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  • 50+ A-Z Business TEXT/SMS Message Abbreviations + Examples | 2022
50+ A-Z Business TEXT/SMS Message Abbreviations + Examples | 2022

Published on 02-14-2022

50+ A-Z Business TEXT/SMS Message Abbreviations + Examples | 2022

Business texting is the least disruptive and most convenient means to communicate with clients. They receive text messages as SMS on their phones. Text SMS abbreviations can enhance the texting process by helping you pass a message to customers with fewer characters and words.

SMS abbreviations for business are ideal for all forms of customer communication. This includes personalized or bulky messages, sending appointment confirmation, reminders, and follow-up messages.

Business to business, business to customer, customer to business text message abbreviations

Both businesses and customers can use texting abbreviations to communicate. Businesses can text businesses and customers, customers can text or respond to business messages.

Why you should use text abbreviations for your business text messages

SMS text message abbreviations for business texting can make your messaging experience easier, quicker, and more efficient.

1. Precise communication

Customers like business texting that’s on point. SMS text abbreviation can help you avoid wordiness to impressively convey your message.

2. Text SMS abbreviations are common

Yes! The texting acronyms may seem confusing or grammatically incorrect but they are very common in the business space. Businesses and clients know about them. Go ahead, pick your SMS text abbreviations and start using them.

3. Save time with text acronyms

Using text message abbreviations can save you tons of time. Type your text messages faster, save more time and use it for other business activities.

4. Communicate within character limits

Communicate more with fewer words using SMS abbreviations. SMS messaging has a character limit. Abbreviations will help you pass your entire message while using the available character limits.

SMS text message abbreviations with examples

Tip: B2C = business to customer, C2B = customer to business.

App.: Appointment

B2C: Reply YES to confirm your salon appt. on [date] [time] at [business name]. Reschedule at [link].

C2B: Help me reschedule my appt. from [date] [time] to [date] [time]. Ty!

Admin: Administrator

B2C: We’ve sent your company documents to your email. Admin at [business name].

C2B: Hello Admin, I’ve sent my tax documents to [email].

AKA: Also known as

B2C: Dear customer, Jean Roberts AKA Jean R. will be your instructor for your new language. Regards!

ASAP: As soon as possible

B2C: Hi [customer], send us your tax documents ASAP!

C2B: I’ve filled out the requested form. Please respond ASAP.

ATB: All the best

B2C: We’re happy fixing your car. ATB

C2B: Thank you for your help. ATB

B4: Before

B2C: Hi [Name], fill the form at [link] B4 your appointment.

C2B: Do you accept payment B4 service?

BAU: Business as usual

B2C: Dear customer, it’s BAU this holiday. Book your service at [link].

C2B: Is it BAU at your premises this holiday?

BBS: Be back soon

B2C: Thank you for visiting! BBS

C2B: I enjoy my shave. I’ll BBS

BC: Because

B2C: Get 20% OFF at [link] bc you’re a loyal customer.

C2B: I’ll shop again bc your prices are fair.

B4N: Bye for now

B2C: Hi Doe, we’ve updated your details. B4N

C2B: Thanks for the update. B4N

BIF: Before I forget

B2C: Oh! BIF, check our new services at [link].

C2B: It’s a wonderful service. BIF, can I book for next month?

BR: Best regards

B2C: Thank you for your service with us. BR!

C2B: I’ll book soon. BR!

BRB: Be right back

B2C: Reply to this message and we’ll BRB to help!

C2B: At work. I’ll BRB!

BTW: By the way

B2C: Hello [customer name], download your personalized fitness plan at [link]. BTW it’s already in your email. Thanks!

C2B: I’m coming tomorrow at 2 pm. BTW my friend is coming along for a massage session.

CID: Consider it done

B2C: Your request for a schedule change to 10 am tomorrow. CID! See you there.

C2B: I acknowledge your payment invoice. CID!

COB: Close of business

B2C: Expect your sales closing documents before COB today. Thanks!

C2B: I’ll send my finance report for assessment tomorrow before COB. Regards.

DIY: Do it yourself

B2C: Our instructor is ready to guide you through DIY home yoga. Book a session at [link].

C2B: Do you offer DIY fitness training sessions?

DM: Direct message

B2C: Hi [customer name], our admin will dm you with your language progress report. Stay tuned!

C2B: Please send me the quote as a dm. I’ll be at work!

EOBD: End of business day

B2C: We’ll update you before EOBD. Regards.

C2B: Thanks for the heads up. I’ll revert EOBD.

EOD: End of day

B2C: Your tax report will be ready by EOD. Thank you.

C2B: I would prefer an update at EOD. Ty!

F2F: Face to face

B2C: Reply YES to confirm your F2F appointment at 3 pm on [date]. Reply NO to cancel or reschedule at [link].

C2B: Confirm to me whether I can meet my photographer F2F B4 the event. TIA!

FAQs: Frequently asked questions

B2C: Check FAQs at [link] for common inquiries.

C2B: Please share your FAQs link. Thx.

FB: Facebook

B2C: You can also book an appointment via our FB page. Regards!

C2B: I forgot! What was your FB page name again?

FBM: Fine by me

B2C: Hey! It’s your finance coach here. I accept your suggestions and that’s FBM. Ty!

C2B: I checked the plan to sent me and it’s FBM. TIA!

FOMO: Fear of missing out

B2C: Hey! No more FOMO. We’ve reserved your slot. Cheers!

C2B: FOMO scared me. Ty for confirming my appointment!

FYI: For your information

B2C: See you at 4 pm on [date] for your haircut. FYI we now have more services at [link]. Ty!

C2B: Help me reschedule my appointment to [date] same time. FYI my financial report was accepted. TIA!

GD: Good

B2C: It’s very GD to hear you enjoy your swimming sessions. Ty!

C2B: My GD friend recommended your services. I’ll come soon. TIA!

GFI: Go for it

B2C: Congratulations for your entry at the upcoming beauty contest. GFI!

C2B: Cheers your tattoo business is listed for the annual SMEs award. GFI. You deserve a win!

IM: Instant message

B2C: You’ll get an IM upon booking. Reply to the msg prompts once received!

C2B: I like getting the IM confirming my appointment. Ty!

IMO: In my opinion

B2C: IMO you should start with light workouts then keep advancing. Gym instructor at [gym name].

C2B: I acknowledge the feedback. IMO, I think it’s better to start my lessons in the new month. Regards!

IMS: I am sorry

B2C: Hey [customer name]! IMS we’re closed on [date] for maintenance. Please reschedule at [link] or reply with your preferred details I reschedule for you.

C2B: Please resend me the payment details. IMS I lost them!

JIC: Just in case

B2C: Download your personalized fitness program at [link] JIC you missed it!

B2C: JIC you missed my document [document name], I sent it to the admin via email. Ty!

Explore more text messaging abbreviations text messages

LOL: Laughing out loud

MSG: Message

NBD: No big deal

NFS: Not for sale

NP: No problem

OMW: On my way

OTP: One-time password

OYO: On your own

PM: Private message

POV: Point of view

QOTD: Quote of the day

QQ: Quick question

R: Are

RT: Retweet

RTM: Read the manual

SOL: Sooner or later

SRY: Sorry

SYL: See you later

SYS: See you soon

TBC: To be confirmed

TBD: To be determined

TBH: To be honest

TBT: Throwback Thursday

TCB: Take care of business

THX: Thanks

TIA: Thanks in advance

TL: Too long

TMI: Too much information

TMOT: Trust me on this

TTYL: Talk to you later

TTYS: Talk to you soon

TYT: Take your time

TY: Thank you

TYSM: Thank you so much

UFN: Until further notice

VM: Voicemail

VRY: Very

WAH: Working at home

WAYF: Where are you from?

WBU: What about you?

W/E: Whatever

WDYK: What do you know?

WDYT: What do you think?

WHW: Work from home

WRK: Work

WTG: Way to go­­

WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get­

Y: Why

YNK: You never know

SMS abbreviations text messaging frequently asked questions

Are you new to SMS text messaging with abbreviations? Are you an experienced user looking to grow your list? Here are some FAQs for SMS message abbreviations to get you started or advance your texting techniques.

1. I have never used text abbreviations. How do I get started?

Make a list of basic and common abbreviations in your business niche. Start with simple abbreviations like TY! for thank you, B4 for before, COB for the close of business and other relevant abbreviations then grow your list over time.

2. Can I use text abbreviations when emailing my customers?

Yes! Text and SMS abbreviations are not limited to only mobile messaging. Use them appropriately when sending your customers emails.

3. How can my customers know the meaning of the text abbreviations?

Don’t worry! Most text message abbreviations are very common. Your customers interact with them in their day to day interpersonal communication.

Moreover, the context of the abbreviations and positioning in the text can help your customers connect the dots.

4. Are text SMS abbreviations good for appointment reminder messages?

If your business accepts appointments from customers, SMS abbreviations can make texting more efficient. Use the text message abbreviations to send your customers appointment confirmation and reminder messages.

5. Is it good to use abbreviations for the entire text message?

You’ll sound clumsy if you use abbreviations for the entire SMS message. Carefully observe the abbreviations above and you’ll realize they are only used for common words.

6. Is it professional to use SMS abbreviations for business text messaging?

It’s okay! The structure and purpose of text messaging allow you to use abbreviations. The goal of text messaging is to communicate brief information to customers precisely and with the least words.

If you haven’t, go ahead and start using abbreviations for your business text messaging.

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