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Text & SMS Templates for Automotive Services & Car Dealers' Appointment Reminder

Published on 10-26-2021

Text & SMS Templates for Automotive Services & Car Dealers' Appointment Reminder

SMS text templates for automotive services and dealer business appointment messages and reminders

Reduce no-shows, save time, and focus on serving clients to your automotive business with appointment reminder scheduling app. Here’re text templates to help you quickly create specific text messages and reminders.

Automotive text templates for appointment reminder will make your business reduce costs and improve efficiency, leverage two-way communication, make communication more effective and reliable improving overall customer satisfaction.

1. SMS text templates to confirm service and repair appointments

Send immediate text messages so your customers can confirm their appointment as soon as they complete their online scheduling.

[CUSTOMER-NAME], it’s [SERVICE-CENTER]! You’ve booked an appointment on [DATE] [TIME]. Reply YES to confirm or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Please confirm your newly booked appointment at [SERVICE-CENTER] by replying YES. Call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help or reschedule at [LINK].

2. Send appointment reminder SMS messages

After your automotive clients confirm their appointment, send them reminders to reduce no-shows and affirm their commitment.

[CUSTOMER-NAME], Your booked appointment at [SERVICE-CENTER] on [DATE] [TIME] is 24hrs away. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! It’s [YOUR-NAME] at [BUSINESS-NAME]. You service appt. booked on [DATE] [TIME] is in the next 3hrs. Reply to this message for help.

3. Appointment rescheduling SMS text templates

Quickly help your clients reschedule appt. for their cars at your service center with these readily usable text templates for appointment reminder.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. You’ve cancelled your appt. at [SERVICE-CENTER] and requested for a reschedule. Please reschedule via this link [LINK] or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], you’ve successfully rescheduled your appt. to [DATE] [TIME] at [SERVICE-CENTER]. Reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help.

4. Service notification updates

Remind your customers that it’s time for them to bring their cars for maintenance with SMS messages. Here are text templates to get you started.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. It’s [YOURNAME] at [SERVICE-BAY]. It could be time to replace your car’s oil. Book an appointment online now at [LINK] or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help.

[CUSTOMER-NAME], it’s season for annual car maintenance and we’ve a few slots for next week. Book at [LINK]. [YOUR-NAME], at [SERVICE-CENTER].

5. Alert customers to pick their car

Quickly notify your customers with text messages via appointment reminder as soon as you complete fixing their car.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]! It’s [YOUR-NAME] at [SERVICE-BAY]. Your car is ready for pick-up. Please pick it by end of day.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], we’ve completed servicing your car and it’s ready for pickup. [YOUR-NAME] at [SERVICE-CENTER].

6. Request for overdue payments

Send SMS texts reminding your automotive service clients to clear their dues. Here are text templates to make that possible.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. It’s [YOUR-NAME] here at [SERVICE-CENTER]. Our records indicate you’re 30 minutes behind payments for the last service, kindly reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] so I can guide you clear payments.

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. Please reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help settling overdue bills for your car service at [SERVICE-BAY] on [DATE]. [YOUR-NAME].

7. Follow-up text messages

Send after-service messages to check on your customers. Get started with these text templates for a quick start.

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME], we hope you’re enjoying rides with your serviced car. Tell us how it’s going by replying to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for further assistance. [YOUR-NAME], at [SERVICE NAME].

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. How’s the experience behind your new wheels? Need help, reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER]. [YOUR-NAME], [DEALER-NAME].

8. Request for an online review

New clients like checking for online reviews left by other clients about your business when making a choice for their next service center. Use these text templates to send text messages requesting clients to give you a review.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME]. We’re grateful for serving you at [SERVICE-CENTER]. Please get sometime and drop us a Google My Business review at [LINK]. [YOUR-NAME], Regards

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. It’s [YOUR-NAME] at [DEALER-NAME] and we’re honored getting you your new wheels. Please leave us a review on our Facebook business page via link [LINK]. Thank you!

9. Request for client’s referrals

Ask for client referrals with these ready text templates for automotive and dealer business appointment reminder scheduling app.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], its [YOUR-NAME] at [SERVICE-CENTER]. Thank you for letting us fix your car. Please share word with your friends so we can also assist them. Regards

Hello [CUSTOMER-NAME]. It’s great serving you. Please share a word with your friends so we can help service their cars. Let’s also service your friends’ cars. [YOUR-NAME], [SERVICE-CENTER].

10. Give offers and discounts for your clients’ next service

Tailor the text templates below to create text messages to send your clients offers and discounts for their next service.

Hi [CUSTOMER-NAME], get 15% off when you schedule an appointment for your regular car maintenance. Offer valid for next one month. Book via this link [LINK]. [YOUR-NAME], [SERVICE-CENTER].

A 20% off special offer for you [CUSTOMER-NAME] for your car service this month. Schedule here [LINK]. [YOUR-NAME, [SERVICE-CENTER].

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