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Appointment Reminder Calls (Voice Messages) for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Published on 05-02-2022

Appointment Reminder Calls (Voice Messages) for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Customize and send personalized appointment reminders and confirmation voice call messages to your customers with an Appointment Scheduling software. Combine them with SMS text message reminders or email messages for remarkable results.

What is a reminder call or voice message?

What is reminder call meaning? What are automated reminder calls? What is a voice message reminder?

A reminder call is a voice message that automatically sends out to your clients prompting them about their upcoming online scheduled appointments with professional practitioners and businesses.

Businesses accept clients to book their services via online appointments and send them voice confirmation and reminder messages to increase clients’ turn out.

Is there a difference between a reminder call and a reminder voice message?

The difference between a voice message and a reminder call depends on the user case. Most businesses using Appointment Scheduling apps apply these terms interchangeably to imply the same thing.

For some, a reminder call may imply calling clients from the office. Other users use reminder calls to refer to automated voice messages.

Voice messages don’t need clients to pick and answer calls. They can listen to the message and act accordingly at their convenience.

What is the difference between a reminder call and a reminder text?

The mode of delivery is the main difference between appointment text reminders and appointment reminder calls.

A dedicated, interactive, and automated appointment reminder scheduling app lets you customize and schedule voice calls messages which deliver to your clients in audio format.

If you’re sending text messages, they’ll deliver to your customers as normal SMS messages. Text message reminders have minimal disruptions, higher open and response rates.

How do you make a reminder voice call, the right way?

If you want your clients to confirm their appointments, get replies, and send reminder messages, an appointment reminder app would be the best solution to make a reminder voice call.

Log into your appointment reminder app, personalize the message and schedule the reminder voice call message to help your clients remember to attend their scheduled appointments.

Get a Free 14-Day Trial to try Voice Message & SMS text reminders

The voice message will automatically ring your client’s phone at the time you set.

Where do I get an appointment reminder voice call script or template for my message?

Voice message scripts are done for you templates that you can use to customize the message you purpose to send to your clients.

Use the starter script within the appointment reminder app to begin crafting your voice messages.

The call reminder app also has string parameters you can click to insert into your voice call reminder messages to automatically insert the message content you want.

How does a voice message for an appointment reminder work?

A voice message or reminder call works like your phone or alarm clock. When you schedule it in an appointment reminder, it rings your client’s phone with the voice message with the appointment details.

Depending on your client’s phone settings, it can notify them to listen to an incoming message.

How do you politely remind someone of an appointment?

Keep the tips below in mind to politely remind your clients about their upcoming appointments:

Create the right message: Include the essential elements in the SMS text, email, or voice messages. Identify yourself, your business, highlight the appointment type, time, and the location.

Send less disruptive reminders: Choose the reminder message delivery mode that is least disruptive for your clients. With Appointment Reminder app, you can send SMS text messages, email message reminders, or voice message reminders.

Timely reminder sending: Sending reminders during the day works best for most businesses. The easiest strategy is to automate the reminders to send out at the optimal hours of the day for maximum open rates. Avoid or minimize intruding into your customers’ silent hours.

Why are reminder voice calls (voice messages) important?

If you’ve used text reminders, you may wonder whether reminder voice messages are useful or more beneficial. Appointment reminder voice messages can benefit your business in the following ways:

Reduce clients’ no-shows

Get more clients attending appointments for your online appointment scheduling with automated voice call message reminders to reduce no-shows.

Appointment reminder voice messages can help you overcome service disruption by automatically minimizing missed appointments and preventing clients from running late.

Better user engagement when managing online booking appointments

Automating voice call reminders can improve the engagement with your users. It’s a natural propensity for people to attend voice calls as they do to SMS text messages.

Keep your business running smoothly

As voice message reminders take care of your appointment confirmations and remind your clients about their booked and upcoming appointments, your business becomes more efficient.

Appointment Reminder app automates and manages appointment scheduling, managing cancellations, and reschedules. You and your team get uninterrupted time to actively focus on service your customers.

Automated voice messages work 24/7

Once you schedule the voice messages, the appointment reminder app can deliver them to your clients on time, any day, anywhere, anytime.

Automating voice reminder messages gives you peace of mind with the assurance of promptly delivering appointment confirmation messages.

How to make reminder voice call messages successful and HIPAA compliant

The success of your voice message or voice call reminders depends these factors:

Personalize voice message reminders for your clients

Create a closer touch with your customers by addressing them as if you’re with them in-person.

Instead of sending generic messages, customize your voice confirmation and reminder messages by addressing your clients by their name.

Send confirmation and reminder messages that are particular to their appointment containing all necessary details about the appointment they booked online.

Send voice messages at the right time

What is the right time to send appointment reminder voice messages?

The most reliable means is to automate the reminders to send out at times suitable for maximum reach.

Mid-morning, midday and evening times tend to work well for most businesses. These are hours when your clients are most likely to listen to and engage with your voice messages.

Keep voice messages brief and to the point

Effective voice messages are a few seconds long.

Send voice calls messages that work by communicating exactly what your client should know for their upcoming appointments.

Send voice messages that protect your client’s privacy

Appointment Reminder is already HIPAA compliant ensuring you send secure and compliant voice messages to your clients.

Android and iPhone phone call voice reminders

Personalize voice message reminders for your clients that use iPhones and Android phones.

The Appointment Reminder app voice call messages are effective and will work with your calendars on both Android and iPhones.

You don’t need any iPhone apps or Android apps to start using voice reminders. An appointment reminder app effectively works on both Android and iPhone - all you need is your dedicated business appointment booking link.

Voice message vs text/SMS text reminders

Which reminders work best? Voice messages or text reminders? Should businesses use voice message reminders or SMS text messages for appointments? Should they simultaneously use SMS text reminders and voice messages?

Whichever reminders a business sends to clients, the goal is to timely deliver an intended message for them to confirm appointments, receive reminders about their upcoming appointments, and reply messages regarding their appointments booked online.

Sending voice message reminders require your clients to turn up their volume to hear the messages, or at least use their headphones.

Most businesses use text reminder messages more than they do voice messages because of their convenience to clients.

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