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10 DLC Registration for Appointment Reminder

Published on 07-03-2022

10 DLC Registration for Appointment Reminder


Go to https://app.appointmentreminder.com/10dlc

- Fill out form.

- Make sure details are correct and accurate (Legal Business Name and EIN Number).

Full Details

So yeah…..10DLC is fully upon us and if you’re not prepared then your text messaging from normal 10 Digital US Long Codes is going to stop working. Like as in text messages will get STOPPED and your customers won’t receive appointment reminders. It’s happening and you need to act NOW if you haven’t already registered for 10dlc.

We understand that it’s a pain (you’ve been sending messages for years with no issues you’re a “good player”). Filling out the require forms and fixing any potential issues should take only a few minutes (Have you EIN number handy if you’re a business with employees). The most painful part of the process at the moment is waiting for verification, which presently is taking about 6 weeks.

What exactly is 10 DLC?

It’s a carrier approved messaging solution that in theory should remove unwanted text messages from consumer handsets. (Time will tell if this actually works as intended). Any business sending messages to a person (or business) via an application (A2P) MUST be approved to do so.

Anyway of not having to fill out the form?

No. Every US business that uses Appointment Reminder will need to complete the 10DLC registration process. Even if you are only sending a few text messages a month. You still need to do this. Any software application you use to send text messages will need to go through the same process for your business.

How Does It Work

There are essentially two parts to the process.

1.Brand Registration.

Every business (or Sole Proprietor) will need to apply for Brand Registration. This is submitted to “The Campaign Registry” for validation. This process is normally very quick. Once you have filled out the form at https://app.appointmentreminder.com/10dlc your brand will be submitted and we will let you know if there were any issues.

If you are a Sole Proprietor, then an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the mobile number provided to complete validation.

The most common reasons we see business brands fail at the moment is because your Legal Business Name doesn’t match the EIN name provided. The correct information for registration can be found on your IRS EIN confirmation letter (SS-4).

2. Campaign Registration

Campaigns Registration is a MANUAL verification process performed by a 3rd party vendor as approved by the mobile carrier networks. This is why there is a large delay in getting these approved.

Appointment Reminder will take care of the Campaign Registration details when filling out the 10 DLC registration form.

Business Location: Important! Specify the address, city, state, zip code, and country that is on file with the IRS through your EIN.

The biggest reason we are seeing Campaigns fail is because there is something wrong with the website you submitted. You must have a website or online presence to get approved. This will be used to further verify your company and opt-in methods.

If you have ANY contact forms on your website that is used to collect phone numbers (even if not used for appointment reminders) you MUST provide some verbiage about how you are going to use that number. OR make the phone number field as OPTIONAL.

We recommend adding a statement like the following to your website: “By providing your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from [COMPANY NAME]. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency varies.” This way, users are aware that providing their phone number implies consent for receiving text messages from your company.

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