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 Appointment Reminders for HouseCall Pro

Published on 11-19-2019

Appointment Reminders for HouseCall Pro

Learn how to use AppointmentReminder.com with HouseCall Pro

Multiple AppointmentReminder.com clients are using the #1 Field Software - Housecall Pro to manage their home service business. People use AppointmentReminder.com to send SMS / Text message reminders to their clients with our software. Housecall Pro is a great tool for entrepreneurs to keep track of their business, create invoices, and manage their customers. While the HouseCall Pro system does have an appointment reminder system for when appointments are initially scheduled, it is mostly email bsaed and only sends when an appointment is initially scheduled. Using the standard system is not very flexible and leaves clients wanting to do more to remind clients using SMS / text messages for their upcoming appointment hours before.

Here are the reasons to use AppointmentReminder.com for your SMS / Text message appointment reminders.


  1. AppointmentReminder.com allows for greater flexibility. You will have the ability to send SMS / Text Message reminders, email and phone call reminders with AppointmentReminder.com. Homecall Pro is only an email reminder when the appointment is initially set.
  2. Remind customers hours prior to an upcoming appointment. This will help increase your show rate knowing whether customers will show up for their appointment. It saves you time from having to track down customers and instead can be doing the work you are good at.
  3. Customized appointment reminder messages. All SMS / text messages, email, and phone messages can be customized by you. You can add your company logo to the email messages and can even create your very own voice recording to be sent to your customers.




Once the Housecall Pro calendar is connected to Google Calendar AppointmentReminder.com can sync from the calendar and create customized appointment reminder scripts and sequences for different appointments.

Click here to view more information at AppointmentReminder.com integration with Google Calendar and how to connect your calendar.



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