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  • Do this and you could get more customers booking appointments via Instagram!
Do this and you could get more customers booking appointments via Instagram!

Published on 03-28-2022

Do this and you could get more customers booking appointments via Instagram!

How to get more customers booking appointments by optimizing your Instagram business profile

Win more online client appointments by using these tips to optimize your Instagram business profile.

Instagram can give you broad exposure to potential clients. Some of them could be customers seeking your service and they can book schedule their appointments with you online.

1. Clear Instagram business profile picture

Use a clear picture for your Instagram Business profile to make it easier for clients to recognize you.

Your business logo could be the best choice for you as it instantly identifies you to your clients.

Clients are more likely to book appointments with businesses with a clear Instagram business profile.

2. Instagram username

Use a name that identifies your business as the Instagram name; this is also your Instagram username.

The idea is to use a name that makes it easier for your clients to find you.

Let your Instagram name bear your business name.

3. Update your Instagram bio

Instagram bio is a powerful feature for you to share more information about your business services. Briefly mention or highlight your products and services.

Add a link to your bio. It could be your website URL or a landing page on your website.

4. Add your business contact information

Give your clients multiple means to contact you. Add your phone number, your email address, and invite users to contact you by direct message.

5. Use relevant emojis to your bio

There’s a reason Instagram allows you to add emojis to your bio. Use it to your advantage.

Instead of having bare text, adding some emojis can bring out the expression of your brand personality.

It’ll make your bio more exciting and visually appealing.

6. Add relevant hashtags

Use relevant hashtags to increase visibility for your business services.

Find and add relevant hashtags to your description to increase your visibility on Instagram. You may be visible to users when their searches match your hashtags.

7. Add a website call-to-action

A call-to-action gives your visitors and Instagram followers action steps.

Add your website to your Instagram profile. It can drive more leads to your website so your clients can see your products and services.

8. Enable booking button

If you offer services that accept appointments, enable the Book Now option in your Instagram profile and link with an appointment reminder system to instantly accept appointments.

New and returning clients can book online appointments directly without necessarily visiting your business website.

9. Build a following on your Instagram profile

Find and follow other businesses more so those that relate to your services. Following helps you to build your network and open to business opportunities.

An appointment reminder app allows your customers to self-book their appointments.

It also helps reduce no-shows by sending automated text, email, or voice message reminders.

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