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Best online booking system for barbers and barbershops

Published on 02-06-2022

Best online booking system for barbers and barbershops

Manual appointment booking via phone calls can cost you precious business time, growth and revenues. An online appointment system can make your barbershop run efficiently by automating scheduling.

Before you pick a barbershop appointment booking app

An ideal appointment scheduling app should meet the needs of your business.

Identify the issues you want to solve with the online booking app for your barbershop business.

Here is what you get with the best online appointment app for barbershops

A barber and barbershop appointment scheduling system makes it easy for clients to quickly book appointments. It also sends confirmation and reminder messages helping increase appointments by reducing no-shows.

1. Get a dedicated barbershop webpage

Get a unique appointment scheduling webpage for your barbershop so your customers can instantly book appointments with your business.

The barbershop appointment link contains your preferred name to easily identify you before clients and personalize your booking web page more by adding your logo.

2. Send automated SMS text confirmation, reminder, and update messages

Our appointment reminder system for barbershops sends appointment confirmation SMS messages and reminders updating your client about their upcoming appointments. It can also send your clients appointment cancellation messages. Automated SMS reminders help:

Confirm successful appointment bookings

Sending confirmation messages to your clients helps assure them that their bookings are successful. The confirmation message contains the booking details so they can adjust if necessary.

Reduce no-shows by reminding clients about their upcoming appointments

Sending automated SMS text reminders via the appointment reminder app helps update your clients about their upcoming appointments so they can purpose to attend.

Clients receive reminders in their phone SMS inbox like their usual text messages from their friends.

Update clients about changes to their bookings

Notify clients if something happens along the way involving a change of schedule, appointment cancellations and rebooking.

An appointment reminder app for barbershop businesses can send updates via SMS texts, emails, or voice messages.

3. Accept quick clients’ booking via your business social media profiles

Add the booking link you get from appointment reminder to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to enable your clients to book directly.

Interestingly, your clients can book their appointment with your barbershop without necessarily visiting your website.

4. Let clients book their appointments 24/7

Once you have an appointment reminder in place, your link is active 24/7 ensuring your clients self-book their appointments any time of the day at their convenience.

No more strain responding to appointment emails or waiting in the line and making phone calls to manage customer appointments.

Your barbershop appointment reminder takes care of your appointments day and night as you focus on delivering services.

5. Efficiently manage your staff’s availability

Organize your staff schedule aligning it with the services you offer by adding them to the appointment reminder. They get updates in their personal calendars and get to plan their workdays accordingly.

The appointment reminder system gives you the convenience to customize your team’s availability. It’s so convenient that no hours overlap. There is no double booking.

Clients can only book appointments in the slots you’ve allocated on your barbershop appointment reminder app.

6. Convert your clients into returning customers

As you focus on getting new clients, remember to pay more attention to converting clients you’ve served into returning customers.

It’s much cheaper and easier to get returning customers than acquire new ones. Barbershops operate on recurring services.

Activate your customers for return services by offering them the best services to meet or exceed their expectations.

Use the appointment reminder app to send previous clients’ messages via SMS, email, or voice messages letting them know they’re welcome and you would like to serve them again.

A client-centred, motivating, and easy booking process

Appointment reminder is creatively built and designed to power barbershops’ appointments. It motivates and gives your clients the convenience to easily book.

7. Real-time appointment booking

As soon as a client books, the slot is instantly reserved and clients can only book from the others available.

Clients like it when they book in real-time and receive an SMS confirming that their appointment is successful. The Appointment Reminder app will do all this for you.

8. Get real-time notifications

Get notifications as soon as clients book an appointment with your barbershop business. Appointment Reminder updates your calendar in real-time.

9. Stay more organized

The barbershop appointment reminder scheduling app keeps your business more organized. You view and manage your clients’ bookings calendar from anywhere, anytime. Booking is convenient, scheduling is easier, and managing cancellations is automated.

10. Reduce no-shows with appointment reminder

Automating the appointment booking process also sends SMS text message reminders and email notifications. This ensures your clients never miss an appointment. They can reschedule and effectively manage cancellations without affecting your business.

Run your barbershop business with efficiency and peace


Dedicated customer support

At Appointment Reminder, we offer you the support you need to ensure appointment scheduling works for you anytime.

We provide phone, email, and chat support.

Free onboarding and setup assistance

Get free assistance setting up an appointment scheduling system for your business. Our team is experienced in providing personalized onboarding services to businesses like yours.

Transparent and flexible pricing

Pay only for what you need! Pick a pricing plan that matches your business needs. You can always upgrade as your business grows – anywhere, anytime.

Barbershop Appointment Booking FAQs

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about the appointment booking system for barbers and barbershop businesses.

How far can clients book our barber services in advance with the appointment reminder app?

Our appointment reminder app can allow your client to book appointments for your services hours, days, weeks, or months in advance. You have the flexibility to decide how far into the future your clients can book your services.

Is it a must for a client to contact me to reschedule their appointments?

It’s not a must for your clients to contact you to reschedule their appointments. Appointment Reminder scheduling software for barbershops allows you to send your clients an automatic scheduling link in case they may need it.

Can I get customer reviews using Appointment Reminder?

Yes, you can get customer reviews with an appointment reminder and scheduling booking app!

It’s quick and simple.

Automate review requests text or email messages after successful appointments by sending your clients an SMS or an email with a link to your review site. You can share a link to Google, Facebook, or any other place you deem suitable to collect your reviews.

Can I use my appointment reminder app without a website?

Yes! You don’t need any downloads, only a simple website booking link. Further, your clients also don’t need to make any downloads for them to book your services. Once you have the appointment reminder scheduling system link, that’s all you share with your clients – it works.

Do you have a demo for the appointment reminder app?

Yes, we do! Sign up for a 14-Day Free Trial (cancel anytime within 14 days without charges) and test how our Appointment Reminder app can work for you.

Are you ready to save time and money?

Appointment Reminder is designed with one goal in mind – to allow you to
make more money off of your clients, while wasting less time contacting them.