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Simple Steps: How to Add an Online Booking System to your Business Website

Published on 07-24-2022

Simple Steps: How to Add an Online Booking System to your Business Website

Integrating an online booking system that automates appointments to a website can help professionals, and small and medium-sized businesses get more client booking services.

What solutions are businesses that accept online appointments looking for?

Most businesses are looking for an online booking system for small businesses, a free online booking system on Google, an online appointment booking system, how to create an online booking system free, an online booking system example, or even questions like how to add a booking system to my website.

Step 1: Select an appropriate appointment booking and scheduling app

Assess your business needs and choose an appropriate booking software that will meet your expectations and those of your clients.

Here are the basic features you should look for when choosing an effective appointment booking software:

User-friendly scheduling and booking software

Choose an online scheduling and booking app that is easy to use for you, your team, and your customers.

It should be easier for you to manage appointments with simple steps for your customers to book their appointments.

24/7 bookings online appointment app

Integrate an online scheduling software that allows your clients to book appointments at their convenience around the clock.

Multi-device supported booking app

The appointment scheduling and booking app should be accessible across different devices that your team and your customers use.

Booking solutions like the Appointment Reminder are multi-device ready no matter the device your customers use.

A scheduling system that integrates with your calendar

Choose a booking and scheduling app that connects with your preferred calendar. Once you connect your booking app with your calendar of choice you can get notifications and customer replies.

Automatic confirmation and reminder messages

To ensure clients show up for their appointments, pick a booking software that supports automated confirmation and reminder text SMS messages.

Customers receive a text confirmation message as soon as they book an appointment and reminder SMS text messages when their appointments are nearing.

The booking system should have customizable templates

An ideal booking and scheduling software should have customizable templates to give you a head start to quickly craft effective text confirmation and reminder messages.

Small businesses and professionals can also write their own messages with Appointment Reminder’s text custom panel.

A booking system that supports SMS text, Email, and Voice reminders

Varieties of reminders including SMS text reminders, voice reminders, and email reminders can give you choices to pick the most appropriate reminder for your clients.

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Once you sign up with the best software for online appointment booking, you get a unique link that you can share anywhere on your website.

Get a Free 14-Day trial to see how an appointment reminder can increase your appointments.

It’s simple!

The appointment booking link for your business allows your customers to book appointments in four simple steps. They choose service, select date and time, your info, then confirm their appointments.

Step 3: Add your services, set your schedule to start accepting appointments

Before you start accepting appointments, add your list of services (this is a selection of the services you offer to your clients). Your clients will see these choices when booking an appointment.

Determine your work schedule and add it to the appointment booking software app.

Step 4: Customize your appointment confirmation and reminder messages

Before you add the appointment link to your website, customize your confirmation and reminder SMS text messages.

This is important because once clients start booking your service you want them to receive confirmation messages to commit to their appointments and then reminder messages later to ensure they commit to showing up.

You’ve chosen your appointment reminder app for your online booking. You have your unique appointment booking link. It’s now time to add it on your website.

Best practices of where and how to add an online appointment booking link to your website:

Add your booking link and make it visible on your website top menu: Add the online appointment booking link on your website and make it stand out.

Ensure your clients can book from any page on your website: Add the appointment booking app link at the footer of your business to ensure clients can book from any page on your website.

Quick FAQs about adding an online booking system to your website


Do I need an API or a custom-coded booking system?

The one booking link you get with the Appointment Reminder system is all you need to start accepting appointments. You don’t need any other API or custom online appointment booking system.

Which is the best booking system for your business or professional practice?

The perfect online booking system is one that gets the job done. Try out the Appointment Reminder system dedicated to helping businesses like yours effectively manage their appointments.

Is the Appointment Reminder app best for post-pandemic businesses?

Yes! The Appointment Reminder app is updated for post-pandemic businesses. Professionals, small and medium-sized businesses use the appointment reminder booking system for scheduling and accepting online appointments.

Is the online booking system HIPAA compliant?

Yes! The online booking system is HIPAA compliant-ready for all businesses including health care consultants that handle sensitive information.

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