-LINK] prior to your appt. on [DATE] [TIME] at [BUSINESS-NAME], [AGENT-NAME].

Thank you [CUSTOMER-NAME] for your appt with [BUSINESS-NAME] on [DATE], [TIME]. Please come with [DOCUMENT-1], [DOCUMENT-2] & [DOCUMENT-3]. [AGENT-NAME].

3. Face-to-face insurance client consultation appointment booking text templates

Use text templates to quickly send text reminders to your insurance clients to reduce no-shows and commit them to show-up.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. I’m [AGENT-NAME] at [BUSINESS-NAME] reminding you about your appt. on [DATE-TIME]. Please reply YES to confirm or call [PHONE-NUMBER] to reschedule.

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Your appt. is in two-hours’ time. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Park at [PARKING-LOCATION]. I’m warmly waiting. [AGENT-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

4. Update clients about newest insurance packages

Inform your customers about latest insurance packages with simple SMS reminders using text message templates.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! Check out some interesting insurance packages we’ve created for you at [INSERT-LINK] that could be of value for you. [AGENT-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

Dear [CUSTOMER-NAME], we’ve new [INSURANCE-TYPE] premiums for businesses like yours. Check them at [INSERT-LINK]. [AGENT-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

5. Text templates to notify clients about changes in insurance premiums and policies

Keep your clients in the loop about their insurance premiums and policies and the steps they should take.

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. We’ve updated our policy terms. Review them at [INSERT-LINK]. [BUSINESS-NAME].

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. I’m [AGENT-NAME] at [BUSINESS-NAME]. Remember to check an update to your insurance premium and policy at [INSERT-LINK].

6. Text templates to ask your insurance clients to share claim evidence

File solid insurance claims for your insureds using text message reminders templates to ask for pictures, files, or videos.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. [AGENT-NAME] at [BUSINESS-NAME]. Please send me the pics of damaged property via this secure link [INSERT-LINK]. I need them to back-up your claim.

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Securely upload damaged photo or video evidence you’ve via [INSERT-LINK] for use when filing your claim. Regards! [AGENT-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

7. Introduce yourself to and keep in touch with your clients

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. I’m [AGENT-NAME] and will be attending to you on your appt. at [BUSINESS-NAME], [DATE] [TIME]. See you there!

8. Notify customers about special offers

Use text messages to generate repeat business by maintaining good relationships with your clients by enticing them to visit your business again. Here are text templates to target them by a service you offered them that you can send your clients after a week.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! We’re happy successfully processing your claim. Get a 50% off your after-claim consultancy within the next 30 days. Book at [INSERT-LINK]. [BUSINESS-NAME].

[CUSTOMER-NAME], get [INSERT-OFFER] once you make an annual renewal of your insurance premium within 30 days. Renew at [INSERT-LINK]. [BUSINESS-NAME].

9. Post-appointment service and review text templates

Send automated post-appointment text messages for specific services you have offered to your customers.

Dear [CUSTOMER-NAME]! Please update your insurance profile details in the portal using the link [INSERT-LINK]. [BUSINESS-NAME].

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. [AGENT-NAME] here at [BUSINESS-NAME]. Please share your experience with other customers using this link [INSERT-LINK]. Thank you!

10. Request your customers for a referral

Grow your business by requesting your customers to share word out with the people in their circles. Send one request per a client.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! Share the word with you friends and when they show up, they get 10% off their service and you get 20% off your next service. [BUSINESS-NAME].

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]! We hope you enjoyed the quick claim processing for your [DAMAGED-PROPERTY-NAME]. Please give us a Google review at [INSERT-LINK] and help us reach more clients. [AGENT-NAME], [BUSINESS-NAME].

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