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  • Custom Mappings for Appointment Reminder - Leveraging Regex with Google Calendar
Custom Mappings for Appointment Reminder - Leveraging Regex with Google Calendar

Published on 09-15-2023

Custom Mappings for Appointment Reminder - Leveraging Regex with Google Calendar

In today’s dynamic world, personalization can be the differentiator that ensures effective communication. One such realm where this holds paramount importance is appointment reminders. In this article, we delve into the potent combination of regex (regular expressions) and Google Calendar, which can be harnessed to extract specific, personalized details for custom reminder messages.

1. Introduction to Regex

Regex, or regular expressions, is a sequence of characters defining a search pattern. Used primarily to match strings in texts, it can be instrumental in extracting specific details such as names, numbers, and more from a body of text.

2. The Need for Custom Mappings with Google Calendar

With Google Calendar being a universally accepted scheduling tool, the data within often contains personalized information input in a free format. Whether it’s a consultation detail, invoice amounts, or even a pet’s name, this information, when harnessed properly, can be used to send powerful reminders that resonate.

3. Examples of Custom Mappings

Let’s explore how regex can be employed for custom mappings using the named match grouping:

Dollar Value

  • Calendar Entry: “Invoice payment due for John - $150”
  • Regex Pattern: .*\$(?<match>[\d,.]+)

Customer Name

  • Calendar Entry: “Appointment with Jane Doe at 3:00 PM”
  • Regex Pattern: Appointment with (?<match>[\w\s]+) at

Child’s Name

  • Calendar Entry: “Pediatric appointment for Sarah at 2:00 PM”
  • Regex Pattern: Pediatric appointment for (?<match>[\w\s]+) at

Pet’s Name

  • Calendar Entry: “Vet appointment for Whiskers at 4:30 PM”
  • Regex Pattern: Vet appointment for (?<match>[\w\s]+) at

Custom Order Number

  • Calendar Entry: “Order #A12345B is ready for pickup”
  • Regex Pattern: Order #(?<match>[\w\d]+) is

Zoom Meeting Link and Passcode

  • Calendar Entry: “Team meeting: Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/123456789?pwd=abcdefgh
  • Regex Pattern for Zoom Link: Join Zoom Meeting.*(?<match>https://.*zoom.*)
  • Regex Pattern for Passcode: pwd=(?<match>[\w\d]+)


4. Leveraging the Power of Custom Mappings

By leveraging these custom mappings, businesses and service providers can:

  • Personalize their communication, ensuring the recipient finds relevance in the reminder.
  • Include specific details pertinent to the appointment – be it location, assigned personnel, or special instructions.
  • Automate and reduce manual work thereby decreasing potential errors and increasing efficiency.


5. Tips and Considerations


  • Maintain a consistent format in Google Calendar entries to ensure flawless regex extraction.
  • Always test your regex patterns before full-scale implementation.
  • Handle sensitive information with care, ensuring compliance with data protection norms.



Custom mappings for appointment reminders, using regex and Google Calendar, offer a unique way to make business communication more personalized and effective. If the prospect of setting up custom regex patterns feels daunting, contact the team at Appointment Reminder. Their expertise ensures your reminders are not only effective but also perfectly tailored to your needs. Remember, an impactful reminder is just a regex pattern away!

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