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Text & SMS message templates for massage therapists

Published on 11-03-2021

Text & SMS message templates for massage therapists

Massage therapist text and SMS message templates for appointment scheduling

Keep growing your massage business with quick and ready to use text templates for use with appointment reminder scheduling software for massage therapist businesses.

Simply copy the suitable SMS message template into the appointment reminder scheduling app. The software has ready strings for you to insert different variations of the items you would include in the message.

1. Confirmation text templates for your massage business clients

Hi [PROSPECT-NAME]! Reply YES to confirm your [MASSAGE-SERVICE] appointment booked on [DATE] [TIME] at [MASSAGE-BUSINESS]. Call [PHONE-NUMBER] for any assistance.

Hello [CLIENT-NAME]! You’ve booked a session at [MASSAGE-PARLOR] on [DATE] [TIME]. Reply YES to confirm or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for inquiries.

2. Reminder text and SMS templates for massage parlors

Hey [CLIENT-NAME], its [NAME] at [MASSAGE-BUSINESS]! Your massage service is 24 hours away. See you there. Reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help.

Dear [CLIENT-NAME]! Your massage session booked on [DATE] [TIME] at [MASSAGE-BUSINESS] is in the next 3 Hrs. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Reply to this message for help. Help line [PHONE-NUMBER].

3. SMS and text templates to manage appointment cancellation and rescheduling

Hello [CLIENT-NAME], you’ve successfully cancelled your massage appointment with [MASSAGE-BUSINESS]. Welcome to schedule anytime at [LINK]. Reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for inquiries.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]! It’s [NAME] at [MASSAGE-PARLOR]. You have cancelled your appointment on [DATE] [TIME] but you can book anytime at [LINK]. Call [PHONE-NUMBER] or reply to this message for help.

4. Send offers to your clients and prospects with text templates

Hey [CLIENT-NAME], get 50% off massage sessions at [MASSAGE-BUSINESS] when you book by [DATE] at [LINK]. Offer valid until [DATE]. Reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for inquiries.

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]! Schedule a massage session at [MASSAGE-PARLOR] for a 30% discount on regular prices for bookings made by [DATE]. Reply to this message for inquiries. Help line [PHONE-NUMBER]. [YOUR-NAME]

5. Send follow-up text templates to your clients

Hello [CLIENT-NAME], it’s [NAME] at [MASSAGE-BUSINESS] checking in to know how you’re doing since your last massage session. If you need help reply to this message or via [PHONE-NUMBER].

Hey [CLIENT-NAME]. I hope you remember to do [ABC] after your massage to make the most of the experience. Reply to this message for any help. [YOUR-NAME], [MASSAGE-BUSINESS].

6. Ask for client feedback with text templates

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]! Thank you for utilizing our services. Please rate our massage parlor service in a scale of 1 to 5 by replying with your response to this message. 5 is highest. [YOUR-NAME], [MASSAGE-BUSINESS].

Hello [CLIENT-NAME]! It’s [NAME] at [MASSAGE-PARLOR]. Please rate my service by replying with a 1 for SUPERB or 2 for [BETTER] to help me improve and offer excellent service. Thank you.

7. Text and SMS templates to request for reviews from clients

Hey [CLIENT-NAME]. Thank you for always choosing my massage therapist services. Kindly share the experience with other prospects on my Google My Business profile at [LINK]. [YOUR-NAME], [MASSAGE-BUSINESS].

Hi [CLIENT-NAME]. We’re delighted serving you at our massage business [MASSAGE-BUSINESS-NAME]. Please consider giving us a review on Google to help others easily find us for their service. Reply to this message for help. [YOUR-NAME].

8. Give your clients general guidelines with SMS message samples

Hey [CLIENT-NAME], once you arrive at [LOCATION] for your massage session on [DATE [TIME], park your car at [PLACE]. [YOUR-NAME], [MASSAGE-BUSINESS].

Hello [CLIENT-NAME]! It’s [YOUR-NAME] at [MASSAGE-PARLOR]. Please remember to do [ABC] for a successfully massage session on [DATE] [TIME].

9. SMS and text sample messages to fill last minutes openings

Hello [PROSPECT-NAME], you’re on our waitlist. An appointment that has just become open at [TIME] today. Book before [TIME] at [LINK] or reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] so I can help you to book. [YOUR-NAME], [MASSAGE-BUSINESS].

Good news [CLIENT-NAME]! It’s [YOUR-NAME] at [MASSAGE-BUSINESS}. An appointment slot is available for you on [DATE] [TIME]. Please book it before [DATE] [TIME] via [LINK]. Call [PHONE-NUMBER] or reply to this message for booking help.

10. Notify your clients about new services with text SMS template messages

Hello [CLIENT-NAME], we now offer [SERVICE-NAME] and [SERVICE-NAME] at our massage business. Book anytime within the next 7 days and get it at 50% off. Offer valid for 30 days. [YOUR-NAME], [MASSAGE-BUSINESS].

Hi [CLIENT-NAME], it’s [NAME] at [MASSAGE-BUSINESS]. Try out our complimentary [MASSAGE-SERVICE-NAME] in your next appointment any time within the next 30 days. Reply to this message or call [PHONE-NUMBER] for help.

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