SMS Reminder System For Tattoo Artists

Are you a Tattoo Artist or run a Tattoo Parlour and use Google Calendar to take appointment bookings? Have clients who constantly run late, can't remember their appointment times or simply don't show?

Connect Your Google Calendar

Once you've signed up for FREE trial of Appointment Reminder we will walk you through the easy process of integrating Google Calendar with Appointment Reminder. The process takes only a couple of minutes and anyone can do it.

Appointment Reminder Extracts Appointment Details

Our system will periodically (usually every 10 minutes) check your Google Calendar for any changes. We will add update or delete any changes that have been made.

  • How does Appointment Reminder know who to send the sms reminders to?
    You just need to add your clients mobile number to the title, description or location fields in the event and appointment reminder will grab those details.
  • Will it send a reminder to every single mobile number it finds?
    No. By default it will only send to the first mobile number we find, we suggest putting it the title for example "Alice Jones - ". If you want to send to every number in an event that can be turned on also.
  • Do I need to format the number in a certain way?
    No. Just write the number how you would naturally write and our system should be smart enough to find it.
  • What happens if I have a number in an event and I don't want to send a reminder?
    For example if you have personal appointments in your calendar and you don't want to send a reminder you can 'no send' anywhere in the details of the appointment and we will skip sending a reminder. We call these negative keywords. You can use any word(s) you want but no send is the default.
  • If I have multiple staff can I add all their calendars to the one account?
    Yes. You can add as many Google Calendars to you account as you need.

Setup Your Message Templates

You're in total control of what your want your reminder messages to say. You can even have different messages for different calendars and we can magically insert the date and time of the appointment.

  • I have some customers in English and Spanish can I use both languages?
    Yes you have that option. You can setup two scripts, 1 English and 1 Spanish. We can then map each customer to the language you choose.
  • I offer different services can I change the message for each client?
    Like languages you can setup multiple scripts for a range of different services you provide. 95% of customers just use a generic script for every client but know there is a option to change this if need to.

Turn On Sending

Once you're all setup turn on sending and we'll start sending your reminders. You can set the reminders go at 24 hours before the appointment, 12 hours, 2 hours, 2 days before at 7pm, or any other time that makes sense for your business.

  • When do reminders get sent?
    By default reminders get sent 24 hours before the appointment. However you can change this to anything you want including the ability to send multiple reminders for the same appointment.

Receive Replies

Customers can reply your appointment reminder messages and you will be notified via either email sms or both. We can also update your Google Calendar to show that a customer has replied and what they said.

  • What happens exactly when someone replies?
    Appointment Reminder can add [CONFIRMED] to end of the appointment title in Google Calendar when someone confirms their appointment. We also add the full reply into the body/description of the appointment in google calendar. Both of these options can be turned off. You will also get an email when someone replies, you also have the option of getting a sms or ignoring them completely.


Terrific Application that works so great for our business!! Customers love the reminder and we love the easy ability to reduce no-shows and have plenty of time to reschedule appointments if needed. Very highly recommended!!!

How much does a lost customer cost your business?

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We're confident you'll increase revenue using our reminder system, we offer a full money back guarantee anytime if you're not happy with our service for ANY reason.