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Published on Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Appointment Reminder | Multiple Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminder is excited to announce that is now possible to send multiple reminder messages for each appointment.  Whether you're using our online web calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar or any of our other integrations multiple reminders are available to all.

This has been a common request over the last few months and was on our road map but has been bought forward as our system continues to get more clients and the request was becoming more frequent.  Here at Appointment Reminder we try and only build features based on what our actual clients need and this is one that a lot of people have been asking for.

A common scenario we see is businesses wanting to send text reminders 24 hours before the appointment and then another reminder 60 minutes before.  

How to create a "Multiple Reminder Sequence"

  • Login to Appointment Reminder or create an account if don't already have one.

  • Go to "Account Settings" at the top of the screen.

  • Click "Sequences" in the left hand navigation menu.

  • Click "Create New Sequence"

You will now be prompted to create the name of the sequence and the first reminder which should be sent.  

Multiple Reminder Setup Screen

1.  The name of the sequence.  This will be used when creating Appointment Reminders so should call it something that defines what it does.  I have seen people use names like "Text 24 hours before, Text 60 minutes before"

2.  Choose whether to stop sending reminders once a reply is received.  Appointment Reminder can stop sending reminders once someone has replied.  

3.  What type of reminder should be sent, you have 3 options Text, Email or Voice.  If you want to send a text and email at the same time you can create additional sequences with the same information but a different type of reminder.

4. When should the reminder message be sent?  There are two options.  The first is to send a time before the appointment such as 4 hours, the second option is to send at a specific time such as 12:15 the day before.  If you want to send at a specific time just click the "send at custom time" checkbox.

5.  The last option is to sent what time of day reminders should be sent.  If you chose to send the reminder 6 hours before and the appointment was at 8am you wouldn't want to send the reminder at 2am and potentially have an unhappy customer.  Set the start and end times so reminders will only be sent during these times.

Once you have everything filled out you can click create.  The sequence will be created and you'll be taken to a second screen which you can create additional steps. 


Additional Reminder Steps

You can add as many additional reminder steps as you need.

You will now be able to choose the sequence when creating the reminder.  Steps below for our different integrations.  Online Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar.

Online Calendar

Online Calendar - Multiple Reminders

The online calendar with multiple reminders work exactly the same as what you are used to except you will now have the option to select any multiple reminder sequences you've created.

Outlook Calendar

Outlook multiple reminders


In Outlook when creating the reminder you will now also see any sequences you've created.  You need to make sure you have the latest version of the Outlook Plugin.

Google Calendar

Go to Account Settings at the top of the screen once logged into Appointment Reminder then business settings.

Google Multiple Reminders

If you have any questions about how multiple reminders work then please contact us.

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