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Easily create appointments online using our simple online calendar. Send Text Reminders, get replies and have two way conversations.
Appointment Reminder Calendar

Online calendars keep everyone on
the same page, but..

They don’t come with comprehensive appointment notifications

Most online calendars let you schedule events and add attendees, but they don’t let you notify clients of their upcoming appointment via text, email, or voicemail using any message or advance notification that you want.

Use Appointment Reminder’s online calendar for easy, automatic notifications

Not using an online calendar? Not satisfied with the one you are using? Choose the calendar that comes with appointment reminder and confirmations already built in. Setup your reminder sequences and you’re ready to go.

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Our intuitive interface makes it easy for people of all ages and technical
experience to schedule appointment reminders with ease.

Cut no shows by 90% with text, email, and
voicemail reminders

Pre-set the messages for your reminders. Customize reminders by event types.


Send appointment confirmations instantly via text. Follow up 24 hours prior to the appointment with a notification.


Write a voice message script, and our AI technology will read and deliver it. Want a custom feel? You can add your own audio files.


You can use email to automatically send appointment confirmations and reminders. Choose the message and timing.

Automated reminders

Setup the messages and choose the timing, and you’re done!

Repeat appointments

Do you have recurring appointments? Create them in our calendar.

Multiple calendars and schedules

Add as many different team members and calendars as you need.

Import appointments and contacts

Easily import your contacts and pre-existing appointments.

Group or class appointments

Add multiple people to an appointment, and create a group or class.

Want to know how it works?

How to set up appointment reminders for Google Calendar

Get Started with Appointment Reminder’s online calendar

Our calendar is designed to be easy to use and learn. You can get started by creating new events or importing your existing appointments.

Create or customize the message templates

We’ve got email templates, text message templates, and voicemail templates for you to customize. Or you can start from scratch and write your own.

Customize sequences and timing

Do you want to send immediate appointment confirmations? What about 24 hour advance notices? Or 4 hour advance notices? Setup your sequences however you want.

Send appointment botifications & reminders automatically

Stop all the hassle of sending manual emails or calling up every customer. As soon as you activate reminders, they’ll send for every new appointment, unless you exclude it.

Receive incoming confirmations & replies

Managing appointment confirmations and cancellations, as well as replies to the text messages you send out.

Just $19 per month after FREE trial

We’re so confident that you’ll make more money in less time by using Appointment Reminder, that we’re willing to bet our own money on it if you don’t see an immediate improvement in your customer engagement…

Get rid of no shows and manual tasks

When manually sending appointment notifications to customers, it can take an hour to four hours every day. With Appointment Reminder, you can send professional reminders consistently. Reduce no shows by 90%, even while you gain back administrative hours.

Online calendar and appointment
notifications - all in one place

1 Sign up for Appointment
2 Add new appointments,
or upload existing appointments
3 Customize your
message scripts
4 Preset the timing

Customize it. Set it. Forget it.

Easy, automated appointment reminders
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