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  • 11 marketing tips and strategies for tattoo artist businesses in 2022
11 marketing tips and strategies for tattoo artist businesses in 2022

Published on 11-14-2021

11 marketing tips and strategies for tattoo artist businesses in 2022

11 marketing tips and strategies for tattoo artist businesses in 2022

The tattoo business industry continues to boom. The future is certain and it could be time for you to take your tattoo business to the next level. For new and prospective businesses, this could be the perfect time to plan, launch, or further the growth of your business.

We’ve put together exclusive strategies that most successful tattoo businesses use to get more clients and grow their business revenues. You may implement some of them as-is and adjust some to meet your specific business needs.

1. Familiarize with the current tattoo industry analysis and statistics

Understanding the current statistics of the tattoo artists’ business will help you find insights to help you make the critical decisions for the future of your business.

Let’s consider the industry details in the United States tattoo artist business at it gives a glimpse of the overall world performance.

  • The 2021 tattoo artists’ market size in the US is $1.4 billion.
  • The US market size for tattoo artists grew by 23.2% in 2021.
  • On average, the tattoo artist business in the US grows by 9.2% annually.

market research report by IBISWorld reveals a steady revenue growth in the tattoo industry over the past five years prior to 2021. Further, the report projects a strong five-year revenue growth of the tattoo business in its prediction scale running to 2026.

2. Understand the different industry activities, products, and services

You will succeed in marketing your tattoo business if you clearly understand the dynamics of products and services. Understanding your tattoo business will help you identify your unique selling point.

There are a lot of new tools and new information getting into the market every day. Familiarize yourself with the latest trends in the tattoo business products and services to be on par with your competition.

The most common products and services in the tattoo industry include body piercing, predesigned tattoos, and custom-designed tattoos.

Industry activities you could evaluate include inscribing permanent markup tattoos, providing aftercare tattoo services, predesigning tattoos, custom-designing tattoos, and body piercing.

3. Refine your tattoo portfolio style and inform your prospects and clients

Your tattoo portfolio tells your clients the tattoo services and styles you offer at your business premises.

Are you or your business general tattoo services or specialty service provider? Some tattoo artists and jerks of all trades. Others specialize in one line.

If you believe you’ve exhausted all marketing avenues yet your client base is still small, it could be ideal to diversify your tattoo portfolio.

Some of the options you can explore include animal and pet tattoos, sketch, portrait, line contour, cartoon, 3D, abstract, micro, small, aesthetic, geometric, Japanese, blackwork, trash, and realism tattoos.

4. Create a professional tattoo-centered website for your business

A website is a key communication tool between you and your business. Pay close attention to every detail from the design, the text and graphic content, videos you may have, and the SEO.

When your prospective clients query the search engines for services your tattoo business offers, the search engine may return your website in the results if it’s optimized for SEO and near the location of the web user.

Here’s a checklist of the essentials of a professional and converting website for tattoo businesses:

  • Ideal domain name: An ideal domain name should be easy for your customers to remember while at the same time identifying your business at a glance. Where possible choose a shorter domain name. It should at most be a few couples of words.
  • Responsive: A responsive website appropriately adjusts to every device that users are using to browse your website. The easiest way to achieve this is using a content management system (CMS) like Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress to build your website.
  • Integrate with an online booking system: Make the most of your website by accepting online bookings from your clients. The most convenient way around this is to use an appointment reminder scheduling tool that powers online booking.
  • An appointment scheduling tool gives you a link that you can add you any section of your website without interfering with the speed of your website.
  • Portfolio: A portfolio shows your web visitors a directory of your previous work. This can help them decide quicker on booking an appointment with you.
  • Testimonials: Do you have feedback from your previous clients, then you can showcase it to wow your clients. You can also share your Google and Facebook reviews.
  • Services: Clear the list and provide details of your current services. If you have upcoming services, then you can capture that in a different section. You would want to ensure you only include actionable information.
  • Contact info and location: Provide your business phone, email, and location to make it easier for clients to easily reach out to your business.
  • About us section: No client wants to deal with a mysterious person. Provide information about your business such as the motivation to start the business as this will help your customers know you’re a real person who is out to help them. If you have a team, you can include brief information about the members of your team.
  • Clear call to action (CTA): Once your clients land on your website it should be clear at once what you intend them to do. For example, your “Book Now” should be clearly visible and distinct on your top-level website menu.

Tip: If you’re not confident doing the website for your tattoo artist’s business on your own, hire a professional to do it for you.

5. Create or update your social media business profiles

Your tattoo business clients are all over social media looking for you. They’re on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other apps.

If you’ve updated your location, essential details like phone, services, profile, and cover photos, they can quickly find you and book a service.

6. Set up your Google My Business profile

Google My Business is a free business magnate Google gives your tattoo business – for free. Here is a checklist of the important information you can add to your Google My Business profile:

  • Your real tattoo business name
  • Categories of services you offer – i.e. you can specify that you offer tattoo artist services
  • The location of your tattoo business – this is where you share your map location
  • Service areas – the regions or client base your business serves
  • Business hours including special or additional hours
  • Your real local business phone number – where clients can reach you
  • The URL of your website – clients can click to visit your website
  • Online appointment booking URL – where customers can self-book their appointments
  • Business descriptions – provide more information about your tattoo business to your clients
  • Products/Services – specify all services that your tattoo business provides to your clients
  • Highlights/attributes – lets you choose Google recommendations to keep your business information relevant
  • Photos/videos – add photos of your services and business (clients real business love photos & videos)
  • Messaging – activating the messaging option to allow customer to send their requests via Google My Business
  • Opening Date – if you’ve been in business for a while, then this is your spot to showcase your years of experience in the tattoo business
  • Reviews – respond to reviews about your business left by other Google users, best within 24 hours
  • Posts – share posts to stay in touch with and engage your prospects
  • Google Business Site – Publish Google’s business site and link your real and live business website

Find your clients by helping them find you!

7. Automate online appointment booking for your tattoo business

Start accepting automated online appointment booking. It’ll save you valuable time so you can concentrate on serving your clients – ultimately grow your business revenues.

You can send your clients personalized scheduled confirmation messages, reminders, follow-ups among other messages via SMS text messages, email, or voice messages.

Let your clients self-book tattoo appointments with your business 24/7 at their convenience with an appointment scheduling software for tattoo studios and artists.

The appointment reminder scheduling app gives you a unique link that you can embed or share on your website, local business directories, social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, and via Google My Business.

When you add your booking link to Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business your clients can book appointments directly without having to first land on your website.

Check out this complete guide on how to get started with an appointment scheduling tool for tattoo businesses. You can also browse SMS and text templates for tattoo businesses that you can copy-paste, personalize and send to your clients.

Tip: You can use appointment reminder’s two-way messaging to request your clients for testimonials, offer them special aftercare service tips, and share promotions for your services.

8. Professionally promote your tattoo business

Congratulations! You offer excellent services – exactly and, perhaps exceeding your client’s expectations. Go ahead and proudly promote your services.

  • Where to promote your business: Utilize social media, search engines, and local business listings to get your message out that you’ve something really cool to offer.
  • What promotional content should you use? Consider using graphics and videos to create an eye-catching post. Include your services and offers in the content and share them on your business profiles and relevant business communities for organic reach.
  • Where and how to create promotional materials: Creating promotional materials is easy. You can hire a content creator to do the graphics for you or DIY via easy online graphic tools like Canva and Vistacreate and you can use the free mode of either. These are drag and drop applications that have ready templates that you can simply edit the text to add your message, select the photo you prefer, and add your logos.
  • Running paid promotions: Spend an affordable budget to run paid promotions for quicker conversions that can send potential clients to your website landing page or directly to your appointment booking depending on the contents of your ad. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Ads is good starting point when promoting your tattoo business.

    Tips to promote your website on social media

    Social media provides you with the abundance you need to grow your business. However, there are some measures you should put in place to make the most of social media promotions.

    Here is a checklist of what other tattoo businesses have shared that works for them all time.

  • Promote on the right channels. The easiest and most rewarding social media channels for tattoo businesses are Facebook and Instagram. They are popular and they both accept text, images, and video content.
  • Use clear and appealing photos: Images can make or break your business. Use high-quality images – they’ll easily appeal to your users. Impressive images will impress your clients.
  • Use hashtags: Hashtags help people find the information they want by popping up all information related to the respective hashtags. Sometimes you will use general hashtags to feature your posts with trending content. At other times you’ll only utilize hashtags that are specific to the services your offer at your tattoo business.

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

9. Community outreach programs

Help the community discover the reality of what tattoos are to help people continually build a positive mindset appreciating tattoo artists as especially talented people like any other artist.

Some actionable sponsorship programs for tattoo businesses could be facilitating community events and supporting charitable programs.

Support local sporting activities by featuring your business logo on their jerseys or any sportwear you sponsor for them. You can also offer discounts and reserve a percentage of payment to support a local course.

10. Go print media

Print media is still impactful in todays’ digital world. The standard start-up is to print business cards and flyers that you can share with your clients and prospects.

If you already got the capital, you can think of printing bodywear like t-shirts and head caps that you could gift your clients or share as promotional items.

Details you should include in your promotional items for your tattoo artist business:

Note: Whereas your business card, flyers, and posters may contain all the information below, you would better keep it simple for other promotional materials like t-shirts and wrist bands.

Your tattoo business logo and tagline

Your logo and tagline could best contain your business name and the tagline for your tattoo artist business. The logo name could be something like Century Tattoos and the tagline “Impressions you like, memories that last.”

Your personal name and your title

Don’t assume your business logo and tag line are enough. Customers want to bond with you. You may include an aka name in your name – put it in brackets. Your title could be something easy like “tattoo artist.”

Rule of thumb: The title next to your name should tell your clients what you exactly do in the business.

Business contact information for tattoo business artists

No need to reinvent the wheel. Like any other business, your tattoo business card should contain:

  • Business phone contact
  • Business email
  • Website URL (you should have one if you don’t).
  • Physical/location address


Social media channel handles

Clearly indicate the social media handles for your business profiles. Clients like checking the social media profiles of businesses. This is especially important for tattoo businesses because clients would like to see how you respond to customer inquiries.

Prospects check on the reviews from other clients – a key reason you should offer top-tier services that will impress your clients enough to request and get a review from them.

Skillset and services

Add your skillset and tattoo services you offer to clients. If you work with a team, you can simply list the services your business provides.

Listing services on your promotional materials will communicate to clients the expectations of your business. It’ll also help them to quickly decide whether your business offers the specific tattoo services they need so they can make an online appointment via an appointment scheduling and reminder app for tattoo artists.

11. Utilize client referrals

Clients trust referrals from their circles; be it family or friends. Ask your clients to give you reviews after you serve them. Request them to tag your business when they post their new photos with a tattoo you did for them at your business on their social media.

Enjoyed the tips? Visit our blog more frequently for more helpful articles covering business growth for your tattoo business.

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