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  • Checklist: Important skills you should have to succeed in a massage therapist profession and business
Checklist: Important skills you should have to succeed in a massage therapist profession and business

Published on 02-06-2024

Checklist: Important skills you should have to succeed in a massage therapist profession and business

After acquiring your massage therapy certification or license, ensure you have the physical and mental fortitude as you serve your clients. Here is the list of skills to boost your success as a massage therapist.

Massage therapy skill #1: Master the right techniques

You learn massage techniques in school. It takes time, practice, and commitment to master and apply the technique in the real client life. Don’t limit yourself to school knowledge. Advance your skills by self-learning and plan on continuing your education.

Massage therapy skill #2: Effectively manage your time

Your revenue depends on the number of clients you serve. Every appointment matters and you should plan it to address your client’s expectations within the scheduled time. Managing your time will also benefit your clients so they keep pace with the time they commit to coming for their services.

Massage therapy skill #3: Protect your clients’ privacy

Your massage therapist professions may involve sensitive client information like past medical records. Prioritize on integrity and build on trust to ensure your clients’ details are safe from unauthorized parties.

Massage therapy skill #4: Result-centered mindset

One of your primary responsibilities is to guide your clients to realize their desired outcomes. An action-focused mindset will not only keep you in motion to deliver result-motivated actions. It also challenges you to focus on better outcomes for yourself.

Massage therapy skill #5: Consistency

As you commit to providing great massage therapy sessions, implement techniques to maintain consistency.

“I’ve learned from experience that if you work harder at it, and apply more energy and time to it, and more consistency, you get a better result. It comes from work.” – Louis C. K.

Massage therapy skill #6: Communicate effectively

Your massage therapy clients expect you to effectively communicate with them.

Carefully listen to your clients to understand their desires and expectations so you can help them achieve it when they show up for their massage therapy sessions.

Massage therapy skill #7: Make the right decisions at the right time

Every decision you make, no matter how small or big it will affect your practice. Normalize making the right decisions for yourself and your clients. Purpose to objectively evaluate your individual client needs. Next, recommend a personalized massage therapy treatment for them.

Massage therapy skill #8: Be keen on self-care

Pursuing a massage therapy career focuses more on caring for other people. You could possibly forget to care about yourself. Prevent and minimize personal injuries by applying various massage techniques in the right way. Organize your daily routine of massage sessions in a manner that will help you achieve balance and minimize both physical tension and mental stress.

Massage therapy skill #9: Embrace self-discipline

Whether you’re employed or are a solo massage therapy practitioner, tie self-discipline by your loins. It is a survival nugget involving putting in regular hours, focusing on improving your skills, and doing what needs done when it needs without fail.

Massage therapy skill #10: Build a positive client experience

Be emphatic to your clients to nurture an exciting and positive experience with them. Making your clients feel comfortable can easily convert them into returning clients. Massage therapy involves touch.

Clients appreciate a service centered on a positive attitude. Embrace this and you’ll easily make happier clients and returning clients.

Massage therapy skill #11: Build your physical strength

Massage therapist practice involves physical stamina to serve clients. You’ll perform most of your client services standing, moving around, and involving your hands. Plan to keep yourself physically fit to attain the physical strength to sustain your practice demands.

Massage therapy skill #12: Learn to use an appointment reminder app

Focus your time and energy to serve clients and let an appointment scheduling and reminder app automate your scheduling process and send SMS text confirmation and reminder messages.

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