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Enjoy easy scheduling with SMS reminders for all of your in-person or virtual appointments with clients or patients.

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Booking clients and reminding clients add up to hours a day

Going back and forth over the best times for appointments with your clients or patients is exhausting. Even worse, there’s no easy way for you to remind them of their upcoming appointment or offer fast rescheduling. The result is a lot of no-shows.

Use Appointment Reminder’s online calendar for easy, automatic notifications

Not using an online calendar? Not satisfied with the one you are using? Choose the calendar that comes with appointment reminders and confirmations already built in. Setup your reminder sequences and you’re ready to go.

Who it’s for

The online booking calendar for in-person businesses.

Unlike most booking calendars, we’re designed for business owners who meet clients or patients in person. That’s why we offer customizable reminder and confirmation sequences for text and voice messages.


Impress clients with online booking and helpful reminders for the upcoming event.


Automate high quality reminders so you have less patient no-shows.


Offer easy online booking for consultations and retainer clients.


Save time and money with easy booking and reminders.


Works for coaches, financial advisors, tattoo artists, and other businesses.

And more!

Features that grow your business

SMS, voice message, and email reminders and confirmations

Setup a reminder sequence that uses just one format or combines all three. Add in a confirmation requirement if you want clients to confirm their appointment beforehand.

Customizable reminders with templates to start from

Not sure what to say in your reminder or confirmation sequence? No problem! We’ve got templates ready to go for your SMS texts, voice messages, and emails.

Works for different appointment types

Create as many appointment types as you need: different time amounts, service types, etc. Create onboarding, first-time, and follow-up appointments with clients or patients.

Supports multiple staff members

You can use Appointment Reminder’s booking calendar for your whole team. Each staff member’s booking page will only show the appointment types they offer and it will accurately display their availability.

Integrates with your online calendar for accurate availability

We integrate with Google Calendar, Outlook, and other popular online calendars so that if you have other events (such as meetings or vacations), this time will get automatically blocked off.

Our Customers say

We are using Appointment Reminder for a practice with multiple sites and clinicians, and it is working perfectly. Matthew was incredibly helpful in setting it up, and it works smoothly once established.
Ken Ferris

Clinical Psychologist

We love Appointment Reminder. It has been a wonderful asset to help remind clients of upcoming appointments and court dates. It is easy to use, which makes it that much better!
Paula McClain


Appointment Reminder integrates well with Google Calendar and can handle a variety of appointment scenarios. Matthew is very responsive with setup & support. Highly recommend.
Stephen Blake


Just $29 per month after FREE trial

We’re so confident that you’ll make more money in less time by using Appointment Reminder, that we’re willing to bet our own money on it if you don’t see an immediate improvement in your customer engagement…

Your new booking calendar has all the little details covered

Pre-set the messages for your reminders. Customize reminders by event types.

Choose your standard

Set your normal working schedule in our system, then later you can block off special times for meetings or vacation in your online calendar.

Set buffers between

Write a voice message script, and our AI technology will read and deliver it. Want a custom feel? You can add your own audio files.

Offer online mobile booking

Your clients or patients can use your booking calendar to schedule appointments on their computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

Get appointments booked around the clock

Easily embed your booking calendar in your site

If you want potential and existing clients to book straight away, you can embed your booking calendar on your website just by copying and pasting some HTML code. This is a great way to get new consultations and repeat business.

Share a link to your booking calendar

You can also share a link to your booking calendar and specific appointment types. Drop this link anywhere you communicate with clients online: email responses, text messages, and Facebook Messenger chat.

Just $29 per month after FREE trial

We’re so confident that you’ll make more money in less time by using Appointment Reminder, that we’re willing to bet our own money on it if you don’t see an immediate improvement in your customer engagement…

Everything you need to know about
appointment calendars

Get your questions answered with these FAQs.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No - you only pay for a month in advance. You can cancel at anything and won't have to pay anything more.

Does the booking calendar work for in-person appointments?

Yes! Because we offer reminder sequences with SMS and voice message notifications, the majority of our customers are in-person businesses who are financially incentivized to reduce no-shows.

What type of reminder sequence should I create?

There are many different types of sequences, but a great base level is a text message to notify the client that the appointment was made, then another text message 2 days before requiring confirmation. If the client does not confirm, another text reminder is sent.

Should I require confirmation?

Many in-person businesses benefit from requiring clients or patients to confirm their appointment by replying to a text message. This drastically reduces no-shows. Our sequences can be set to stop sending reminders after someone has confirmed.

Customize Your Calendar. Offer Online Booking. Automate Reminders.

Appointment Reminder’s calendar is a full-featured online appointment system that is easy to use and includes both SMS, email, and voice reminders.
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