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Text & SMS Reminder Templates for Fitness Trainers, Gym Instructors, and Yoga

Published on 10-26-2021

Text & SMS Reminder Templates for Fitness Trainers, Gym Instructors, and Yoga

Text templates for fitness studios, personal trainers, gym, and yoga services’ appointment reminders and confirmations

One of the recommended ways to minimize no shows for your gym, yoga, or fitness studio is to send timely appointment confirmation messages and reminders. Ready-to-use text templates give you a quick start so you can spend that time focusing on serving your clients.

Customers easily self-book appointments 24/7 with a simple appointment scheduling web link specific to your business.

Do text templates work for gym instructors and personal trainers?

Yes, text templates help personal trainers and gym instructors send the right and timely messages, confirmations, and reminders to their clients.

1. Gym sessions appointment confirmation text templates

Successful client appointments start by confirming appointments for your clients. Send confirmation messages to your fitness, yoga, and gym clients as soon as they book an appointment with you or your business.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], you’ve booked a yoga session at [YOGA-BUSINESS] on [DATE] [TIME]. Reply YES to confirm. Call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help.

[CUSTOMER-NAME], its [GYM-INSTRUCTOR] at [GYM-NAME]. Reply YES to confirm your appointment on [DATE [TIME]. Reply to this message for help or call [PHONE-NUMBER].

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME], its [YOUR-NAME] your fitness trainer. Please confirm your [DATE] [TIME] appointment with a YES. Reply to this message for help.

2. Text templates to send appointment reminders

Reduce no shows and increase client attendance to your gym, yoga, or fitness center and coaching by sending appointment reminders. Personalize these SMS/text templates to save time and start sending personalized reminders.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], you’ve a gym appointment at [GYM-NAME] in 24 hours [DATE] [TIME]. Reply to this message for help. See you there!

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], it’s [YOUR-NAME] here. Your yoga session is coming up in a week’s time on [DATE [TIME]. Call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help. Save the date.

Hey [CUSTOMER-NAME], see you at 3 pm today for your fitness consultation. [YOUR-NAME] at [FITNESS-CENTER-NAME]. Reply to this message for help.

3. Send rescheduling messages to your gym members

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! You’ve successfully rescheduled your session at [GYM-NAME] to [DATE] [TIME]. Need help, reply to this message!

Hey [CUSTOMER-NAME]. You’ve rescheduled your fitness class to [DATE [TIME]. [YOUR-NAME], [FITNESS-CENTER].

4. Send them a notice message

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], [YOUR-NAME] here at [FITNESS-CENTER]. We’ll be closed from [DATE] to [DATE] for maintenance.

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]! We’ll be closed on [DATE] because of [INSERT-REASON]. We’ll resume fitness appointment session on [DATE]. Sorry for inconvenience. [YOUR-NAME], [FITNESS-CENTER].

Hey [CUSTOMER-NAME], it’s [YOUR-NAME] at [YOGA-CENTER]. We’ll be closed for maintenance on [DATE] from [START-TIME] to [END-TIME]. Plan accordingly to avoid inconvenience. Namaste!

5. Send reopening messages to your customers

News! We’re back on [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Keep booking your sessions at [YOGA-CENTER] via link [INSERT-LINK]. [YOUR-NAME].

Hey [CUSTOMER-NAME]. [GYM-NAME] is open again. Schedule your training appointments 24/7 at [INSERT-LINK]. [YOUR-NAME].

6. Request feedback from your gym and yoga clients

Know how your gym or yoga business is doing by getting your customer’s opinion with a simple text message after their services.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], thank you for the honor to take you through your yoga sessions. Please reply to this message and leave us a feedback. [YOUR-NAME], [YOGA-CENTER].

Hey [CUSTOMER-NAME]! It’s [COACH-NAME] at [FITNESS-CENTER]. Share with us your

7. Ask for a review with text templates

Collect reviews from your yoga, gym, and fitness business by asking you clients to give you’re a review on your business profiles with text templates for appointment reminders.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], we’re happy being your gym choice for fitness. Kindly help us share the word by reviewing us on our Facebook business profile at [INSERT-LINK]. [YOUR-NAME] at [GYM-NAME].

Hey [CUSTOMER-NAME], its [YOUR-NAME] at [YOGA-CENTER]. I’m happy the you’re mastering your yoga sessions. Please take a moment and do us Google My Business profile at [LINK]. Thank you!

Dear [CUSTOMER-NAME], its [FITNESS-CENTER] here. Kindly reply to this message with a short review that we can share with our website visitors. [YOUR-NAME], regards.

8. Give your customers an offers and discounts

Share offers and discounts with your customers with these text template messages for appointment reminder scheduling software and you could boost customer returns.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], get a holidays’ offer 30% off for the first 10 customers booking yoga sessions at [YOGA-BUSINESS] by [DATE]. Book at [INSERT-LINK]. [YOUR-NAME], regards!

ONLY for you [CUSTOMER-NAME]! Get one session free for your fitness coaching when you book within one week. Book at [LINK]. [YOUR-NAME], [FITNESS-CENTER].

9. After care follow up text messages

Follow-up your customers and ensure they’re doing great after taking them through their sessions. Here are SMS templates to get you off the ground.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], keep building strength of your mind and body with yoga sessions. Reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help. [YOUR-NAME], [YOGA-CENTER].

Hey [CUSTOMER], its [YOUR-NAME] at [FITNESS-CENTER] checking on you and hope your sessions are getting you better. Reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help. Regards!

10. Share tips with your fitness clients

Sharing simple tips with handy SMS message templates to your customer will help them better their wellness journey.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], keep doing [ABC] after every fitness session to maintain a steady fitness path. Remember to schedule your bi-weekly consultation session at [INSERT-LINK]. Reply to this message for help. [YOUR-NAME], [FITNESS-CENTER].

Hey [CUSTOMER-NAME], avoid doing [ABC] after a heavy workout. Keep rocking. [YOUR-NAME], [GYM-NAME].

11. Send gym, yoga, or fitness renewal messages

Send personalized messages reminding your clients to renew their membership with ready text templates for appointment reminder and booking app. They’ll appreciate that you care about them.

Hey [CUSTOMER-NAME]! Its [YOUR-NAME] at [FITNESS-CENTER]. Your quarterly membership is expiring on [DATE]. Renew at [INSERT-RENEWAL-LINK] or reply to this message for renewal help.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. You’ve two more yoga sessions remaining for your package. Reply to this message for help or use [INSERT-LINK] to book another package. [YOUR-NAME], [YOGA-CENTER-NAME].

12. Fill last minute openings

Take care of those last-minute appointments by filling them with clients on your waiting list. Get started with these text message templates.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! An opening just came up today at [TIME] and you’re top of our waiting list. If you’re available book at [LINK] before [TIME]. [YOUR-NAME], [FITNESS-CENTER].

Hey [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Its [YOUR-NAME] at [GYM-NAME]. A coaching session has just been available at [TIME]. You’re in our waiting list and if you’re available proceed to book at [LINK] or reply to this message for reservation.

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