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How to plan, package and price your massage therapy business services

Published on 01-17-2024

How to plan, package and price your massage therapy business services

Running a successful massage therapy business requires careful packaging and pricing of your services. This applies to both standalone and bundle packages.

Here are tips to help you plan out your service packages and set competitive pricing.

Tips to package your massage therapy business services

Organize your services around the needs of your prospective clients. The services you offer depend on the massage techniques that you and your team have.

Tailor your massage services to meet the specific needs of your local massage therapist market.

1. Standalone services

Stand-alone services involve only one massage technique. They could be specific services like sports massage, remedial massage, therapeutic massage services, among others.

2. Bundle service packages

Bundle services are a combination of two or more massage therapy services. Find a combination of massage therapy services that complement each other.

A bundled service could be something personalized combining Deep Tissue + Swedish + Stretching to help your clients restore their flexibility.

3. One-time massage therapy packages

One-time massage therapy sessions could be for clients on transit or on a special threat like a birthday celebration.

4. Recurring packages

Recurring packages offer clients the option to make a repeated subscription. These packages are a bit cheaper collectively compared to one-time sessions.

5. Private service packages

Private service packages could be for clients who prefer privacy for their massage therapy clients. Although anybody can sign up for this service, it’s common among high profile clients.

6. Group service packages

Group packages are tailored for people who prefer a come together. They could be friends, family members, or work colleagues.

Price your massage therapy services

After planning out and packaging your services, next is assigning them a price tag.

There are several factors that influence the prices you set for your massage therapy services.

1. Practice experience level

Generally, fresh massage therapy clients price their services lower than experienced and specialized therapists.

2. The demand for your services

Massage services have varying levels of demand. Highly demanded massage therapy services attract higher prices and the least demanded services.

3. Location of your office

Massage therapist offices in high-end areas pay more rent and are in proximity to premium clients. Their prices are expected to be higher.

Travelling to your client’s home or office to offer them your service may attract additional costs because that involves travelling and time expenses.

4. Check your competition

Find out the price range for your competitors. You don’t have to price your services like your competitors. However, you should not price your services too high or too low. Abnormally high prices will make you come across as exploitative and too low prices will make you look desperate.

5. Price by the packages

Single and one-time massage therapy are pricy compared to bundle and multi-session massage therapy services.

6. Payment mode

Prepaid services are likely to be cheaper compared to pay-as-you-go because clients can earn the benefit of committing in advance.

7. Base rate

The base rate for your services is the minimum amount you want to be paid for the least package. Offers and discounts shouldn’t affect the base rate price. Discounts or no discounts, the base rate accounts for the least you can take home from the least-priced package.

8. Value proposition

Massage therapy businesses with higher value propositions charge more than the average businesses because their customers have higher expectations and these businesses deliver exceptional services.

9. Duration

Massage services that take more time to deliver are more expensive.

10. Add-ons

If you plan to include add-ons to your services, then the price is likely to be higher than ordinary services.

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